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  1. D

    Today's Girl Genius: Release the Smakken!

    And for a window in the past... Yes. Also not a Jaeger title. We must make do.
  2. Shay Guy

    Sleepless Domain: "the number one post-madoka double reverse reconstructionist deconstruction hopepunk magical girl webcomic"

    Sleepless Domain: "the number one post-madoka double reverse reconstructionist deconstruction hopepunk magical girl webcomic" Decided to give this one its own thread much like several other webcomics have -- it's been generating enough discussion in the general webcomic thread to warrant it...
  3. LibraryLass

    The Sixth Questionable Content thread: attractive robots and hipsters only!

    Wow, we finally got to the end of the last one. So what do we think, is Tilly sticking around? Can we get off this sidetrack and back to Faye/Bubbles? Will Marten ever get any story business again?
  4. Littleredfox

    [Starpower] And Psi-Cop will set you free!

    Starpower is a scifi Superhero comic by Michael "http://www.dominic-deegan.com/" Terracciano and Garth "The Artist" Graham. The Story from the beginning In the far future, a young astronomer on a distant space station is chosen to wield the Star Power. Now, as the last of the Star Powered...
  5. Cerulean Lion

    Today's Girl Genius: A Final Moment of Sanity

    And no typos this time.
  6. Ivy

    Erfworld thread VI - Not the Signamancy We Agreed On

    Prior threads: Today's Erfworld: The Battle of Gobwin Knob Today's Erfworld: The Battle of Gobwin Knob Today's Erfworld Book 2: "Love Is A Battlefield" Erfworld: "Inner Peace (Through Superior Firepower)" Book 2 Issue 3 Erfworld: Sizemore has no pants again! Let discussion continue!
  7. W

    [Webcomics] What do you think about hatewatching (er, viewing) webcomics?

    ...Or other art, but I'm focusing on webcomics. Over the years, there have been a few webcomics that I have both liked and disliked at the same time. Ctrl-Alt-Del was fine so long as you turn your brain off and expect lazy art and stock characters. However Buckley's behavior soured me on the...
  8. Jürgen Hubert

    Good webcomics for archive binges?

    I could use some light reading in the evenings, and webcomics work well for that - thus, I am looking for long-running webcomics whose archives I can binge-read. My preference is towards comics with a fair share of humor. Comics whose archives I've read in the not-too-distant past include: -...
  9. T

    "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer" crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

    Hi guys. Okay, first off I'm trying to raise funds to complete my "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer" children's fantasy adventure series and publish the final two books int the series "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer: The Tides of War" and "Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer: A Hero's Heart"...
  10. Q

    One Year Post-Soggies: Remembering Shortpacked!

    Last year, Shortpacked ended. It was a webcomic I started following a year after it had begun, but which I had dropped sometime around October 2011 for reasons that had less to do with any problems I had with it than with it just... happening. But with it over, and my getting into Dumbing of...
  11. Ivy

    Dumbing of Age: that Amazi-girl is off the hook

    Quick Mod Edit: ---------------------------------------------------------------- I think it's time for Dumbing of Age to have its own thread instead of dominating the general webcomics thread. I actually liked it before despite, or probably because, of the slightly out of place feel they had...
  12. D

    [webcomic] Rain LGBT discussion thread - (SPOILERS!!)

    Considering what just recently happened, I thought it was long past time that one of my favorite webcomics got its own discussion thread. Obviously, lots and lots of spoilers lie ahead. Rain LGBT is the story of a young high school girl enrolled in a Catholic school by her aunt, who teaches...
  13. Kaemaril

    2015's Darths & Droids

    Happy 2015 everyone! Episode 1139: SnackDown! Luke: I get it! You can stop throwing pretzels at me, Annie! Ah, food-based role-playing. There's nothing better. Although Annie should be careful, those things can be dangerous ;)
  14. Argent

    [WIR] Homestuck (because I promised Yo!)

    All right, so I am starting this project, possibly against my own better judgement. Except obviously not, because here I am. I´ve started once before, a couple of years ago, and plain gave up when my crappy computer failed to "load" my "game", and starting all over again seemed like a daunting...
  15. Walkie Talkie Noise Decoder

    Gloranthan Web Comic: Prince of Sartar

    http://www.princeofsartar.com/comic/1-the-flame-of-sartar/ All I can say is "About time, yay!"
  16. Max


    Subnormality. Anyone think it's the best webcomic? Like, not necessarily the funniest or the most exciting or anything like that but, seriously, the best? 'Cos I do. I think it's one of the best things ever, in the most generic sense of the word "things". I'm sure it's too weird for a lot of...
  17. N

    Fun Web Comic!

    I found this cool web comic that just came out a few weeks ago called Geeks & Goblins. The writer of the script is working with an artist to share illustrated tales of his experiences as a player and DM. They've only got 3 pages up so far, but they are pretty darn clever and very colorful...
  18. Cerulean Lion

    Today's Order of the Stick 18: I Don't Know What Happens Next (Casterfight)!

    And this is what happened before.
  19. Kaemaril

    2014's Darths & Droids

    Happy 2014 everyone! Episode 983: Paranoid Droid Darth Vader: {over PA} Thank you, my daughter, for guiding me here. I shall rescue you soon. Oooh, that Vader. He's a sneaky one!
  20. M

    DnD Inspired Webcomic: The Ascendants!

    Hey guys! It would be awesome if you all checked out my webcomic, The Ascendants, inspired by a DnD campaign and set in my homebrew world called Aukera. It updates every Monday, and is an adventure/classic fantasy style comic with elves, dwarves, thieves, and some humorous moments. I'd really...
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