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  1. Notsteve

    Webnovel / Webserials Discussion Thread

    This is the thread to discuss webnovels and webserials. Japanese webnovels are also being discussed in the manga thread, but we didn't have one for non-Japanese ones. I've just recently devoured all of Mother of Learning, which I've really enjoyed. The only problem is that now I have to start...
  2. D

    Worm: Do we ever get a break from the Slaughterhouse 9?

    So, I'm reading Worm, and I'm very much enjoying. It's been a swell read so far, with a great range of characters that I manage to sympathise with, and I really like Taylor as a protagonist. Buuuuuut..... Spoiler Space Spoiler Space Spoiler Space I'm into the Slaughter House 9...
  3. sun_tzu

    Where I Read: Worm - Thread 2: Taylor, You Brilliant Dumbass

    Worm: A massive webserial, and an unconventional superhero story. The previous thread is approaching its limit, so I'm opening this new one here. Let's see Taylor's continuing misadventures on Earth Bet. SPOILERS! All right! It is with an equal mix of hope and dread that I delve into...
  4. sun_tzu

    Where I Read: Worm

    To anyone who clicked without knowing this, Worm is a webserial about Taylor, a teenage girl in a superhero universe with the power to control bugs. I understand it has recently concluded, so I've started reading it myself. Do not read any further, because, well... SPOILERS SPOILERS...
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