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  1. LCDR Seamonkey

    WH40K Wrath & Glory - Dark Tides Campaign advice

    (Personal For Tricksy and False: this is about the game you think it's about, so, you know, read on at your own peril) Hey all. I'm gearing up to run an extended session of Wrath & Glory for some of my friends who've been 40K fans for forever. This is going to be kind of an "Event" (have at...
  2. sun_tzu

    Creating Alternatives to WH40K?

    Warhammer 40,000 is a franchise I have mixed feelings about. On one hand? Deep lore. Rich, epic space fantasy. Lots of very fun works (ranging from Ciaphas Cain to Dawn of War to the Space Marine videogame). And some amazing aesthetics. On the other hand? Aside from the massive grimdark...
  3. Kastor Krieg

    [turned into a Warhammer 40k thread] Alt-righters getting banned off Patreon

    Apparently both the nerd types, like the 40k fandom hate spewer Sargon of Akkad, and the mainstream ones, like Milo Yiannopoulos. It's a good thing they will not monetize their hatred so easily anymore and good on Patreon for finally recognizing the problem and cutting them off...
  4. Malckuss

     [WH40K]Miniatures for use with the new Wrath & Glory RPG

    Greetings, fellow RPG.Neters! I have a question four you esteemable ladies & gents of the WH40K tabletop game. My friends and I are loving the new RPG related to the tabletop wargame, Wrath & Glory. The rules are not dependant upon miniatures, but we would like to have figures for our...
  5. J

    Mutant chronicles / 40k rules

    Hi all A merry Christmas and happy new year to you all. At this time of year with two weeks off and the mother in law hogging the TV for all her soaps I spend the time reading books I've bought but not got around to looking at. This year I've sat down and started reading mutant chronicles (I...
  6. F

    [40K] 8E Launch - New Edition, New Thread

    With Killfalcon's excellent observation and suggestion that 8E is moving from rumor to fact - new armies aren't the only way to celebrate! It's a few hours before the FLGS my partner and I preordered at opens (I have a timer so 5 hours 15 minutes 22 seconds (no, you're a nerd)), though at least...
  7. S

    [WH40k] Are Start Collecting! kits good deals?

    What it says on the tin: are the "Start Collecting!" kits for the various factions actually good deals? Price-wise, they look alright, but are they actually playable out of the box? As in, can you get a game in with only what's in the box (and, I suppose, a rulebook and some terrain)?
  8. Pandorym

    [Recruitment] Dark Heresy 2E Game

    I'm going to run a Dark Heresy 2nd Edition game, as I've been inspired to by recent delving back into the Warhammer 40,000 universe and games of such being run on this site. I'm looking for two more players, as two other players have already expressed interest in playing prior and have taken...
  9. C

    Only War: What am I getting into?

    So I've been invited to play in a campaign of Only War this week. It's my first exposure to the 40K setting, and I'm tentatively intrigued. Military SF is a soft spot of mine. The PDF is awful though. I have to read it using screen reading software, and I've never seen one so poorly formatted...
  10. Pandorym

    OOC [Black Crusade] We Rise or Fall

    Welcome to the OOC Thread for the Black Crusade game We Rise or Fall. We have three players, who are the following: Tylorva lordmcdeath Scutarii With Pandorym (that's me!) serving as the GM. We will now begin character creation for the game. Naturally, it is assumed that the party has already...
  11. Pandorym

    [Interest/Recruitment] Black Crusade

    With the sudden surge in interest for WH40K and two Dark Heresy games running, I figure it's time to bring up the other side of the coin and get Chaos involved! So I'm looking for up to three players interested in being part of the forces of Chaos. Standard rules apply, suggested posting rate...
  12. Pandorym

    IC Black Crusade: Broken Chains

    You are heretics. Condemned by the God-Emperor for your crimes and sentenced to imprisonment, torture and eventually death by the Inquisition. Though your crimes are varied, you share a similar fate, having been hunted down and captured by agents of the Imperium and incarcerated aboard the...
  13. Pandorym

    OOC Black Crusade: Broken Chains

    Okay, we've got three players, who are as follows: Silent Wayfarer, who wants to play a Sorcerer Carwyn, who is leaning towards a Chaos Marine or a Heretek Cod Of Justice, who wants to play a Chaos Marine So it seems that unless Carwyn chooses to play a Heretek or the like, we'll have a full...
  14. Pandorym

    [Recruitment] Black Crusade (WH40K)

    After a bit of a hiatus, I am back, and having recently spent time digging through my Warhammer 40K books and minis, decided that I'd like to run a game of Warhammer 40K. But not just any game, no, no Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader. Not even Deathwatch. Only one thing can satisfy me right now...
  15. R

    Making Chaos Sympathetic or Reasonable (40k)

    For a longtime I've not been entirely happy with how Chaos is sometimes portrayed in the 40K setting. As not only completely evil, but as insane and completely destructive as well. Sometimes it seems like the only reason that people serve Chaos in 40K is Chaotic mind control, not because they...
  16. R

    Chaos (40K) in the Old World of Darkness

    So, in a previous thread we discussed the idea of Vampire Intelligences, from Rifts, being the source of vampirism in Vampire:the Masquerade. To take some inspiration from that thread, what if Chaos from 40K existed (in a slightly more subdued, Masquerade preserving form) in the OWoD? Vampires...
  17. Lord Crimson

    [Rogue Trader + Others] Planetary Nobility

    So, sort of inspired by Ka_ge2020's post here... I don't own any of the 40K games... but it suddenly occurred to me that an interesting idea would be to use a variation on the Rogue Trader rules (as I understand them through nothing more than info I've read on RPG.net) to build a planet-ruling...
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