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where i read

  1. D

    The Star Wars Expanded Universe/Legends Discussion thread

    While I get my stuff together for an EU legends WIRR thread, I was curious if anyone would want to have a thread for discussing the original Star Wars Expanded universe and it's many-many high and low points. What was your favorite? Your least favorite? Why? How? And so on.
  2. Monsieur Meuble

    [Where I read]Guide to Mysterious France

    Not sure in what section this thread should be exactly. I kinda intend it as RPG-inspiration material (I know I used it a lot for diverse World of Darkness games) but also simply as discovering France's weirdness, and well, if the mods want to move it somewhere else, so be it. So. Le Guide de...
  3. The_Gekko_State

    A Kuro Where I Read?

    I just picked up a copy of Kuro after some trouble on deciding if I wanted it and trying to find a copy. I've always wanted to do a Where I Read. So I figured why not both, but I want too see if there is interest first. So would people like one?
  4. 105349

    [Mummy: the Curse] Where I Read the corebook

    I couldn't find a Where I Read of Mummy: the Curse and now I'm thinking of doing one myself. I like to think my assessment would focus on the gameplay value of the material. If past WIRs of White Wolf books are any guide, I will frustratedly boil large segments down to clipped paragraphs and...
  5. J

    [WIR] The Dresden Files; all of them

    So having recently finished my lengthy journey through A Song of Ice & Fire via audiobook, I have found them to actually be quite convenient, wonderful for getting my fix in during the otherwise tedious commute and whatnot. In light of this, I signed up with Audible, and hungry for something...
  6. L

    [WIR][SEASON 8 SPOILERS] Buffy Season 9 Comics

    So, I sort of liked Buffy Season 8. As in, it was a colossal mess in a lot of ways, but kind of hugely enjoyable partly in spite, partly because. Either way, I was off Buffy comics, and then Christos Gage's Angel and Faith was really good. And with both him and migrating to Sunnydale for...
  7. D

    [Where I Read] The Wheel of Time or "anyone up for me committing the next year of my life?"

    I have a confession to make, I am an enormous reader of fantasy. But I have never read the Wheel of Time. Any of it. By cultural osmosis, I know what an Aes Sedai is. I know the protagonist is Rand al'Thor and he is the Dragon Reborn. I know that they're fighting the Dark One, who is the...
  8. G

    Where I Read : My Nephilim Library

    Centuries have erased all memories of my name but my invisible Masters like to call me : The Scribe Hey everyone, seeing a thread on Nephilim inspired me to go back to my library and dust off my old books. As a french guy with most of the books for Second, Third, and the corebook of Fourth...
  9. Q

    Sort of a [WIRR]: Don Rosa's Tales of Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck

    A bit of a disclaimer, and an apologia for people who read my other WIR: two months ago I ordered and received Volume 1 of Fantagraphics' Don Rosa collection. I thought, "hey, let's do a WIR of this too, alternating it with the one I'm doing of the Sonic comics!" So after uploading my recap of...
  10. Rangdo

    [Let's Read] Legend of the Five Rings 4e: Emerald Empire

    You can read my other two L5R Let’s Read threads by clicking the links in my sig. Wanting to get back to the setting, I put my next project up for a poll and Emerald Empire was the clear winner. It definitely makes sense, since, AFAIK, it was the first supplement in the 4e line. And while I...
  11. Argent

    [WIR] Homestuck (because I promised Yo!)

    All right, so I am starting this project, possibly against my own better judgement. Except obviously not, because here I am. I´ve started once before, a couple of years ago, and plain gave up when my crappy computer failed to "load" my "game", and starting all over again seemed like a daunting...
  12. D

    [WIRR] Rivers of London

    I've enjoyed a number of "Where I Read" threads lately, and I thought it might be interesting to start one of my own (well, interesting to me - I'm not going to assume anyone else is necessarily going to care what I have to say). This will actually be mostly a "Where I re-read," as I have...
  13. R

    [WIR, Valdemar] I read The Last Herald Mage!

    *in a tavern* Leslac: *finishes song, demonstrating the many, many rhymes for 'cleavage' he knows* Tavengoers: which attracts interest in the hope that he's finally done* Leslac: "So, that's the first part of my Ode To Tarma's Perky and Suppleness, and I'd now like to sing for you parts two...
  14. I

    [WIR] Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    Living in Japan for these so-odd years, I've managed to pick up those bits of media so infused into culture just about everyone knows them. Y'know, things like how everyone can recognize Darth Vader. Jojo's Bizarre Adventures is one of those things. After a while of seeing the jokes about...
  15. F

    [WIR] The Legend of Drizzt

    Because these books have almost certainly lost a considerable amount of their shine since when I read them as a teenager so it's a bit curious to see how they held up after all these years. Also, I found them at the local bookstore, three fat compilations. That was pretty hard hit on the...
  16. D

    [WIRR] Brian Lumley's Titus Crow novels

    Hey folks, I'm temporarily done with the Dresden Files and have decided to move onto another series which I have personal affection for. Yes, the Titus Crow series by Brian Lumley or, as they are known around my group, "Sherlock-The Doctor-Van Helsing punches Cthulhu in the face." Not just an...
  17. JJ Hall

    WIR The Dying Earth Part Two: Cugel Is Gross and I Hate Him

    Cugel's Saga Hoo boy. A whole other book all about this asshole. This one was published in 1983, a late-career return to the setting Vance created more than thirty years previously. Things I want from him: austere, haunting prose; a setting full of decayed wonders; and a never-ending...
  18. Q

    Where I Read (WIR): Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Having been into gaming since an early age, I have always been interested in checking videogame adaptations. I watched the Super Mario Brothers Super Show a lot as a kid, both Sonic shows whenever I happened to be in the US, and of course knew of the comic. Sadly, that comic wasn't shipped out...
  19. B

    [WiR] nWoD Slasher

    So I know I'm not a face frequently seen in these parts of the forums - starting a thread in Tabletop Open makes me feel like I'm walking into a bar in a different part of town than usual, and the music stops and everyone turns around to look at me. Ah well, I'm going for it anyway. I'm a...
  20. Q

    [WIR]Heroes Unlimited, Revised Second Edition

    Where I Read: Heroes Unlimited, Revised Second Edition Why am I doing this? I think I'm doing this because I've had this book for a little over a year now and I haven't really read it all. The other reason is that I like thinking about RPGs and their mechanics maybe more than actually playing...
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