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where i read

  1. M

    WIW Zettai Karen Children

    Obligatory Wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zettai_Karen_Children If you've read that, you probably know more about this show then I do. I'm pretty much going in blind. All I know is that is has psychic girls who fight crime, and...yeah, that's about it. I'm writing this preamble...
  2. T

    (Where I read) Okay get ready boys. This is Ladylord.

    Pre-Read: Okay before I begin this Where I read, I think I need to explain where I am coming from with all this. First off, I have never done a "where I watch" or "where I read" thread before. I've done online reviews, but never a step by step processes like those threads. Secondly, I'm not a...
  3. Jürgen Hubert

    [Where I Read] Tell Me About The Creation

    Note: This series of posts is intended to be the first draft of a series of essays which I will clean up and post on my LiveJournal once I've received feedback here. I might also need some help later on with hunting down obscure references which the author of the book uses - as will be seen...
  4. M

    Where I Watch, Hayate the Combat Butler

    As always, my apologies if this thread is unbearable. This is a bit of an experiment for me, instead of doing a shounen epic I've never seen, I'm going to do more of a comedy show I'm already familiar with. There isn't any real plot to speak of, so I don't have to worry about being spoiled. (I'm...
  5. D

    [Where I read] Twilight - Chapter by Chapter THE ENTIRE SAGA!

    My current project is based upon my girlfriend informing me that I absolutely *HAVE* to read Twilight. She's sent me the hardback copies of every single one of the books and I am informed that I have to read them, cover to cover. Pretty much like homework. Given this is something that I have...
  6. Moritz

    [LTTP] Twilight, chapter by chapter

    "It's like crack, never fulfilling but you won't be able to stop consuming it," Brigitte (30) said, who was the first to read all four of them. "Brigitte is so right," Cindy (24) remarked, "But it's so romantic for little girls." Ah well. Not that I read books for girls. "Oh no, now I've...
  7. Alathon

    [Where I read] Atlas Shrugged

    Yes, really. Long story short, it came up in discussion with an acquaintance who is, in my estimation, reasonably chill. He loves it, considers having read it a turning point in his life.. and I hate it.. but.. haven't, you know, read it. Somewhere along the way I've soaked up all the rabid...
  8. Spectrum

    [Where I Read][Manga] Iono-sama Fanatics

    (Also know as somewhat amusingly as Iono The Fanatics) Because I can't let vagrant have all the fun. Unfortunately, there's no whole series I have on backlog I particularly care about and I wouldn't want to WIW the new season for fear I'd abort a show because it turns out to be awful. However...
  9. Uncouth

    [Wherein I read: Watchmen]

    So, whenever a movie is made that is derived from some wildly popular piece of media, I try my best to consume the source material before the movie comes out. In anticipation for the Watchmen movie, I ordered a TPB of the book, and it should arrive tomorrow. I should explain that I am no...
  10. S

    [Where I read] House of Leaves

    So I got House of Leaves today for my birthday, and have read about thirty pages so far. Slightly creepy so far, but nothing mind shattering yet. Will keep you posted.
  11. G

    [Gaffa Review Theatre] Wizard's First Rule

    As I was encouraged during the last discussion of Wizard's First Rule that I should post up a few of my notes I made when I first read the book, years ago—notes I started when I realized that I was reading all of Richard's lines in a Dudley Dooright voice and was working Tom and Crow snark into...
  12. T

    [Where I read] AD&D First Edition

    I own all the hardcovers for AD&D first edition, and in preparation for my upcoming campaign I was thinking about doing a thread going through all the books, posting my reading and interpretation, and content review. I'll begin with the DMG, as I'm currently plowing through it, cover-to-cover...
  13. O

    [Late to the Party] Wherein I read "A Game of Thrones" - NO SPOILERS!

    Yo Other Media. Please, no spoilers. Due to some medical issues, I've been pretty sedentary for the past three weeks and will likely be so for another two. This in turn will give me the chance to take a much needed semester off from university. Maybe since I'm not in school, I'll actually get...
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