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white wolf

  1. Umbraed Nox

    EBAY: World of Darkness Books 12 in all, ON DY 'CTION!

  2. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY) Changeling the Lost RPG 7 Books Use but still Very Good

  3. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY) Changeling the Lost RPG 7 Books Use but still Very Good ($111.00) START BID ($146.00 Buy It Now) Keep up with it, for I may lower the price!

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Changeling-the-Lost-RPG-7-Books-Use-but-still-Very-Good/233281729493 The Starting Bid and Buy-It-Now prices may be lowered in the future!
  4. Umbraed Nox

    eBay EBAY: Changeling the Lost RPG 7 Books Use but still Very Good $112 START BID

  5. D

    V5 Deluxe Edition:A Saga

    So. Back when V5 became available for preorder, I ordered the Deluxe Edition and the Elder Bundle (Corebook, Camarilla and Anarch books, dice, ST screen, V5 notebook). When V5 started shipping, I contacted Modiphus, asking if the Deluxe would be shipping then or when the bundle came out. I was...
  6. Garblag

    [Scion RPG] Vostok's Chance - YouTube Actual Play

    We are proud to present to you Vostok's Chance, our new Scion RPG show. This is Session 0 - Character Creation, but Colin also gives a good rundown of Scion system and setting (as well as our campaign setting). Vostok's Chance was cancelled in the 90's after the criminal reality show format...
  7. Ahrimanius

    Modiphius is taking over V5 after White Wolf seemingly shuts down. [Merged]

    https://www.modiphius.com/modiphius-press-releases/modiphius-embraces-world-of-darkness-announces-the-fall-of-london-v5-chronicle This is certainly not of surprise after the year White Wolf has had.
  8. Rand Brittain

    Many World of Darkness PDFs Available For the First Time

    I don't know how. I don't know why. But this is a true fact: The White Wolf store run by Paradox at worldofdarkness.com has a huge number of PDFs for the classic World of Darkness that are not available anywhere else; or rather, they're only on the DTRPG store as low-quality scans. In the past...
  9. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY) Mage the Awakening RPG Books (1st Edition of Game): "Boston Unveiled" + 3 more Low Start Bid and Buy-it-Now

    Auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/232953410666     Start Bid: $15 Buy-it-Now: $20 Shipping: $7
  10. Jeep-Eep

    So the Nu-White Wolf CEO has stepped down

    https://twitter.com/tobiassjogren/status/1042777267657687040 I'm not entirely clear about what this might mean for the New White Wolf - my read is that the new Paradox CEO was not happy after the last 3 years that were documented in such.... detail?... on this forum, but again I'm not sure how...
  11. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY) Mage the Awakening RPG Books (1st Edition of Game): "Boston Unveiled", "Grimoires of Grimoires" + 2 More

    (EBAY) Mage the Awakening RPG Books (1st Edition of Game): "Boston Unveiled", "Grimoires of Grimoires" + 2 More https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mage-the-Awakening-RPG-Books-1st-Edition-of-Game-Boston-Unveiled-3-more/232932227920 TOTAL START BID: $22 TOTAL BUY-IT-NOW: $30.80 There is a little over...
  12. T

    vampire the masqurade 5th edition... bit of a head scratcher.

    hola folks. i got a number of critisisms with this book, and il hash them out later once ive had more time to digest things. but one issues stands out as really obvious right out the gate. the book isnt complete. usually with books marketted as "core" you get a few chapters that give a solid...
  13. NinjaWeasel

    [Sell Me On] V20, World of Darkness, or Chronicles of Darkness?!

    So... a friend who was big into Vampire: The Masquerade back in the mid-late 90s has shown an interest in playing some games again. Last time we gamed together was in the early 90s (when we were playing TMNT and Rifts) and he'd ideally like to play something that feels familiar. I've been...
  14. P

     Beast: The Primordial - Player's Guide is Out!

    So the Beast Player's Guide is out and available on RPG Drive Thru now. I thought I would share that and create a thread for discussing the new book. Here is the blurb for it: I've only read the opening fiction and looked over the Table of Contents. There is a LOT of stuff in here and I'm...
  15. T

    [Wraith: the Oblivion] Wraith 20th Anniversary is Here!

    Hi guys! Wraith 20th Anniversary Edition has just dropped for backers. I just picked up my copy from DriveThruRPG. I'm downloading it as we speak. I'm looking forward to seeing what they did with Orpheus.
  16. Aysez

    [White Wolf] So, any updates on the 2nd edition of Changeling the lost?

    It's been a while, so I figured I'd ask if there was any news. I've been waiting for it for what seems forever.
  17. U

    Shadow's Kiss: A Vampire MMO

    https://www.shadowskiss.com/ As one of the many long-term White Wolf fans who was intrigued by the idea of a WoD MMO, and then frustrated by the interminable development cycle and eventual collapse of the project, this has my interest, but also a fair bit of trepidation. Setting-wise, it...
  18. A

    [ART] Ang's RPG Sketchbook (White Wolf, Exalted, Vampire, etc.)

    Hi, all! I wasn't sure where to share a sketchbook thread about my art, so I'm going to dive in! Please let me know if there's a better place to put this. This will be my first post here! I've been an avid RPGer (from tabletop to video games) for many of my years on earth and have since...
  19. 2

    [Changeling: the Dreaming][Let's Read] Changeling: the Celtic Cycle

    Inspired by responses to this thread. I've never done one of these before, but I'll do my best for as long as I can. Changeling: the Celtic Cycle is an oddity among fan-splats. It's somewhere between fifteen and twenty years old-- There's no date on it, so I would guess around there. It's an...
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