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wild cards

  1. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180602

    George R. R. Martin Sayeth Love or hate the man (after his last set of books), he is a skilled and gifted writer. From Wild Cards on, he has written some very memorable characters. So I found this quote and needed to share. Tangled Knots Your characters are strikingly multifaceted. What's...
  2. R

    #74: Carioca Cards: Reshuffle, Part 5

    https://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds74.phtml Summary: Three jokers, a deuce, and an alien-ish. Go to the column for more information.
  3. R

    #73: Carioca Cards: Reshuffle, Part 4

    https://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds73.phtml Summary: Six new aces. Go to the column for more information.
  4. R

    #72: Carioca Cards: Reshuffle, Part 3

    https://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds72.phtml Summary: What happened to the Wild Cards over the last 17 years? Go to the column for more information.
  5. R

    #71: Carioca Cards: Reshuffle, Part 2

    https://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds71.phtml Summary: The first decade of the 21st Century in Wild Cards Rio. Go to the column for more information.
  6. Fred

    🎨 Creative Fred's M&M 3e Wild Cards

    This thread will collect my 3e conversions of the Wild Cards characters statted for 2e in official supplements and serve as a repository for the write-ups of original characters in the same universe, especially from the Carioca Cards series of articles I wrote for RPGnet as part of my column...
  7. R

    #70: Carioca Cards: Reshuffle, Part 1

    https://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds70.phtml Summary: Back to Rio and the WIld Cards. Go to the column for more information.
  8. Fred

    [Wild Cards] Virus susceptibility and forgotten setting detail

    In Wild Cards, there’s always some sinister person or agency trying to play the odds of the xenovirus to produce superpowered beings. It makes senses: if you have a process that consistently yields a 1% return on superhuman investment, and no scruples, sacrificing people at a 100:1 ratio to get...
  9. Fred

    Wild Cards is coming to television! Yay!

    Reposted from here, because this piece of news deserves its own thread. :) I can't wait! Tchau!
  10. Coyote's Own

    [Lttp; Wildcards] Masonic consipracy?

    The first volume of Wildcards has been translated overhere, so I've sunk my teeth in to it. Right now I'm on "Transfigurations", having juts finished "The Long, Dark Night of Fortunato". I'm mostly liking it, through I'm wondering if they pulled the "Mccarthy comity ends the gold age" first or...
  11. D

    [WIR] George R.R. Martin's Wild Card series

    Anyone up for me reading this? I'm going to do a little more on my Rainbow Six thread but I've just discovered it on Kindle and was curious if anyone would love to read along and comment. I suspect I'll have comments both good and bad given my love/hate relationship with the Dark Age of comics. :D
  12. Fred

    #12: Carioca Cards, Part 3

    http://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds12.phtml Summary: The Jokers and Deuces of Rio, plus some story seeds. Go to the column for more information.
  13. R

    #11: Carioca Cards, Part 2

    http://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds11.phtml Summary: Some Carioca Aces. Go to the column for more information.
  14. R

    #10: Carioca Cards, Part 1

    http://www.rpg.net/columns/superseeds/superseeds10.phtml Summary: Set an adventure in Wild Cards Rio. Go to the column for more information.
  15. J

    [wild cards] M&M

    Does anyone have this book and what's it like? J.T.
  16. W

    Green Ronin releases Wild Cards cover picture.

    O.K. Green Ronin has just released a pic of the cover for the Wild Cards rpg. Uhm.... Uh... I'm sure someone is gonna like it.
  17. GregStolze

    [WT] Devilfoot Jack

    Ever have a weird idea that you just had to get out? Sure you did. -G.
  18. Bretbo

    Green Ronin to publish Wild Cards supplements for M&M

    Just annouced at Gencon and on the M&M Page here. We've got a year to wait; but the Sleeper will rise again!
  19. S

    [Books]Wildcards...which ones are worth reading?

    Hello, Between CoH and the Heroes thread, my interest in Supers has returned. I've managed to track down the 1st book of George RR Martin's "Wildcards" series, which is alright. What I've read has only been the opening story though, which is firmly an origin story stuck in the '40's. (yeah...
  20. L

    Twilight of the Wildcards

    So, I wrote this up expecting to run it, but never wound up doing so. I might still one day, who knows? It's written in mostly first-person format, from a character in the setting, and doesn't make any effort whatsoever to explain the terminology (not surprising) - basically my attempt to...
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