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  1. L

    [Legendary Games] A SECOND Second Edition spectacular for spellcasters!

    Either way, you get a double-shot of spectacular stuff for Pathfinder Second Edition! We have the second edition of TWO new product lines for Second Edition, starting with Second Class Guides: Wizards! This delightful deep dive into the masters of the arcane arts brings you a step-by-step guide...
  2. P

    Wandering The Podcast (A wizarding school campaign)

    Hello everyone!! My fellow dm, our 5 players and I have just started an actual play podcast called Wandering The Podcast. We use a homebrew system in a Wizarding school world, where our players will be embarking on their adventures in school trying to learn the noble art of magic. We will be...
  3. HK-50

    [Let's Play]Choice of Magics -Second run

    Yer another wizard, VGO. After finishing my previous run of Kevin Gold's Choice of Magics, a few people expressed interest in running the game again. If you're just joining us, this is a "choose your own adventure" style story in which the audience will vote on what we do next. I'll flip a...
  4. HK-50

    [Let's Play]Choice of Magics

    Yer a wizard, VGO. Since my DinoKnights LP is over, I decided to run another Choice of Games entry. This one is Choice of Magics by Kevin Gold. If you weren't here for the last one, this will be a group let's play where the audience votes on what to do next. In the event of a tie, I'll flip a...
  5. J

    What's A Fun 5E Wizard Build For A Ravenloft Campaign?

    He'd be level three and needs to have a horror themed background.
  6. Z

    New Class options. Cleric, Ranger, and Wizard DnD 5e -looking for advise.

    Hello I'm working on a new campaign setting for Fifth Edition, and I was hoping for some feed back on some of the Class options for it. This will be for the Cleric (Craft Domain), Revised Ranger (Explorer Conclave) and Wizard (School of Sanguine) The setting really isn't important for this right...
  7. S

    My wizard doesn't like being a wizard? Help?

    One of my players brought up a weird point yesterday as the other party members were buying silvered weapons to fight ghosts with. He said he didn't know what to do with the money he had gotten, and I told him he could buy spells. He then said that he thought being a ranged character was boring...
  8. Sven_Noren

    Pathfinder wizard build

    So I got roped in to play Pathfinder. I'm a long time Runequester, and a total noob at D20 of any flavour. The party consists of a rouge, a bard, a cleric and two fighters, I'm to play the party wizard. I'm more or less set on the Universalist School, since it gives a couple of nifty perks...
  9. R

    [Any] How discreet is Mage Armor?

    Bob the Wizard wakes up, brushes his teeth, prepares his spells for the day and casts Mage Armor on himself before going out to the tavern. Does anybody notice? I'm tempted to rule that yes, people who look at him more than casually can see a semi-translucent force field floating around his...
  10. S

    Why did you become a wizard?

    I'm very new to table top games. A friend of mine got me into Magic The Gathering and that was my downward spiral into Dungeons and Dragons, which opened the door to the Tabletop Roll Playing universe. I wanted to play and thought of what character I'd want to be. I would normally choose the...
  11. Libertad

    "A Wizard Did It" for noncasters

    The idea that "non-magic people can't replicate magic things" is what got us Caster Supremacy in 3rd Edition, and is present at high levels in earlier Editions as well (but not to the same extent). The D&D idea that noncasters can't replicate or interact with magic stuff, or that doing so...
  12. J

    Favourite settings/mechanics/games for spellchuckers and magic

    Prompted by a playtest session tonight of DnDNext where I'll test-drive the Wizard, made me think about what I like when play mages in RPG's. So flexibility and on-the-fly spells are important, option of rituals, some between session rules re: research, inventing spells/items, and a coherent...
  13. Z

    Wizards & Lizards

    Is there an rpg named Wizards & Lizards featuring a setting with humans and lizardmen in direct competition? I remember it vauglely but can't find it on the internet.
  14. J

    [Fiction Blog] Christopher Chance - Sorcerer's Assistant

    The ongoing adventures of Christopher Chance is a weekly fiction blog, updated on Sundays, which tells the story of a young man, a fry cook of humble nature, who becomes embroiled in a world of magic and danger beyond that most mortals ever dream of. http://cchanceadventures.blogspot.com/
  15. E

    [Pathfinder] - Spell purchasing for new 10th level Wizard

    We're starting up 10th level pathfinder characters, and I'm playing a Wizard. So, on Table 12-4, Character Wealth by Level (Page 399) it says I get 62,000 to spend. I'd like to have more than just the 2 free spells per level of Wizard that I take, so how do I pay for more spells? Do I purchase...
  16. Dweller in Darkness

    [3.5] Cold spells?

    My latest character is a cryomancer. I have the energy substitution feat, so I can make pretty much any energy-based spell into a cold spell, but cold spells generally seem to have a . . . frostier flavour to them, with non-damage effects that fit the flavour of cold-based attacks better. Does...
  17. Z

    Optimized Wizard?

    Ok so first post but I need to see if this wizard is about as optimized as I can get. No plans so far for him right now, but hes level 6 with a starting GP of 13000. Sovalis “ Magics Gift” Name: Sovalis Player: Jesse Age: 121 Gender: Male Height: 5’ 7” Weight: 145 Handed: Right Race: Grey Elf...
  18. J

    The Fantasy Trip - TFT - Melee / Wizard

    Anybody out there still playing this Vintage Interplay / Steve Jackson game? Or has it died a death like one of the hapless victims in the Death Test dungeons?
  19. A

    {D&D 3.5 CharOp} Advice for a Wizard/Loremaster/Archmage plan please.

    Evening everybody. This will be my first post here, and I seek a bit of advice. I'm going to be joining a D&D 3.5 game, with a GM created campaign based off of the novel "The Boat of a Million Years". I can't recall the entirety of the talks I had last week with him, but all core material is...
  20. E_MacLeod

    Lightly Structured Magic System

    I have been pondering lately how a game strictly based on mages/wizards/sorcerers or whatever would work. I know that a few RPGs of such variety already exist; Mage, Ars Magica and Sorcerer. Perhaps there are others folks could tell me of? In any event, I've taken it upon myself to fiddle...
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