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  1. FrivYeti

    💯 {Staff Pick} [Let's Read] Diablo II: Diablerie

    Hello, RPGnet! I am in a bit of a creative funk right now. Also, I have maybe a little bit - just a tich - of incandescent rage that I feel like I want to expunge in a relatively healthy, non-hostile manner. So I’m going to make snide comments about some poor guy’s work on RPG.net, and you get...
  2. S

    Fantasy Flight Games "Netrunner" is dead

    Wizards has declined to renew the license. The Android universe will continue, but the game itself es muerte. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/8/jacking-out/
  3. V

    [5e] Help Me Understand WOTC Marketing/Release Strategy.......

    Greetings; have honestly been confused by the 5e release strategy, and hoping people can shed light on it. Been a long-time D&D player/DM going back to 1983. Extensively ran 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions. Quit back around 2002, started purchasing 5e books last year. While I was not a fun of the...
  4. H

    [3.x] What was its stated intention? Did it succeed?

    And why or why not? I put 3.x in a different class than TSR AD&D. I believe I remember its intention as being a rewrite of AD&D, with an engine built from scratch to streamline all the systems. I believe 3.x was largely successful in doing that. At the start I attempted to convert pre 3.x...
  5. C

    New president for Wizards of the Coast

    It looks like Wizard's of the Coast has a new president: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160411006121/en/Hasbro-Announces-Leadership-Wizards-Coast It will be interesting to see if there are any changes in strategy around D&D. The article mentions that the new president, Chris Cocks, is...
  6. T

    [5e+/WotC-] Seriously, that's enough. (Meaningless rant)

    When 5e was released last year, I was a little impressed. As time wore on, I played in Adventurer's League, I DM'd for AL, I liked a lot of the talk about trying to make the game about the table you're at. The vague language was forgiven because it existed so DM's could make their own rulings...
  7. B

    The Narrative of WotC's Failure

    I see the notions that the newest edition of D&D isn't selling as well as WotC is claiming, that the sparse release schedule is evidence of 5e's failure, that the lack of a big D&D event at GenCon means D&D is dead, etc., fairly frequently. Why? Can somebody explain to me why people seems so...
  8. mrlost

    Mearls interview up on Polygon

    http://www.polygon.com/2015/8/20/9172559/dungeons-dragons-dnd-4th-edition-one-year-later-twitch-youtube Basically Mike is defending the lack of D&D at gencon, saying it used to be a waste of resources. Meals champions the release schedule as innovative. Evidently the PHB is in its fourth print...
  9. kvltjam

    Any news from GenCon?

    I haven't been paying that much attention, but I am curious to see if there is any news of note from WotC. I know in previous years there have been seminars that are (usually) recorded for later playback, so those would be cool too.
  10. W

    Wizards release results of setting survey.

    Wizards just released the results summary of their June survey on settings (along with opening up their new survey on psionics). Here's the quote relevant to the recent conversation about the Sword Coast guide: As I see it, this tells us a bunch of important things: Regardless of what...
  11. S

    [Dragon+] Is this some sort of joke?

    Is Wizards of the Coast playing some kind of joke here? First I get a notification that the newest issue is here but never arrives. I then receive it only to find that it's just a catalogue for products. They actually have the balls to call this Dragon. They really need to get their act together.
  12. timbannock

    [Ranty] Petition WOTC for Player Versions of Maps to be Included in Adventures by Default

    Okay, so I posted a rant in another thread about the lack of player-friendly maps in the 5e Starter Set, and the most concise argument I've come to is this: (1) Us DMs shouldn't be expected to be artists and/or skilled photoshoppers (especially considering the product in question is not...
  13. F

    WotC Gencon Info

    http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Feature.aspx?x=dnd/feature/gencon So based on this, is the game releasing at Gencon?
  14. F

    WotC presents at GAMA trade show.

    Here are some 5e highlights. --Boxed starter set to be published this summer and PHB to come later. --Only one PH will be published. --All iconic monsters in MM. --PH has beholder on cover, MM has fire giant on cover, and DMG had drow underdark battle scene in cover. --Guiding principle is...
  15. B

    D&D Next Launches Summer 2014

    http://www.critical-hits.com/blog/2013/12/19/dd-next-to-release-in-summer-2014/ Edit: Press release also on wizards.com now. Not a surprise, but some interesting language in the announcement.
  16. Tequila Sunrise

    Would Paizo Be a Better Steward of Our Hobby than WotC?

    When discussing the industry, it's fun to think about things that will never happen, like "What if Paizo owned D&D"? Assuming that Paizo wrote a ruleset that you personally loved (or stuck with PF if you love it)... ...It's an appealing thought. Paizo seems to be a much better company than...
  17. S

    (4E/WotC) Dungeon & Dragon are dead... at least temporarily

    From the editorial of Dragon 427 published today: Damn. And just when we were starting to see consistently good content....
  18. R

    [Petition update] Making D&D art more diverse

    Hey guys Some of you may remember that last year I created a petition asking Wizards of the Coast to make the art in D&D Next more diverse than that of previous editions. The petition closed in February, it got 650 signatures, and since then I have been trying to get Wizards to give a response...
  19. K

    Bruce Cordell leaves WOTC

    http://brucecordell.blogspot.com/2013/07/farewell-wizards-and-thank-you.html?m=1 I wonder what brought that on.
  20. A

    [Encounters Program] Forgotten Realms, 3.5, and no more free ride

    http://www.wizards.com/WPN/News/Article.aspx?x=2013_06_10_DDEBaldur Quick run-down of the new things. 1) The next five seasons of Encounters will focus on the changes to Faerun during the Sundering. 2) The first of these seasons will be "Murder at Baldur's Gate." Yes, the same one that...
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