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women in geek culture

  1. Bailywolf

    'gamergate' is bad and all, but lets not forget the REAL victims here

    The gamers, of course. So when did they start trying to flip the script on this? I'm sure I'm only just noticing something that's been ongoing, but it has started to penetrate the unruly frontiers of my social media networks.
  2. iTim

    [Tropes vs Women in Video Games] Women as Background Decoration: Part 2. This one's getting a lot of attention.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i_RPr9DwMA It very much hammers the same point home as the last one, but the sheer overwhelming scale and quantity of the misogyny is rather breathtaking. And worth watching for that reason. What's been interesting to me is the pick-up this one has received...
  3. J

    [Horrible Internet Fail] Criticism of journalistic integrity Re: Depression Quest [now with more Fishhax!]

    So this was brough to my attention through egomaniac Phil Fish's current meltown/cry for attention (not really worth reading). While obviously a lot of the attention has focused on her cheating on her boyfriend, I'm more depressed (hah) by the sad state of the video-game journalism where this...
  4. T

    Vice writes about creepy DMs: Dare you enter their magical realm?

    So, for those not in the know, Vice magazine (a magazine known for, in what I am sure will become a running TG related joke, "immersionalist" journalism) is known for pushing buttons and mixing serious coverage with horrible huffpost "side-boob" level NSFW clickbait. They've taken a break from...
  5. Montegris

    Some musings on the Damsel in Distress

    As a result of the thread on VGO focusing on Tropes vs. Women and the Anita Sarkeesian videos analyzing the tropes against women (I saw all three on the Damsel in distress trope before creating the thread), and some thinking I had been doing by myself a couple of days ago, I've decided to ask...
  6. L

    TROS Remake - Blade of the Iron Throne - Kickstarter.

    I know there are lots of Sword and Sorcery fan's that love good hardcore combat. For those of you that dont know Blade of the Iron Throne is having a kickstarter. If your familiar with TROS it's a game of deadly swordfighting, but Blade stick's to a core concept of S&S. Lavish Wealth, come's...
  7. A

    Geeks, girls and internalised prejudice

    I've been reading a lot of stories about "Fake Geek Girls" lately and I'm curious where this idea came from. The latest instalment is on Bleeding Cool, Fanboy Rampage: Jennifer de Guzman Vs Dirk Manning, which resulted from comics writer Dirk Manning sharing an image and writing: Also...
  8. Khyron

    [Patriarchy?] Women are vastly under-represented in the field of Mad Science!!!!!!!!

    Well basically what the thread title says. I think in comics, TV, and other other media female mad scientists are very few in number. What can we do to combat this disturbing trend? Counter-examples are welcome too.
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