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world building

  1. Dubzor

    🎨 Creative Sariel: Building a World

    I love world building and lore. It's probably my favorite part of making my own content for games. Recently I started work on a new Campaign Setting and figured it'd be fun to share the journey of creation with you fine folks. Feel free to use what you find in this thread for your own purposes...
  2. D

    *Kickstarter* PROJECT DEIOS has launched on KS - Editor for battle maps, cities, regions worlds and more

    Hello fellow map makers! We have just launched our new Kickstarter campaign "PROJECT DEIOS". We are blown away by the great start (funded within 10 hours) and can't wait to see what stretch-goals will be unlocked! What is project DEIOS? With PROJECT DEIOS, you can design awesome battlemaps...
  3. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative International Supervillain Team Name:

    Hey everyone, So just like the title says, I need a name for a group of international supervillains. Can be as campy or as serious as you like 😀 Cheers!
  4. D

    DGNFOG, WorldAnvil, GreatGM & BlueSwordGames have teamed up for a new project

    As most of you are aware, DUNGEONFOG launched in 2018 with an online authoring tool for game masters to create beautiful battlemaps and game master notes. But today ... today I am do very happy to introduce to you, PROJECT DEIOS. A colossal endeavour that sees DUNGEONFOG, World Anvil, Guy the...
  5. U

    World attributes

    Hi people, long time no see. I´m working on something that will hopefully be a game somewhere and I´m stuck at my planet/setting generator stage. The idea with this is that you generate planets that has descriptive attributes just as player characters does; equivalents to strength, intelligence...
  6. S

    *Web Site* [Online Campaign Manager] Just Launched Chronica

    My wife and I have been playing tabletop games for awhile and playing online for a few years now. As much as I love running our campaigns, there was always the problem of organizing our world data, characters, quests, etc, both for me as the GM and our party. Especially when we started a...
  7. NautilusComics

    🎨 Creative Help Me Build A Comic Book Universe

    So I have been thinking about and started to build a unique superhero world/universe that is not very typical type of a superhero world/universe such as those of Marvel and DC. However, I've suffered a bit of an artistic block and I need some help coming over it! What can be done differently...
  8. I

    Patreon Map Icons Preview: Temples

    The Inkwell Ideas Patreon (something like a monthly subscription) continues this month with temple icon mini-sets for use with our software programs. This post has the Worldographer/Hexographer classic style map icons in an in-use map preview below, followed by the same map using our isometric...
  9. A

    🎨 Creative The Fall of Mankind (D&Desque world)

    Inspired by this: It was the height of Mankind’s rise to the apex. It was their dawn promise. The ages of the Elves and the Dwarves had long since passed, their numbers dwindling, their races long since enclosed within small territories. Their elders, reduced to reminisencing of their past...
  10. A

    🎨 Creative 1001 things to see in the shining city atop a hill

    Been thinking of this for awhile. The setting's a dark fantasy. Or low fantasy. Think Berserk, Conan, stuff like that. Plenty of monsters, evil rulers, dark magic, horrible mages, evil wizards, skeletons, slavery, and dung ages. Except for this place. This place is different. So let's say that...
  11. A

    🎨 Creative [Setting brainstorming] Primitive humans with information age communications

    So I've been thinking of the difficulties in moving and transporting and coordinating large numbers of people. So let's start with this. They know farming. They know stone crafting, bricks, and all that stuff. I'm still not sure on the tech level. So let's say that by some way, either by lost...
  12. Jürgen Hubert

    Building Nonhuman Architecture

    I am currently trying to develop some ancient Dhakaani ruins (an old Eberron goblin empire) for my new campaign, and I am struggling with giving them a distinct, nonhuman vibe. Which brings me to a larger issue - any good game of exploration (whether fantasy dungeon delving or the discovery of...
  13. A

    Worldbuilding a fantasy society (math-based magic system)

    Ok. So let me make a rundown: Linker core: immaterial, intangible organ that absorbs ambient mana and lets the mage use it. Everyone has it, although it can be weak or strong, depending on genetics and environments, just like muscles. Mana: Basically, magical energy that allows for magical...
  14. CarrotandStick

    Magic in a Science Heavy Setting [world design, kinda?]

    A very brief intro: Like the idea of Starfinder, kinda done with d20, going to run using Cortex Prime. This means rejigging the magic a bit. So I need a magic system that will sit nicely alongside high technology. Obviously this means that the D&D/Pathfinder style 'kitchen sink' magic is out...
  15. Umbraed Nox

    eBay (EBAY) Gary Gygax's Living Fantasy: Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds Vol. 3 RPG d20 RPG

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/232935771148 Start Bid: $25 Buy-It-Now: $35 The auction ends in a little over 6 hours.
  16. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180730

    Putting Toys in the Sandbox, The MoonHunter Way I hate Sandbox Gaming. You know, that "hot new things" where you don't have a real plot, but wander around the map triggering encounters that might lead to other things. It is random. It often makes little story/ logical sense. GMs love it...
  17. M

    MoonHunter Sayeth 20180518

    Glitches in Setting Building that Sets Me Off! Setting building is an essential part of gaming (or any work of fiction for that matter). Even if your game has a canon setting, there will still be things to build - extra locations, npcs, plots, and so on. In an open science fiction or fantasy...
  18. S

    🎨 Creative [Stars Without Number Revised] Making sense of weird Tag combinations

    One of the coolest things about Stars Without Number (original or revised) are the tools for creating a sector. Sometimes you'll roll planetary tags that just make sense because they work so well together. Other times you'll get some that need a bit of thought to work out, but the result is so...
  19. Jon of All Trades

    On Metals and Magic Correspondences

    Hullo! I'm writing up correspondences for the schools of magic in my homebrew, and I've hit a stumbling block on metals. People have had some great take a third way suggestions here on RPG.net before, and I would appreciate suggestions. Ideally, I'd like one metal for each of the 13 schools...
  20. B

    Best-written D&D setting materials?

    So, for (yikes) almost 4 years now, I've been running a D&D 5th Ed game for my buddies and wife... and considering I've been at this hobby since I was 10 or 12... I'm beginning to surprise myself with the longevity of this campaign. Really... it's the first 'campaign' I've ever run... and the...
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