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world of warcraft

  1. Qwa'ha Xahn

    Complete Newbies Guide to World of Warcraft?

    I'm thinking of giving this game a try, especially with news that the classic version is coming soon. I really dug Star Wars: the Old Republic, but it won't play on my Mac :(. I've got lots of questions, and probably more if I actually end up getting the game, but for now: Is it possible to...
  2. Mead Paw

    Warcraft - as a tabletop RPG?

    Hi all, So, the majority of my players big WoW/Hearthstone nerds, and while I honestly am positively indifferent to that world and that setting, other than I remember it fondly from my teenage days, and how everyone went crazy about "Tides of Darkness". :) Now, because I'm moving to another...
  3. B

    [WoW] Blizzard brings the silence penalty to World of Warcraft

    As announced this morning: I gather this is working well in Heroes of the Storm, and I'm very, very happy to see it in WoW - particularly that it's an account-wide penalty, so as to forestall a lot of the typical "be a jerk on one character, hop to another" stuff.
  4. Kurotowa

    [WoW] The Legion will burn this world!

    The old thread is old, we shouldn't be talking about Legion in a 6.0 thread, so here's a new one! News out of Blizzcon this weekend is so thick it's impossible to summery it all, so here's some highlight links. The official guide to all the class artifacts. Class previews are still locked as...
  5. Kurotowa

    [WoW/BSC] Storming the Hellfire Citadel

    The new patch this week brought a new raid tier to explore, and last night explore it we did. First week raiding is always interesting because we're going in half blind. No one's previewed the bosses in LFR, the raid addon timers are frequently inaccurate, and the only videos are from PTR...
  6. Seroster

    Oh, Blizzard...

    This is just a note that would be of topic in the GG thread. Crios just wrote that maybe he should get into WoW because of Blizzard calling out harassment. Ironically... I was very recently thinking that I would not go back, reinforced by a Facebook ad for WoW which suggests that the new...
  7. T

    [WoW] 6.0 / Warlords of Draenor launch/discussion thread

    So. Who thinks things will actually be up and running by 11AM PST today? Topher
  8. D

    [WOW] So I'm playing World of Warcraft for the first time

    I'm playing an Alliance Human Hunter and have hit Level 11. I'm mostly just wandering around, Solo, killing things and taking their stuff. Doing each quest as it comes to me. It's a lot of fun and addictive so it's doing my job. I just captured a Gnoll War Boss in the Eleswyr Forest who got...
  9. F

    No Blizz, I don't like PVP, so stop trying to make me get into it.

    The legendary cloak quest chain has several parts where you have to show baby deathing that you can kill the other side-- via BGs and PVP. Blizz, understand that some players don't like PVP. I don't mind those that do, but at this point, pvp is an exercise in futility for thsoe who aren't into...
  10. Erstwhile

    [WoW/MMOs] Why do men play female characters? Apparently it's butts.

    From The Surprisingly Unsurprising Reason Why Men Choose Female Avatars in World of Warcraft. There's more to the article than the "butt factor" - apparently men and women tend to move differently in-game, and men playing female characters have a tendency to conform to stereotypically "female"...
  11. C

    (WoW, Ranty, Maybe Triggery So Spoiler-Blocked) My Fruitless Search to Find a RP Guild on Moon Guard

    (Note: So, Moon Guard. Excellent rep as a hardcore RP server, not-so-good-rep for the erotic roleplay (ERP) shenanigans that go on in Goldshire. The latter is easily avoided, and the server - especially Stormwind - is vibrant with RP. What I need, chrisinpm thinks to himself, is a good RP...
  12. Azaael

    [WoW] Paid Boost to 90 coming up...60 dollars?

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9751075813?page=1 is one of the threads on it. (There are more scattered about the net.) Well...apparently people have found some pricing during the update that's coming out to be about 60 dollars. Which is absolutely fucking ridiculous in about every...
  13. F

    WOW: I'm never going to get that damned horse, am I?

    I have 4 90s now, and so far, nothing for the Headless Horseman's horse. It is annoying me. It is annoying me to the point where I might buy the mecha gundam mount. BTW: mounts cross factions right? If I buy a mount on ahorde, my ally toons can use it, unless it's a horde specific model.
  14. Kurotowa

    [WoW/BSC] Trials of Norushen completed

    Last week was our first night on Norushen, and there was a lot of learning and fumbling with strats with our best attempt hitting the enrage at 20%. This week, our friends in Pig & Whistle squeaked out a kill, and we could hardly do less. After blowing through Immerseus and Protectors we laid...
  15. Hello Kaiju

    [WoW] So...Connected Realms is a thing that's happening. To Kirin Tor & Steamwheedle Cartel US

    I think it was Oglesby in P&W who first suggested it to me, but there seems to be a fairly strong indication that connected realms should allow us to actually have more than 11 slots on a given server, unless of course we're on a server that doesn't get connected. Kirin Tor is fairly low pop...
  16. D

    [MMO dabbling] WoW again.

    In my ongoing search for a MMO that will hold my interest as long and deeply as City of Heroes did, I'm turning once again to WoW. I remember I have a Blood Elf Warlock at 85 (or whatever the level cap was as of Cataclysm), and a Draenei Paladin stuck somewhere in Frozen Arctic Lich King Town...
  17. Dorchadas

    [3.x] WoW-like rage system for martial Feats?

    Background: I own the World of Warcraft RPG, and I'm thinking of running it. One of the problems with the implementation of the WoW RPG is that they kept spell slots instead of implementing some kind of mana system. I found one that I like, but I'm aware that just implementing a mana system...
  18. K

    [13th Age] Using 13th Age for World of Warcraft, Glorantha, Forgotten Realms

    What it says on the tin. It blows my mind how easy this would be to play heroes in each of these respective worlds. The Glorantha big shakers would be especially easy to convert into Icons. What are your thoughts?
  19. C

    [WoW] Realms "Connecting" not Merging

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/10551009/Patch_54_Feature_Preview_Connected_Realms-8_5_2013 Thoughts?
  20. N

    [WoW] Patch 5.4 notes

    Patch notes here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/10158897/54_PTR_Now_Live-7_1_2013 Biggest thing I noted was the change about justice and valor items - Adjustments have been made to Mists of Pandaria faction quartermasters. Epic quality (purple) Valor items sold by the Shado-Pan Assault...
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