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worst of

  1. T

    Worst. Modules. Ever.

    Hey guys, I'm trying a bit of an odd experiment, and was wondering what you thought were the worst modules/pre-published adventures you've ever had the misfortune to run or play?
  2. Brian888

    [Disney]Wow, Cruella de Vil sucks!

    I just watched 101 Dalmations for the first time in about 30 years. My big takeaway is that Cruella de Vil is now my vote for worst, most despicable Disney villain to date. I mean, usually Disney villains are motivated by a desire for power (most of them) or spite (e.g., Maleficent). Cruella...
  3. V

    [Exalted] What books are considered the worst?

    For reasons of poor balance, lack of setting consistency, anything you wanna call it: what books seem to be considered the worst by popular opinion, from 1e to 2e? Or, what books do you consider to be the worst?
  4. G

    Can we talk about some of the more...out there OGL d20 products?

    As an example, Infernum. A d20 based game where the campaign was set in Hell. Not the outer planes hell, but the Christian version of hell. It got 3 large books. I can't comment on its quality, not having played it, but it reads nice, and it's certainly more interesting than the many elf books.
  5. L

    Most Useless Splatbook Ever?

    I'm looking for the single most useless, worthless, pointless splatbook ever published. To be clear: Not just badly written. Not Mary Sueing. Not merely boring. No, just plain worthless, useless, not worth the purchase price even for a Munchkin and/or a Serious Roleplayer/Lore Fiend. Thanks...
  6. Äkräs

    Most man what? statements of fact in RPGs

    Today I was reading Strange Aeons II supplement for Call of Cthulhu. It's a collection of short scenarios that are situated in different historical periods ranging from stone age to American Civil War. In the stone age scenario the investigators are Neanderthals, and in the standard Chaosium way...
  7. L

    Most Pointless Published Adventure

    Published prepacked adventures: Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that some of 'em end up as Shaggy Dog stories. You know the type: "Battle to the top of an Aztec pyramid just to see two NPCs being awesome that you can have no impact on!" So, what published adventures, as written, leave the...
  8. E

    Awesomely lame powers

    So, I've had to reshelve my books, and in doing so took to reading old RPGs. And one thing that struck me was the odd awesomely lame power. By this I mean a power or special ability (potayto, potatoh) which is described in awesome terms, with hinted-at major implications, but whose mechanics are...
  9. Seroster

    Most RIDICULOUS movie quotes?

    "History, tradition, culture... are not concepts! These are trophies I keep in my den as paperweights!" (You can tell what movie I just watched) What can top that?
  10. wombatzoner

    So what is the ugliest non-mech in Battletech?

    Reading through the ugliest mech thread made me wonder what is the ugliest non-mech vehicle in Battletech? Currently for me the Ares: and the Tyr: are leading in the running.
  11. Sabermane

    So, what is the Ugliest Battlemech, anyway?

    I posit the Urbanmech to start. Not because it is just an egg with legs, but mainly due to the fact that it does not have a cockpit, but apparently a small apartment as its control module. With so many windows, it is obvious that it must have not only a command chair, but also a small...
  12. M

    "All right, who divided by zero?"...or, most catastrophic game-mechanic failure ever?

    Players/DMs: Ever seen a system that was otherwise good, but was ruined by one or more Game-Breaking Bugs? Ever had a game brought to a screeching halt due to game mechanics that were (a) mathematically unworkable or (b) contradictory? Examples of type (a): - division by zero - square root of a...
  13. DLathrop

    Book Covers: The Bad, The Ugly, the... just plain Weird

    Hello, fillies and gentlecolts (shut up, I'm never letting it go:D)! So, you know that book? You know. The book with the cover that you have to hide on the bus, or that makes your eyes bleed, or that makes you realize Photoshop is of Satan... Yeah, that one. Well, post it here! Also, explain...
  14. Arachne

    Worst Supplements Ever?

    I'm kinda curious - I've usually been lucky in the supplements I've got, so most of them are decent. The only turkey I ended up with the Tome of the Watchtowers for Mage: The Awakening, but even that was not that bad. Unexpected Allies for Legend of the Five Rings, 1st Edition, was entirely...
  15. T

    When systems crash and burn: funny examples

    The Fantasy RPG Bible has a funny "awards" section in which it lists, among other things "Game you are most likely to survive a direct anti-tank missile to the chest Award": Shadowrun (1st ed.). There was also someone here in the forums who (if I remember correctly) had a D&D PC go up to gate...
  16. Spook

    (fun) Worst books of Second Edition

    Now this isn't meant as a hate thread, but an informative one where gamers can share what they thought was the greatest stinker of the age. I started playing on the very tail end of 2E, so I missed most of the fun stuff. Perhaps the first and easiest to call out is the Complete Book of Elves...
  17. T

    Best and Worst Old WOD books

    What are your favorite and most hated sourcebooks for the OLD world of darkness, and why. Were they ruined by a player or by how they affected the meta-plot? Did they make an amazing campaign or just make your day? Question spans everything from Vampire first Ed. to Time of Judgement and...
  18. T

    Games that you have tried and absolutely hated

    Legend of the Five Rings 3rd Edition: I was soured by my experience with the absolutely shittiest GM ever, although I didn't like the dice system or the setting particularly either after my brief stint with it. I originally bought the core book for it and a bunch of cheap 2nd edition supplements...
  19. N

    Black sheep sourcebooks you actually like

    Somebody, somewhere, secretly likes Highlander 2. And not in an MST3K so-bad-its-good kind of way. Sure, there may be a detail or two they handwave away, but they actually think its a pretty fun movie, despite overwhelming fan reaction to the contrary. Which RPG books are this for you? Now...
  20. O

    Your Platonic anti-ideal of a game

    What would be your worse possible combination of parts of an rpg? Something that you'd least want to play? A thing they play in hell designed to punish you? What genre? What system type? What players? What adventure? What else? Disallowed answers:FATAL, Rahowa, anyone playing those and obvious...
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