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  1. W

    Legends of Novus, a 1-5 player fantasy adventure boardgame, currently live on Kickstarter!

    Enter a new fantasy world and become an epic hero in this 1-5 player adventure and combat tabletop board game. Featuring an open concept world, a card based character sheet, and a dynamic play style that ensures each game will play out differently regardless of the number of players! Novus is...
  2. Qwa'ha Xahn

    Complete Newbies Guide to World of Warcraft?

    I'm thinking of giving this game a try, especially with news that the classic version is coming soon. I really dug Star Wars: the Old Republic, but it won't play on my Mac :(. I've got lots of questions, and probably more if I actually end up getting the game, but for now: Is it possible to...
  3. P

    [WoW] Post Legion expansion Speculation/Rumors/Spoilers - "Battle for Azeroth"

    So as not to jam up the main thread here's a thread to speculate on the next expansion ahead of the Nov 3 Blizzcon reveal Where will it be set? Who will we be fighting? What new gimmicks will it have? Any new races/classes?
  4. G

    [Worldbuilding] Warcraft of Darkness

    Warcraft of Darkness​ The world has changed. It became more complex and perhaps more dangerous than ever. A few decades ago nobody would have thought the Horde and the Alliance would ever fight a common enemy. A few decades ago, nobody except some paranoid lunatics would have thought the eastern...
  5. Rainbow Trenchcoat

    [WoW/P&W] Battling through Nighthold

    We don't seem to have a thread for the Pig and Whistle company's accomplishments in Nighthold yet, so I figured I'd make one. So far, we've killed Skorpyron, the anomaly, and Trilliax. (I'm Rossan- the paladin that doesn't have a name over his head with the hammer). Skorpyron was pretty easy-...
  6. B

    [WoW] Blizzard brings the silence penalty to World of Warcraft

    As announced this morning: I gather this is working well in Heroes of the Storm, and I'm very, very happy to see it in WoW - particularly that it's an account-wide penalty, so as to forestall a lot of the typical "be a jerk on one character, hop to another" stuff.
  7. W

    Using Unity as a virtual table or map maker

    Has anyone done this or thought about it? I did find one person who did: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/112320-using-unity-3d-for-tabletop-maps/ I am contemplating using WOW assets to make virtual fantasy maps.
  8. Tanka

    [WoW] Blizzard introduces Token, similar to EVE's PLEX

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/18141101/introducing-the-wow-token-3-2-2015 The big difference is, of course, that the Token becomes Soulbound once it's purchased off the AH. Whereas in EVE, you can lump it in with everything else for market speculation. (Or if you unsub for a lengthy period...
  9. L

    [WoW/P&W] Raid Night and Time Poll: update for Draenor

    As long ago promised and recently prompted, here is a raid night and poll to see what works for people. You can vote for what is best for you and we can see how that maps for everyone. If you have any additional comments, please post them here or in the P&W forums post that will link to this thread.
  10. C

    [WoW] Some noobish questions, relearning the ropes

    I've decided to get back into WoW for the first time since... Cataclysm, I think. I had a quick look in, checking up on all my characters and cleaning things up a bit, and I know a lot of things have changed - I know I have to redo my talents, relearn how to play etc, and I've got all of...
  11. T

    [WoW] 6.0 / Warlords of Draenor launch/discussion thread

    So. Who thinks things will actually be up and running by 11AM PST today? Topher
  12. D

    [WOW] So I'm playing World of Warcraft for the first time

    I'm playing an Alliance Human Hunter and have hit Level 11. I'm mostly just wandering around, Solo, killing things and taking their stuff. Doing each quest as it comes to me. It's a lot of fun and addictive so it's doing my job. I just captured a Gnoll War Boss in the Eleswyr Forest who got...
  13. Coyote's Own

    [WoW] Blizzard will be honoring Robin Williams

    Bleeding Cool Article It fitting for a avid gamer such as Williams to immortalized in gaming world visited by so many.
  14. F

    WOW: Explain flex raids to me.

    Okay, Whenever I list myself in flex raids I get whispers like "Flex 1" "flex 2" and such. Asking what this means is met with incredulous derision. Looking at the wikies and other sources seems to indicate that it's a measure of skill from some sources and other sources jsut what wing you're...
  15. C

    (WoW, Ranty, Maybe Triggery So Spoiler-Blocked) My Fruitless Search to Find a RP Guild on Moon Guard

    (Note: So, Moon Guard. Excellent rep as a hardcore RP server, not-so-good-rep for the erotic roleplay (ERP) shenanigans that go on in Goldshire. The latter is easily avoided, and the server - especially Stormwind - is vibrant with RP. What I need, chrisinpm thinks to himself, is a good RP...
  16. Kurotowa

    [WoW/BSC] Trials of Norushen completed

    Last week was our first night on Norushen, and there was a lot of learning and fumbling with strats with our best attempt hitting the enrage at 20%. This week, our friends in Pig & Whistle squeaked out a kill, and we could hardly do less. After blowing through Immerseus and Protectors we laid...
  17. E

    [WoW] - Nógrok's Guide to Green Fire

    Greetings fellow Warlocks, Many of the Green Fire guides explain the mechanics and the tricks to beat them, but sometimes that help isn't enough. Hopefully this guide will be the one that helps you cross the finish line. If you've found this guide, you may already be pretty frustrated. Take a...
  18. E

    [WoW - Black Sky Company] - Green Fire is bloody impossible to get!!!

    For all but the coolest warlocks that is... Who's got two thumbs and just earned himself some green fire?!?!?!!? ----> THIS GUY <---- :D I just completed the Infiltrating the Black Temple quest and earned the ability The Codex of Xerrath with Nógrok. It corrupts all of my warlock spells...
  19. C

    [WoW] Realms "Connecting" not Merging

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/10551009/Patch_54_Feature_Preview_Connected_Realms-8_5_2013 Thoughts?
  20. N

    [WoW - Rift]

    Hey all, After taking a break, I've returned to WoW. I finally got my Sorcerer to 90 (along with getting a cloud serpent) and am really enjoying the content. Although I'm finding a lot of folks to pug with, it seems that there are far less BSC folks on from what I remember (a year ago). Even...
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