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wrath & glory

  1. blaster219

    Wrath & Glory advice for a 40k neophyte

    So in a couple of weeks, I'll be playing Wrath & Glory. Our Dungeon World game came to an end yesterday and the group decided to start a W&G game as one of the group picked up the core book a few weeks back and is really enthusiastic. I mean, really enthusiastic. His house is overflowing with...
  2. LCDR Seamonkey

    WH40K Wrath & Glory - Dark Tides Campaign advice

    (Personal For Tricksy and False: this is about the game you think it's about, so, you know, read on at your own peril) Hey all. I'm gearing up to run an extended session of Wrath & Glory for some of my friends who've been 40K fans for forever. This is going to be kind of an "Event" (have at...
  3. S

    [Austin TX] [Free RPG Day] 40k Wrath & Glory at Mothership Games

    Hey all! I'll be running a demo of the new 40k RPG Wrath & Glory at Mothership Books and Games next Saturday, June 16th, as part of Free RPG Day. The game will begin at 1, all materials will be provided, and you don't need any 40k setting knowledge. So come grab your Bolter, strap on some...
  4. Dulahan

    [PDF is out] New 40k RPG!

    http://www.ulisses-us.com/in-development-wrath-glory-for-warhammer-40000-roleplay/ OK, this I'm cautiously optimistic for. I'm really wondering what the system is going to be, and what the setting and... well, character options will be like. But I'm rather looking forward to finding out! I...
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