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  1. K

    [Wrestlepack] WWE Stomping Grounds vs. AEW Fyter Fest- Which Was Better?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Now that we have what appears to be actual competition and a legitimate alternative to the WWE, it's time to start grading and see which company had the better show this week.
  2. K

    [Wrestlepack] Tell Me Of Powerslam/ Title Match Networks

    So, recently, I learned of Powerslam Network, an online streaming service not unlike the WWE Network, except it has content from dozens of independent promotions worldwide. Doing some research, I see there's a similar service called Title Match, which features some of the same promotions. Has...
  3. K

    I broke down & subscribed to the WWE Network [May turn into a WIW]

    So, I told myself that I'd save my free one month trial for when things were really, REALLY good. Like, the bar I set in my head was "When they hire Christopher Daniels and have him, Styles and Samoa Joe main event 'Mania." BUT, WWE Evolution was last night, and I wanted to support women's...
  4. Godder

    [Wrestlepack] Discussion XI: Inevitable Overbooked Heel Turn

    Old thread here.
  5. beachnik

    [Wrestlepack] So what makes a good wrestling match?

    So I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a few days now, of some sort of digital card game based on wrestling. My initial problem is that I don't want the game to be competitive, about seeing who wins the match, instead I want the game to be cooperative and be about trying to have a...
  6. A

    Where I Watch: Ring of Honor's Honorclub library (wrestlepack)

    Okay, the fun begins. Suddenly finding myself an employee of the county and with a steady paycheck, I decided to expand my wrestling library and became a member of the Honorclub (am I the only one feeling like they missed out by not calling it the Honor Society?). I have kept my ear to the...
  7. Regis

    [Wrestlepack][Let's Play - Original Choose Your Own Adventure!] Pushing Too Far - A Booker's Adventures

    Word, Wrestlepack. So, original CYOA stuff has been done well on Other Media before. All well and good, but why this? Why now? Well, take a look at this: Slammed! A wrestling-themed Choose Your Own Adventure game. Check it out, it's available on Steam as well, but after playing it I wanted...
  8. Peers

    [Wrestlepack] Ongoing Wrestling Discussion Thread X - Pac

    This is an example of why I hate Internet reviews. Watching the show live, I had a blast and was thinking it was probably the best show they've put on all year. I go online, and people are complaining. I mean... I just don't get it.
  9. Montegris

    [Wrestlepack] Recommend me great matches!

    As I mentioned in The One Phil's WiW thread, I've recently developed an understanding, and to a certain point, appreciation for professional wrestling. Little by little, I'm checking out some of the best classics out there, but here's where I turn to the wisdom of the wrestlepack. So, recommend...
  10. L

    [Wrestlepack/Draft] BOBBY HEENAN MEMORIAL DRAFTAMANIA IX!!!!!!!!!

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Draftamania is running wild! Even if you're a returning participant, I highly recommend everyone read the OP. Most questions will be answered. Let's take a look... What's Draftamania? The setup – Say the current wrestling system just exploded. No more...
  11. L

    [Wrestlepack] Ongoing Wrestling Discussion Thread IX - ARMBAR!

    Thread is new. Title is terrible.
  12. Count_Zero

    [Wrestlepack] Fire Pro World Announced

    Spike Chunsoft has released a trailer for a new Fire Pro Wrestling game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTjfkQlql2g There is a lot that looks good here - we have sprite character designs instead of polygonal characters - the animations look right, we have tag moves and some of the classic...
  13. E

    Money In The Bank Reaction Thread [Spoilers]

    I just realized I was just posting my reactions to the PPV as they come, so instead of doing that, I'm just going to make a thread for it. . . . . . . . . . This is the first time I've actually seen Baron Corbin work. I'm already unimpressed.
  14. Wakshaani

    (Wrestlepack) Ongoing Discussion Thread X-8: Realest guys in the room.

    Not quite the title that we'd chosen, I don't think, but since the last thread ends with good news about Enzo not being crippled, I figure that a little hug to him via thread title's acceptable. The last thread hit 5000 posts, so, time to ring the bell on that time-limit draw and restart the...
  15. Yo! Master

    [wrestling] Wrestlemania 32

    Is this coming Sunday! Card: + Pre-show: André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal - Battle Royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy (Announced participants: Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Big Show, Kane, Tyler Breeze, Goldust, R-Truth, Darren Young, Mark Henry, Konnor...
  16. S

    [WIW] [Wrestlepack] The incomplete history of Smoky Mountain Wrestling

    For anyone who doesn't remember (or, like me, was on the wrong side of the world to be receiving any footage of it) Smoky Mountain Wrestling was the brainchild of everyone's favourite angry man of the business, Jim Cornette, after he left WCW in a fit of being Jim Cornette and hit upon the idea...
  17. L

    [WrestlePack/Draft] Draftamania VII!!

    This year I find myself with less free time than in years past, so I'm taking a trick from Coyote's Own in other draft threads, and posting this a week in advance. This will give people more time to notice, and me more time to answer questions as needed. Last year was... less successful than I...
  18. @

    [WrestlePack] Ongoing Discussion Thread X-7: The One Where Austin Turns Heel

    Fallout from last night: I'm enjoying the PTP/New Day feud more than I thought. Rumors abound that someone's going to join the Wyatt Family to fill in while Rowan is injured. Who would you slot in there?
  19. L

    [WrestlePack/Draft] DraftSlam 2015!

    With thanks to Egyptian, who came up with the initial concept and didn't complain when I totally took it over. This is not Draftamania. This is more like Draft-Summerslam. (Hence Draftslam.) Draftamania is when we put together as near to our perfect promotion as we can. This is sort of the...
  20. D

    [LTTP] The Wrestler or, "Watching it as a Professional Wrestling fan is interesting."

    Hey, I just finished watching THE WRESTLER with Mickery Rourke for the first time and I've got to say this is a really heart-breaking, tragic, and yet enjoyable film which speaks to a lot of people in the audience no matter the profession. I've got to give it credit for getting a lot of...
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