1. Phil Said

    [WIW] Every PPV on the WWE Network, start to finish

    So I'm a long time fan of wrestling, but being as I'm from the UK that pretty much means WWF/WWE. I saw my first WWF TV in 1990 on Sky One and became instantly hooked. The dawn of the WWE network has given me the chance to revisit a lot of great stuff. Its also given me the chance to look at...
  2. L

    [WrestlePack/Draft] Draftamania VI!!

    It was recently brought to my attention that I may be out of town this weekend, which might present problems in Draftamania kickoff. To minimize said problems, I'm opening the thread early. Signup and all questions here from now through the weekend, with drafting kickoff sometime Monday morning...
  3. L

    [WrestlePack/WIW] Portland Wrestling, 1977-1984

    While the general discussion and youtube threads are both fun and, I hope, educational from time to time, I wanted to put something together which went into a little more depth about a specific time or place. After some input, I went with Pacific Northwest Wrestling. It's a territory I'm...
  4. L

    [WrestlePack] The Youtube Thread III - WHATAMANEUVER!

    Please continue your posting of the pro wrestling videos, and discussion of same, in this space. All video services are welcome.
  5. L

    [WrestlePack] Ongoing Discussion Thread VI - Six Man Tag

    Continue your ranting and such in this spot right here.
  6. L

    [WrestlePack/Draft] Draftslam!

    With thanks to Egyptian, who came up with the initial concept and didn't complain when I totally took it over. This is not Draftamania. This is more like Draft-Summerslam. Draftslam. I should have thought of Draftslam an hour ago. Draftamania is when we put together as near to our perfect...
  7. Yo! Master

    [wrestling] the Wrestlemania XXX thread

    A thread dedicated to the event itself, spinning from the current ongoing general wrestling thread, for ease of reference. Let's start with the card (pretty much close to the final one, if not it): - Pre-Show - The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) vs. Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando) vs. The Real...
  8. L

    [WrestlePack] Ongoing Discussion Thread V - We Have Til Five!

    Continued from here.
  9. J

    [WIW] National Pro Wrestling Day 2014

    Well, it should be starting in a bit. A free, top quality indy card is nothing to sneeze at. And I hear the crowd. Let's start. I've missed Gavin Loudspeaker.
  10. Yo! Master

    [wrestling] Your best (& worst) of 2013?

    (Outside the general thread, to give it more focus.) 2013 is done. And (from what i gather, since it's the first year of wrestling i've watched from start to finish) it involved some fine fine wrestling, some mixed storylines, & poor sad TNA. What would you rate as your top things, in...
  11. J

    [Wrestlepack] The Chikara Project

    I like Chikara. I first ran across the little promotion that could back around '09, when I was starting to get interested in wrestling again after a ten year lay-off. At first I was just looking up golden-age All Japan matches involving the Four Pillars and the Elite Gaijin murdering each...
  12. L

    [WrestlePack] Ongoing General Discussion Thread IV - By the WrestlePack, for the WrestlePack

    A Horsemen reference AND a War Games reference. Continue your pontificating, soliloquying, rapping, wooing, hanging, and banging here.
  13. B

    [WrestlePack] Okay, you got me. Recommendations and questions

    Hey gang, So, as a laugh, I was streaming a documentary called Top 25 Greatest Pro-Wrestling Rivalries on Netflix. It started out fun! I really like seeing the older stuff, from the beginning of the sport. In fact, now I'm hooked! I, like most kids in the 90s, had a great time watching it for...
  14. L


    This is the in-character thread for the OM-NWA pro wrestling play-by-post game spawned by Draftamania 5, as seen in Other Media. All shows, results, interviews, and other in-character writings and actions go here.
  15. L


    This is the out of character thread for the OM-NWA game spawned by Draftamania 5, as seen in Other Media. All out of character discussion, planning, plotting, dealmaking, and so forth belongs here. Draftamania 5, thread one. Draftamania 5, thread two.
  16. L

    Draftamania 5 part 2

    Old thread here Moving onto limited dates now.
  17. L

    [WrestlePack/Drafting] DRAFTAMANIA 5 - The Wrestlepack EXPLODES!

    I probably look like kind of a dick posting this when I just dropped out of one draft and theoretically belong to another that's just kind of limping along, but we've been talking about it for months and I have actual ideas for this, so... Here. We. Go. I'm talkin' about Draftamania, young...
  18. L

    [Wrestlepack] Ongoing General Discussion Thread III - Triple Doom of Terror

    Old thread is old and too long. Time for new. I went offscript on the title. I'm SHOOTING! Fill with your discussion.
  19. Wakshaani

    This week on RAW. (Wrestlepack)

    Ongoing wraslin' talk about Raw, with spoilers, obviously. So, we start with this week. July 22, 2013. The Gauntlet Match with Daniel Bryan is all kinds of fun, but know who would have been more fun as teh #3? AJ Lee. Or maybe Hornswaggle. "How bad do you want it, Bryan? How bad?" *then*...
  20. Yo! Master

    [wrestlepack] The ongoing wrestling discussion & general chatter thread #2 - 2 out of 3 falls

    The idea of this thread, then, is for the weekly grind of wrestling TV shows, other unfolding bits of sports-entertainment, & whatever general chatter on all that - be it WWE, TNA, ROH, whatever. And it's a continuation of the #1 one. (which took only 2 months & change to max its 1k posts, wow)
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