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  1. JJ Hall

    [WIR] X-Men II: Focussed Totality Is A Song Within Her When Ah'm Blastin'!

    Link to the first thread. August 30, 1983 At the movies: On the radio: Magik 1 of 4 We open on Illyana watching the sunrise outside the mansion on the day she turns fourteen. She reflects on how half her life she was a prisoner in Hell, 'where I was consort to a devil,' and what that...
  2. M

    [comics] Marvel Unlimited - how are they on 90's X-books?

    So, I've recently discovered the rather fun "Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men" podcast, and since recent episodes have covered a period from which I own most of the comics (the early Mutant Genesis era), I've been enjoying reading along with them. However, they're close to reaching the point...
  3. Bellerophon

    [Recruitment] The Uncanny X-Men (FASERIP)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAkL2-vh2Sk Hello, True Believers and Children of the Atom! After a few years break from my (and many other awesome collaborators) Avengers game, I'm back and ready to launch an X-Men game. If you're curious of what sort of tone I typically go with, please do...
  4. Bellerophon

    What elements would make up a perfect X-Men One-Shot? (details inside)

    So, for my birthday party every year, a group of my friends and play a one-shot session of an RPG, pre-made to be able to just jump right in. It usually matches the theme of the party (I'm a birthday-zilla, sue me). Last year's was Star Wars, for example. This year, the theme is X-Men...
  5. moondog548

    Deadpool 2 Official Trailer

    EDIT: Oh I guess I should say this is quite certainly NSFW :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D86RtevtfrA This is BULLSHIT! I already was gonna see it ASAP, now I need it sooner than that!!! :mad:
  6. JJ Hall

    [WIR] X-Men: The Strangest Super-Heroes of All!

    Hey everyone! I'm going to read X-Men comics in this thread! I'll start from the very beginning and try to go through everything available on Marvel Unlimited up until the Nineties. I'm told they get really really bad that decade, plus all X-books through 1989 is a big enough project by...
  7. Quasar

    Logan Noir

    So I missed seeing Logan, but its had a home release here including the B&W edition Logan Noir. Now to decide whether I should see Noir as my first experience of the film or not. Anyone know much about it? Is it a different cut?
  8. T

    [Legion 1x07] Chapter 7

    Well, this has been a fast ride. We're already at the penultimate episode. Also, Aubrey Plaza needs all the awards. Thank you. Here's the usual reminder for how we generally do spoilers. Spoiling past episodes is fair game. Please do not post any spoilers for tonight's episode until after it's...
  9. T

    [Legion 1x06] Chapter 6

    Hey, for once they gave us a synopsis that sort of gives us an idea of what's going to happen! ;) Here's the usual reminder for how we generally do spoilers. Spoiling past episodes is fair game. Please do not post any spoilers for tonight's episode until after it's original airing ends at 11:00...
  10. Qwa'ha Xahn

    [Logan] [Spoilers] Who's seen it?

    Thought maybe we should have a spoiler thread for this film. My raving, barely coherent praise review up soon.
  11. T

    [Legion 1x04] Chapter 4

    We continue our streak of the most uninformative episode synopses ever! ;) Here's the usual reminder for how we generally do spoilers. Spoiling past episodes is fair game. Please do not post any spoilers for tonight's episode until after it's original airing ends at 11:00 pm EST , and if you...
  12. T

    [Legion 1x03] Chapter 3

    I'm still very impressed with this series although I have to admit the tonal difference between the first two episodes was jarring to me at first. The premiere was one of the more trippy things I've watched that maintained coherence, and the second episode was one of the tensest episodes of a...
  13. T

    [Legion 1x02] Chapter 2

    Apologies. I forgot during a rather insane day at work that I decided to have weekly threads for this! So last week was a trip, right? I'm hopeful the series can keep up the momentum, and I'm wondering just how much is actually in his head and how much is actual reality. So far, though, it's a...
  14. T

    [Legion 1x01] Chapter 1 (SERIES PREMIERE)

    Okay. I would love to see if we can have a weekly thread for this series. This is a character I've always found to be fun and intriguing in the comics, and the television series has the added bonus of Noah Hawley as showrunner. If you've watched Fargo, then you know that's a good thing. The cast...
  15. P

    [Marvel][Rant]Death of X

    Okay...so...that happened. Death of X was an Inhumans X-Men crossover miniseries meant to take place at some point during the six month time skip between Secret Wars and All New All Different Marvel. It was supposed to be big because it was about the Terrigen Clouds and the discovery that they...
  16. Anwar2

    Marvel: Twisted Image

    Hi, I've been thinking about this for a while but the whole "Dr Doom is the new Iron Man" thing got me thinking about what if there was a full-fledged AU about a darker Marvel world where the usual heroes (Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, etc) were different people altogether...
  17. prankster_dragon

    X-Men Apocalypse - I've Seen It [Spoilers]

    My girlfriend and I caught an early afternoon showing and just got home. The showing was moderately busy for the time of day, and we both came away satisfied with the film. I've not read any reviews so far but noticed a 2/5 rating in one newspaper left on the tram on the way there. The Good...
  18. metalman42

    [Any System] X-Men setting material?

    Hello all! I'm gearing up for a Savage Worlds super powered one-shot, and I was thinking I'd use the X-Men as the setting and characters. I'm looking for a good place to get the in-universe stats to base the SW write-ups from, and setting info like maps of the X-Mansion, Genosha, stuff like...
  19. Kaemaril

    ISTKOTOM : State of the Mutants?

    OK, so I more or less gave up on comics around about the whole X-Men vs. Avengers thing. Now I've decided to get back into the ol' Mutants thing again, but ... What the heck is going on with it? A friend of mine attempted to explain things and just left me befuddled. There's been some kind of...
  20. B

    IC ICONS - X-Men - Year One

    The shades of classroom B-2 were drawn, and the room was lit only by the soft bouncy glow of a hologram of last evening’s news projected next to Professor Xavier at the front of the room. Light from the hologram flickered off his smooth head as he sat in his wheelchair facing the students. The...
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