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#1: Ten Ways to Torment Meddling Heroes without Ending Their Pathetic Lives


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A nice article with decent caveats and elaborations thrown in.

My personal favorite out of that list is the temptation option, largely because it can give you very unexpected results. I once ran an ad hoc sci-fi campaign that was fairly mediocre until the current villain with very large resources and a galactic empire at their disposal captured and offered the PCs a job if they would kill their current NPC revolution leader-type friend, who had been captured at the same time as the PCs, in a display of loyalty.

Pretty much without skipping a beat, they agreed that they'd always wanted a job in a galactic empire and shot their friend in the head.

These weren't psychotic combat-monster style gamers either. It was a genuinely surprising result which resulted in a very different campaign following that which they still talk about after a couple of pints...

I suppose the only thing I would warn against is that a GM shouldn't assume an outright rejection of the tempting offer as I did.
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