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1001 Random Goblin Traits

Don Coyote

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I love goblins. Just love 'em. I've run whole campaigns where goblins have been the only monster.

I'd like to have a bot of variety though. I'd like to have each of the little buggers unique in some way by rolling on a huge table for each one that appears.

Wondered if you'd like to help?

1) a disproportionately large head
2) big ears
3) small ears
4) massive nose
5) tiny nose
6) no nose! ("that goblin has no nose!" "how does it smell?" "terrible!!")
7) very long legs
8) pot belly
9) excessively hairy
10) exceeding tall
11) short and stout ("Why, it resembles a teapot!")
12) bald as a coot
13) vestigial tail
14) a surfeit of fingers on each hand
15) an unusual colour
16) smells vaguely of cheese
17) huge feet, almost like flippers!
18) one leg longer than the other
19) Piggy little eyes
20) Horns like a (1d4 - 1 = cow, 2 = goat, 3 = stag, 4 = unicorn)


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A face on one shoulder.
Digitrade legs.
Unusual coloring (1d4, 1 = purple 2 = lime green 3 = bright orange 4 = maroon)
Unusual coloring, only on one body part (same roll as above and an additional 1d6, 1= hand 2 = head 3 = foot 4= whole arm = 5 = whole leg 6 = stomach)

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• hooves
• clawed fingers
• enormous earlobes
• forked tongue
• long tongue
• arms so long it can walk on its hands
• prehensile feet
• huge eyes
• vestigial wings (d4 - 1=bird 2=bat 3=butterfly/moth 4=beetle)


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39) Droopy nose tip, hangs below its chin
40) Droopy throat wattles
41) Left upper fang protrudes, while right lower fang protrudes
42) Startlingly long eyebrows
43) Brightly coloured irises
44) Extensive tattoos
45) Extensive scarification or branding
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