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ūüé® Creative [1001] Things to ride that aren't horses.


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101) Palanquin? That been mentioned yet??
I don't believe so. Of course, it's also easy to combine with some of the other concepts, so variants like

102a) a palanquin carried by clockwork bearers,
102b) a palanquin carried by untiring skeletons, or
102c) a palanquin carried by actual "higher-ranking" undead like vampires or some takes on mummies

are also easy to come up with once we have the basic idea in the first place. :)


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106) Ground-effect vehicle powered by air elementals
107) Ground-effect vehicle powered by earth elementals (they punch it into the air)
108) …by water elementals (jets of water, ala Super Mario Sunshine)
109) …by fire elementals (magic rockets!)
110) …by metal elementals (magic magnets!)
111) …by love elementals. ("Wait, how does that even work?" "The power of love can accomplish anything!")
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