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I disagree with the idea that worlds that don't have sapient beings on them are less likely to exist. If anything, I think that there are infinite alternate worlds and timelines and planes of existence and dimensions and universes/multiverses/omniverses, of which a stupendously large portion of them are "empty" of all life, and of the smaller remaining portion, there are a stupendously large portion of them that are "empty" of complex life forms (multicelled organisms), and so on and so on, such that the worlds that actually host something faintly familiar to our world in any way are an infinitismal percentage of the total. Having said that, dividing infinity by any percentage at all above zero, leaves the number of those types of universes as... still infinite.

Please note that this is just my different take on the fictional trope of alternate universes, and not an attempt at a serious discussion of "quantum" or something.

With that in mind, lets throw in a few extra ideas:
22 - The endless desert of Earth.
The world simply never formed the way ours did. This universe is one in which the third planet of Sol was an uninhabited dustbowl with an atmosphere that would be toxic to any homo sapiens from other universes. Travelling to this universe and then exploring other planets which your home universe has as Earth-like worlds will reveal that they are all similar.

23 - FT126
This world is an enormous ball of ice in roughly the same position as Earth is in your home universe. The sun is not there, nor any other sign of your solar system. Just a great big ball of ice that happens to be travelling through this empty patch of space for the next several thousand million years.

24 - Cassandra
Named by druids who sometimes tap other planes of existence for elemental power in places where their home universe cannot provide it. This is an Earth in which only algae ever evolved. It seems to be a world of lush, green seas and no land.

25 - Super-nova 456-Blue Moxk
Named by a transdimensional scientist of another universe (neither this one nor your home dimension), this universe holds a Sol that has already reached supernova. Good spot for Kryptonians on a daytrip.


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In your *verse you can have what you want.
In my *verse, it...
1) eliminates frequent NID (near instant death events) of the "transfer in and then die" for players (thus reducing the need for space suited players, wind ups (a fringeworthy thing), or boring protocol things - so you can't just explore, you can only go to worlds that someone else had contact with, etc, etc). This goes big time for waunderers games, where travel is random much of the time. (Your example worlds would have a 50% death rate upon transfer for most people if they couldn't transfer right back out within a turn.)

2) reduces the VLN (Very large number) of worlds to just pillage for resources without responsibility. (There are a dozen or so Jurassics, instead of billions of them).
2b) If you are doing survey work, it keeps your players from going... "yawn.. another dino world" or "oh, another cold rock, I make my vacc suit check."

3) ensures that most spheres are "adventurable" with people to deal with and maybe animals you have to deal with.

4) Oh side note: there are worlds out there that are lifeless or different (hence if they are sufficiently different from homeline, they show up), there is just not a VLN of them, just one or two of a type.

5) is true that every place has a story, a reason to exist. (This is more for playability, but the logic goes - if "actors" generate delta in event stream and there are fewer actors it infers less delta. Note actors are not always people or even animals/ butterflies, space rocks can be actors)

Again, your *verse will very

One last things... Since we are not playing Cadillacs and Dinosaurs or even Primeval where pretty much every encounter is a dinosaur/ monster. It just helps for encounter/ scenario variety.
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26) Talnith
Icosi/ Warp One Red Square

Warp Storms occur where there is a too much isonic and counter-isonic energies in a local, usually in the vibration range of wind or weather. Warps will create linkage between other warp zones of the same vibrational range. Things will be sucked into warps and spit out at the other warp (or sometimes hijacked by a warp anchor somewhere between).

Talnith is a sphere in the sector 3. It counts as a sphere being a contained solid, but it is not a sphere. It is definitive shape of an isohederon (or 20 faced solid). The edges are fairly sharp for the size of the sphere (1.1x volume of a standardized planet). Each facing has an emphasis of a given eco-biome.

Long, long ago there was a Cornith-esk culture here. However, the presence of the warp storms (and being "on the track" to the Grand Void) things appear here all the time. Given the icosi mode, it tend to bring whole sections of other worlds to Talnith (either transfering them directly or isconic echo-copies manifest here in whole). Thus there is a constant infusion of new societies/ towns/ forces. They can be form (standard), Animorphs, or Norbin from any culture set.

As one could guess, these new cultures don't always get along with their neighbors. Thus there was always a battle or war going on somewhere on the isohederon.

This is what makes it so appealing to Arcmex, the ruling Cosmar. (Cosmar are cosmic entities, infused with reality-altering cosmic energies. Cosmars tend to personify ideas/ abstractions/ professions/ calling. ) Warfare is a common Cosmar ideal. Arcmex is one of the cosmars who are "Battle orriented".

Arcmex "referees" conflicts - keeping things from getting out of hand. Arcmex will also curate conflicts, ensuring the "right kind of forces" arrive via warp storm. Thus various battle situations are expressed and tested. ("Oh, Romans vs Samurai in a wooded battlefield? Let us see who would really win. Oh lets see if early modern cavalry vs traditional riding people on plains will work out like it did for Custer. Cat people vs Wolf People? This should be fascinating."

It is a place where armsmen go to test themselves or military scholars go to watch "live fire tests" of various kinds of conflict. Sometimes you just arrive, as a warp storm sphere will often suck you in if you get caught by one.



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27) Adoc
eArth/ Bidos (Sector 14)

Not every sphere is based on The 22 Cores. There are some slices where other worlds are the anchors of all, even if there is never (or seemingly will never) be a slice oriented society present.

Aldoc Slice ways change some of the biologic functions. (Note image above) This sphere is roughly an eArth World (the core world that Earth is a prime alternate of), but in a different solar configuration (Sol V) and roughly 250 Million years forward from the common present, where the tectonic plates have assembled a supercontinent (a neo-pangea and some odd bits and pieces). (Point of Curiosity: this is one of the few alternate eArth lines that are not Earth.) As a note: it is in a non-glacial period, the seasonal water level rises a good 60 feet.

None of the local animals are more derrived than insects (the local piceans (aquatics) are from protoinsect stock). There are mammals, birds, reptiles, and saurian of a pedestrian nature here. They obviously have come through the gates. Still after 18 or so generations, these animals die off because of the slice's biologic ways. The occasional infusion of new species helps.

Aldoc was a Forerunner world, with a number of Forerunner artifacts found there. (There is also a large number of Other artifacts as well.) The most notable of them are the various MoonGates built of Neutronium with GreyStone (meta hyperstone) bases and support. There are over 900 of these gate markers on the planet. Most of the Gates are closed all the time. Eighty three of them open from time to time. The others would require a D-Matrix or some form of TransD vibrational tool to open. There is some very ancient evidence that there were gardens and walkways here around most of these sites.

It is unclear if there is a way here or some kind of inhibitor device, but all travel to this sphere exits from a gate. Gate Designate Aldoc-1 is not open except to receive. The gate marks the location of a Joint Crystal and Ministry Research Base that is periodically inhabited. No device or technique yet discovered can transfer one off this sphere, so a gate point must be used. The Research base gives instructions on how to get to Gate Designate Aldoc 6, the nearest gate that opens more or less regularly to sphere in Society Space (a fairly uninhabited Terra). It is only a 660 kilometers away. (If you are lucky, the skimmer left here to get you there, has not been used by someone else.) You might find some aspects of a trail, but no one has yet to bother to make a road or waystations or anything.

If you want to add more Society:
There really should be a Gargoyle Population on this sphere. They will know when various open gates or periodic gates are opening. As a clan secret, they may know how to open these portals that are closed.

I think I would add some dragons. Since they are long lived, if not immortal, and do not subsist on just food, the protein life process problem of this slice will not really bother them. Given their "long term" and "more accute" perceptions of the *verse, Dragons and Gargoyle actually have more in common than most will give them credit for. Yes, they will quibble on the day to day (thus the problem with Rex and Obelisk politics). However, at their core, they have many similar agendas.

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28) Apros
Teree/Age of Keeps and Knights Norbin/Unicolor

This is a fairly standard Teree world with all the expected cultural norms (for the age of Keeps and Knights - swords, dueling, castles, and jousts).

The sphere is similar to a cell shaded sphere. The visual and textural details are limited here. (Thus the basics here look like Norbin (though with skin) with roundish heads and disproportional mouths and eyes. ) Physics can be a bit wonky and gravity is not as all pervasive as it usually is.

This sphere has only one color - white (so it has white to black). The Whites are not blinding true white and black is really just a very, dark grey. However everything is that degree of shading.

While the world looks "cartoony", it is just simplified and monocolored. That medium grey sword can kill you just the same.


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29) Degos Yellow Triangle
Negazone Inner sphere

Degos is an Inner Sphere that is in a "negazone". It is a hollow sphere with a dull red inner star. There is only one natural warp point, which leads to Otherwhen every 44 pulses (or 11 years) for one pulse. There are eight or so gate rings on the inner surface of Degos. Being a material, rather than isonic inner sphere, you can dig to the surface of Degos. The negazone void is a solid 80 degrees, has a psuedo atmosphere, tons of nebula lighting up the purple space. There are also clouds of anti-matter out here, hence the purple glow of space. Because of the clouds, space travel is dangerous.

All the stars in this negaspace gather material around them... they usually become sphere planets around them. Not all inner sphere are habitable, but a good chunk of them are.

Degos is a Ngoc clanworld, as are many worlds in this slice. The crust here is 22-45 standard miles thick. The Ngoc has nice thick tunnel network through most of the crust and many dug in/ carved out/ puebloesk cities on the "inner surface". Most of clanners here are Goblins (Shortish, pinkish, turned up noses, clawed fingers suitable for digging). There are a smattering of other digger species as well, including Gargoyles.

The cool jungle surface is full of mist, ferns (including great ferns), odd insects the size of a hand (which are common in negaverse areas), and Wolf Clanners.

Most Wolf Clanners here are proto-feline basics (humanoids of a general size). These are "tree cat folk", so they live in the great trees (many of which were imported here centuries ago), in areas full of swinging walkways, platforms, and "tree huts". (Note: The Chaa (cat folk) have very large eyes, to better see at night or in the dim red light of their suns.)

There are a lot of odd creatures here. Some have been transported via warp (the star pulse can generate warp weather). Some arrived via the city gate, most notably the dangerous ground rats here. A few are escaped Wolf preservation subjects and experiments. The insects here range in size from tiny mites to hand sized beetles. The insect ecology is somewhat "savage", thus there are small creatures with dangerous stings, exotic toxins, electroshocks, fireburps, acidic spit, and so on. (Hence why the tree cats are here... up off the ground.)

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30) Hidose (Microverse/Secturian-Hidose) (one Red Square)

Microverses are bubbles of actual reality embedded in the N-space regions/ films around a sphere or slice. They can only be access physical, though a miniaturization process. (The shrinking process eventually makes you small and harmonic with this compressed bubble of reality and you warp into it... growth rays (or de-shrinking rays... change your space/size... thus changing your harmonic and you are ejected (often back to the space).

Microverses seem like "realms" or quasi-realities. Microverses simply echo quantum and pre-quantum worlds, thus changing the galactic/ slice ways of space. Some generate a solar system like arrangement with electronesk planets and nucli as suns. Some generate planets that combine like molecules. Micro Spaces are often generally light (as the light quantum often leaks into the microverse), but some have pinhole suns where light leaks from the larger anchor slice and radiates in every direction. Note: "space" in a microverse are often habitable in terms of temp and radiation and sometime have atmosphere.

Note: They are often inhabited, usually with atomic rocket like societies. (Flash Gordon...)

Note: They often have Gargoyle analogs.

Hidose is a common world for this microverse, tricomponent - one large sphere with two smaller spheres linked by "connections". It is in terms of life, it is unique as most spheres are mono-ecologies. The ecology on Hidose prime (the large one) is fairly Earthlike and "in scale" is sized on a world about the size of Mars. Hidoes second -I is all ocean, Hidoes second -II is mostly rain forest. The seconds are 1/8th the size of prime. (Note gravity is still 1 G everywhere.)

The world is alive with Basics (which insect humans) with the ability of superior leaping and agility. Their monarchy rules prime and the seconds nominally. They have access to superior tech, but don't have a lot of it. There are some small tribes in the Second-II that are independent and dangerous.

Hidose is towards the end of its century long war of liberation against The cyborg forces of General Skatos. The Queen (once princess) has been freed from Skatos' grasp... and is being an active leader in the rebellion.

Note: The Generals/Admirals have taken over The Alliance (which jointly ruled the known microverse) and are dividing it up into small domains. Over the last few centuries they have expanded their control and intrigued against each other, as the cyborg process extends your life to effectively forever.


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31) "Earth" Vahalla Doorway (Charlemagne Technic/ Wotan Code 64 Gatepoint)
Power Octave High/ Psionics, Steam Ethos Way,

On this Earth, the Middle Ages in Europe saw the rapid growth of the Holy Roman Empire. The Germanic states were united and strong and proceeded through diplomacy and war to either annex or conquer the countries of the civilised world. Dominated by the Empire, neither England, Spain nor France developed as major powers and by the end of the 17th Century, the by Emperor Frederick X and his decadent court held sway over the entire globe.

But another power had been rising. The technological revolution started by Gutenberg and the Medieval Alchemists, and accelerated by the expansion of the Empire, had grown at an unprecedented rate. Science had become the new religion and the Futurist Renaissance was the movement of the people. The military coup, the execution of Frederick and the establishment of a dictatorship based on the principles of the Advancement of Science were inevitable, merciless and brief.

The effects of a world ruled by a scientific elite were dramatic. By 1800 John Dalton had perfected his Theory of Relativity. By 1820 man had landed on the moon. By 1850 world poverty and famine were abolished. Then, in 1881 Karl Marx proved the existence of parallel worlds and proposed an annotation system to designate different continua using his own parallel as a norm: 00-00-00, with 00-00.01, and 00-01-00 as the ‘flanking’ time streams.

This is when The Patrol stepped in and made contact. They brought this Earth into the fold of Society. It was limited contact at first, but eventually it became an open world. Especially once the concept of gateway and d-stress was explained, the locals were serious at holding "Their Ways". Over the centuries the dictatorship had mellowed into a benevolent one; in 1900 it was dissolved and the World government established. This world became a technologically advanced Earth to live in harmony with itself, freed of religious and racial dogma and maintaining ecological balance.

Earth 00 (what the locals will call it) is the key to entering a megaregion of spheres. In that megaregion 00-00 runs a patrol like organization called Vahalla Project and a super computer called Wotan. They are in conflict with the descendants of an Elder Race. The disruptors are changing things to fit their needs and looking for a megaweapon. (Megaweapons are weapons that make weapons of mass destruction look like playground toys. They destroy dimensional slices/ realms. Such activities cause such D-Stress the *Verse itself rocks when it is used (often folding in on itself and making a megaregion). Earth 00 is The Patrol's Gatepoint into this region, where they are quietly helping The Wotan System and the Vahalla Project Agents stop the Disruptors. If that weapon is used again, it will defold this cluster of Earths with damaging waves to all The *Verse.

Note: In this megaregion only psionics can pierce he transD barriers. Usually, the agents project consciousness to other worlds, but a few can traverse directly. Patrol Agents are using psicrystals and gate points to help them.
The Vahalla here uses their scrying abilities to assist The Patrol and Society in scouting The *Verse and pinpointing potential D-Stress generating points.
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32) Rarreko
Voidspace/Sky Islands/ Warpways. Forms- Dragon.

Rarreko is an open void realm that is so common in the lower regions of the *verse. Large open sky that slowly fluxes from light to dark. There are floating islands that can be flown too (which can be tough, so often you fly through a sluiceway/ warp path to get between the islands). On the islands there are magically constructed towers and warrens, plus a few spawning glyphs to create various pieces of wild life. The islands are mostly grasslands and odd geographic elements, but a few have been "gardened" to be more interesting.

The Grand Lifeform here are Earth Dragons. Technically, they are a form of gargoyle - ectomorphic dual elementals of earth and air, anchored to a stone faux-organic form. They are shaped much more like a Dragon. They are smart, just not brilliant creatures. (Technically they could claim membership in Rex or Obelisk.)

Rarreko is a Rex Clan Realm. Dragons of many stripes, elements, and forms, have found the skies here... with their floating game and the game on the islands to be a charming place to live. (It is hard for basics and even reptilian basics to live here, so it makes it "an exclusive neighborhood". There is one island that the lesser Rex live and do business for the Dragons.) Note: Appropriate magic can hijack a sluiceway or warp path between the islands and make it a warp portal to or from another sphere.

Note that the warp paths often spit out random things. Some things are food, some things are dangerous. (If they can't fly, well... they fall into the warp disturbed place between islands and... well either go somewhere else or just disintegrate.) Worms of power and even the occasional Elder Worm are sometimes spit out. (Most of those can dig through the matrix of space... so they can seem to fly.) The Dragons take it as a personal challenge and a test of their proper fitness to deal with the interlopers.


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33) "The Packs" Earth (Mason/ Dominion Canidvore Infection)

It is the late 1920s (Common Years for most worlds is somewhere between 1860 and 1920). It was a basic uneventful world until a few years ago. That is when the Packs occurred. It is an infection of some kind the doctors say. As it spread, Man's best friend became Man's biggest hunter. It is not just the Dogs, People too. Even Humans joined The Packs, becoming dog like people. Still it took some time for them to get everywhere, though they made sure to get into all the industrial areas. (Yes, The Packs are people intelligent.)

Away from the cities, there are fort town or still well armed homesteads. A couple even have gatling guns. Trucks and cars are rigged to run an alcohol, though you can get oil for parts. It has been four years now. Humans are slowly taking back the lands and the cities from The Packs. (Not everything military was lost to The Great War.)

Depending on where you appear, you may be slowly hunted by a Pack or carefully looked over by Human survivors.

----- --O-- -----
All inspired by this horror chronicle set up

The New Pack

The best start is in an smaller, isolated area, but where ever the characters are. The dogs are a pack of "now wild dogs" maybe infected with a symbiote or pathogen. It makes the animals "undomesticated", with no need to please Humans and loyalty only to the Pack. The Pack behavior is amplified, so they will work in a group. They are aggressive to Humans who have not been infected by the symbiote/ pathogen. They demonstrate Human level intelligent, the ability to highly coordinate their actions (some kind of language or a complex pheromone/ telepathic connection). This makes their attacking strategy very effective. In addition, the dogs of the pack seem to get bigger, heavier, furrier, and darker in color.

Humans infected by a bite take on aggression against other Humans, dog like behaviors, and will eventually fall in with the pack in a feral frenzy. They will eventually get a wolf man appearance, with claws, and fangs.

Eventually a pack will eliminate all the non infected Humans in an expanding area. Note they are trying to kill Human, not infect them. It is just those who get unlucky and are rescued have time enough to develop.

Somehow, a dog has been infected with the symbiote/ pathogen. This will quickly spread to a few other dogs. (Odd dog behavior will be noted for the last week or so before it goes "dramatic". Once The Pack starts against Humans, it will be a war. They will isolate out groups and take those down, then move on to the next group.
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