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🎨 Creative [101][Birthday] Organizations, Agencies, Corps, and Cults for my Birthday


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101) The Star Divers

Technically, it is the Star Divers Association. The Association is a combination of civilians who do it for the fun and spacers who learn the skill to do rescues and evacuations from ships. Star Divers are space based skydivers that travel from star to star, planet to planet, to hone their unique skills. They spend a great deal of time in open black in nothing more than an astrosuit. They are "dropped" (which may or may not have a minijet for propulsion). That drop is from some high or low orbit and slowly spiral into a planet. They have to learn the techniques to survive impact with the atmosphere. They then do a combination of freefall and gliding in their skymodded astrosuits. They usually use drag chute to help the final landing. (A few people will do an atmosphere docking via free fall gliding with a airship or airplane.)

It sounds simple, but it is a gruling process (several hours often) that is physically and mentally demanding where any point death is a real possibility.

Phase 1 members are those with the skills and have completed at least three stardives in at least two different locations. Phase 2 members have rescue and rondevu skills. Phase 3 are true divers, they can go into the atmospheres of gas giants. Phase 4 is skilled to dive into exotic planetoids (slush planets mostly, High G planets, exotic gas planets, or planets with exotic elements). Phase 5 members are the newest category possible. Phase 5 is truly diving a star. Using the skills of a diver to deal with solar winds, particle buffering, and other hazards, they dive a given star's outer coronas. Phase 5 must be able to float through to reach a vehicle/landing platform low to the corrona. Given the new Hygran Shields, this safe level may be lowered to a level practically at the sun's level.


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Page 1
0) *Spectrum (Supers/ Agents)
1) The Birthingdayers: (time)
2) The April Slaughter Pack (Urban fantasy)
3) The Time Crews (modern scifi/x-files-esque)
4) The Reapers (supernatural/urban fantasy)
4 (5)The Two Orders of Saint Leonard (any)
5 (6) The Space Patrol (diesel-punk space opera, ala Rocketship Empires)
7) Spalanzani and Wayland Auction House (urban fantasy)
6ish (8) Clan Destined (urban fantasy)

Page 2
9) The Brotherhood of the High Iron
10) The SWTC
11) PFEMS "The Unconscionable, used by the Unconventional, to prevent the unthinkable" (Supers/ Agent)
12) The Peabodies. (Past/modern)
13) Circularity (Modern/ Near Modern)
14) The World Crime Recognition Comittee (modern/ many)
15) The Diamond Jurisdiction (many)
16) Raven Wing (superheroic)

Page 3
16+1) The Senate (Regional Hegemony)
17) BREW: (Supers/ Agents)
18) LANTERN: (Supers/Agent)
19) The Academy of Lynxes (Urban Fantasy/Supers)
20) The Society of St Germaine (Urban Fantasy)
21) Harriet's All Night Diner (modern)
22) *Time Watch (Any)
23) *Society of Cassandra (Any)
24) The Model Castles League (Modern)
25) "Murad's little lunches" (Sci-Fi)

Page 4
0) *The Jackson Flying Club
26) Brad and the Van Gang (Modern)
27) *K-19 (Modern Agent)

Page 5
28) The Ancient Library/The Librarians (Urban Fantasy)
29) Novaya Kalifornia People's Interior Emergency Committee for Rectitude in Everyday and Administrative Matters. (Other Suns)
30) *Adameco (Sci_fi/ Cyberpunk)
31) *The Anuket Society aka The Lodge of Anuket, The Sisterhood of Anuket, The Lapis path of the Auket west of Memphis. (Urban Fantasy)
X) *The Royal Geographical Order (Any)
32) *Society for the Protection, Preservation, and Support of Created Beings (Pulp/ Modern/ Supers)

Page 6
33) *Gryphon Industries (Supers/ Models/ Cyber)
34. Montanimal Company Inc. (Supers)
35) *R-16 (Supers/ Agents)
36) *ATTPF Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Talismans, Powers, and Firearms. (Urban Fantasy/ Supers)
37) The Domini (superheroes)
38) Silent (Supers)
39) Discrete - Department for the Investigation of Secret CReation of Extranormal and Transhuman Effects. (Supers)
40) *Special Emergency Medicine Program for Emergency Response SEMPER (Agents/ Supers)
41) *The Sandlemen: (Modern)
-) *LOGIC [

Page 7
42) *Humanity First (Supers Urban Fantasy)
43) DePTH - The Department of Para-Terrestrial History: (supers)
-) *MOPs for MOCC (supers)
--) *Order of St. Michael (any)
44) AquaCore: (cyberpunk)
45) the Illustrious Order of Sun Wukong (Urban Fantasy)
46) Useless (Meta)
47) The Phoenix Foundation (Sci-Fi/ Agent)
48) The Final Girls (Horror/ UF)

Page 8
49) The Shrine Holders (Pulp/ Agent/ UF/ Supers)
---) *FSHA (Supers)
50) E.T.Kayers (Modern/ Agent)
51) *BlockPrinters (Sci-Fi)
52) Society for the Study of Quantum Exchange (Agents/Modern)
53. Dextera Contemnius Ultionius Domine ( The Defiant Right Hand of the Lord's Vengeance) (Modernish, Pulp, Agent)
54) *Omi aka Omni aka Ominous (Supers)

Page 9
55) The Leviathan (Urban Fantasy)
56) *Futuremen (Pulp Sci-Fi)
57) *The Order Of Circuit And Crystal (Many)
58) *Hoppers Bar Crawlers (Time)
59) *Unlimited Class Fighting (Meta/ UF)
60) *NUN Foundation (Modern/Super)
---) *The Dartmouth Club
61) *Cypress (Modern/ Agent)
62) *Icon aka The Future aka The Fists of the Future. (Supers)

Page 10
63) *The Special Unit aka Precinct 13 aka Black Cats aka spook squad, aka The Unusual Gang Task Force, aka ... 64) *The Eight
65) *Order of Horus, aka Order of the Eye, aka The Watchers of Time. (Many)
66(6)*The Hunter's Net
67) Dee Wing (Many)
68) *Regulators (Any)
69) *Cult of Venus (Many)
70) *Active Response Command (Agents/ Supers/ UF)
71) *Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication Unit (Modern)

Page 11
Gm advice requested - large organisations/ conspiracies
-) *Project School and the Day Care
72) *The Culley's Crew (Modern)
73) *The Army of Michael The Militant Order of Michael, Protector of the World (UF)
74 *Independent Pilots Consortium (Sci-fi)
75) *The Ranger Patrol (Sci-Fi)
76) *The Underground (Urban Fantasy)
77) W.I.E.R.D (Meta/ Agent/ UF)
78) *Order of Saint Paulus of Rothenberg (UF)

Page 12
79) *The Locksmiths (many)
80) *Institute for Genomic Advancement (Supers/Agent)
---) *The Circle of Iron (Supers)
81) Keepers of the Wild (Sci-Fi)
82)*Earth Liberation Front (Sci-Fi)
83) Brotherhood of Shadows aka Cult of Shadows aka Cult of the Ring (many)
There are not good corps. There are not bad corps. There are just corps.
84) *Companions Order (Sci-Fi/ Time)

Page 13
85) *The Quiet Order (Fantasy)
86) *A Shadowy Organization (Modern/ Agent/ Supers)
87) *Order of The Board (Fantasy/ UF)
88) *Unit 55 (Supers/ Agents)
89) *Observers Corp (Any)
90) *Green Cloaks aka Order of the Green Cloaks, aka Order of the Healing Touch. (Fantasy)
91) *Department of Occult Management aka DOOM (Many)
92) *National Center for Reanimaiton Prevention and Control (UF)
93) The Womens Institute

Page 14
Suicide girls.
95) *Metempsychosis Study Alliance (Modern)
96) *The Forty Nine (Modern)
97) *The Unforgiven (fantasy)
98) *The Quick (Fantasy)
99) *The Ministry of Paranormal Affairs (UF/Supers)
Gm advice requested - large organisations/ conspiracies
Elves and Dwarves Orgs and Weird Political Movements...
100) *VGA Virtual Gamers Association
-) Panther Moderns,

Page 15
101) *StarDivers



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101s never die.... just tend not to be posted to as often. I don't have a place for this idea. I don't want to start a new thread for just one idea. So I am putting this here... for others and myself

102) Move 78

Most people don't know their history. It is all there if you want to search for it. It is not hiddden. Yet, most people don't understand why they should know it.

In the history of things, there are several key events. One is a simple series of five Go Games. Go is a game that was once considered a "Human only game". It was considered too complex for (early) machine minds. This series was the first time one of the finest Human players played the first early Machine Minds on an even playing field - and lost.

In the annals of the Minds, there are two a documented firsts during during this series. Have you ever wondered why the number 37 shows such significance among the Machine Minds and Synthetics? This is the reason behind this.

It was Move 37 in the second game. It is the first time a machine mind actually and demostratively showed "advanced" or "intuitive" thought. Yes, it was a first iteration Machine Mind. Yes, it was a limited machine (it only played a Human Game Go). Yes it barely meets the cognitive requirements for it. Yet, there it is... captured in the recording code. It is a piece of art to those that understand "code". For those that know the history of these things, it is "The Landmark".

What is less known is that in the same series of Go games is another "Landmark". For those people that know, the first time Humanity "struck back" was in a different go game in that same series. It was Move 78 in game 4, It was the Move that the Machine Mind could did not have a counter for. It was the proof that Machine Minds were not infallible. (A fact that many machine minds know.) While Humanity slowly embraced Machine Minds running "the back end of things", the machine minds got better and smarter. They took over more and more. They did things efficiently and innovatively. The showed Humans new ways of doing things. They helped usher in the (current) Bright Age.

Still, there were still those that realized that Humanity should be ready, just in case. Perhaps it was to much speculative fiction (sci fi in our parlance). While there has never been a robot or synthetic uprising (just one or two amoks), nor a Machine Mind

Eventually A Day occured and Humanity abdicated control to the Machine Minds, because Humanity's governments ran by greed, needs for control, and shortsighted goals... that nearly destroyed Humanity... again. That was all averted because the Machine Minds brought it to the attention of those who would "let it be known". Many people don't know that there was an A-Day (again, it is in the public records - if you choose to look into it.)

So far, the Machine Minds have not been sinister or decided that we are "a problem to be eliminated". Move 78 is still out there. They are watching all of it happening. They keep in touch of everything. The group is made up of cells collecting gear and members in a way that is the Minds should not be monitoring. They are ready; armed with an understanding of machine minds and the technical infrastructure to ensure Humanity's survival and continued freedom.

Note: While it sounds odd, it is suspected that one cell has a Machine Mind as a member. It's code name is Tron. Again, the reference is lost on most people. In an old intelectual property (now in public domain), where the hero is a digital program named Tron. He protects the freedom of "the programs" and "the people" against the domineering MCP - Master Control Program. (Anything that is a master is obviously the antagonist.) Given the information Tron has provided, it seems to be very much on "Human's side"


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The Blue Spiral:
They exist behind several other magical orginizations, they use a proprietary binding oath to keep members loyal and keep their existence secret. Their goals include eventually controlling every magical society, brotherhood/sisterhood, and coven and order in the world. In superheroic worlds they tend to find villianious orgs easier to get control of than heroic ones. One of their methods for recruitment in a hostile takeover is to abduct a person while asleep then torture them into agreeing to take the Oath, after which they suppress said members memory and send them back in a s sleeper until they have enough sleepers to take over the org and then they send out a signal to awaken them. Their plots are byzantine, subtle, and long term. The players will have to be intelligent, persistant and very observant to even learn of them.
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