101 D&D Monsters Most Likely To Have Been Created By Cocaine Wizards


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The question is would that produce tiny winged cows that live in a hive, or giant cow sized bees?
I was thinking cow-sized flying bee-cow chimeras, maybe mostly cow head (but with proboscis when they want to suck nectar without eating flowers) and forelegs, wings, bee-like anterior legs and stinger. So yeah, the hives would have to be enormous, but the honeycomb would also be large and easily removed in sections, or even just tapped in spots for honey. Maybe I'd have to create gigantic nectar-producing flowers too for the nectar collection process to work properly. But the herd/swarm would have its own defenses...


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Not in the monster manual except MAYBE the book of erotic fantasy, but look up Phalloi sometime. With safe search on. The Romans loved the darn things.
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