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ūüé® Creative 101 fun things to do with necromancy


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We are talking classic fantasy necromancy that can do things as ridiculous as animating whole skeletons.

1) Controling your hair
It is made of dead cells after all.

2) Controling other peoples hair
The obvious next step.

3) Animating severed hands so they crawl around
Because, why not?

4) Animating two severed hands after sewing them together
So one can crawl while the other holds stuff for you.


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5) Animate Dead Computer
Using necromancy to animate tiny undead things (things like reanimating the finger of a pixie, for instance) then arranging those teensy little undead into a large array, where they can detect and respond to each other, providing a kind of binary switch (if finger points out = 1, and if finger curls up = 0) to allow a bulky but functional computer system made entirely of "recycled" biological components and magic.


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7) Sew a hundred hands together to make a massage chair.

8) Cuckoo clock made out of bones.

9) Animal furs are dead too. Throw a bunch of animated animal furs over your bed and you'll never wake up cold again, or fall out of bed.

10) Chorus of mounted animal heads to sing to you.

11) Self playing bone xylophone, duh.
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10) For anatomy class, animate the display skeleton (has to be the real deal rather than some sort of replica, of course, unless you can talk a friendly ghost into possessing that instead) so it can directly assist you in explaining which bone is which and goes where.


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16) Have a most unusual food fight. Gladiatorial combat between the cooked chicken and lamb chops for example.

17) Animate and dress up mice to perform skits and plays.

18) Use severed paws/hands that respond to requests for directions to point where the person wants to go.


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19)Animate leaves to make leaf monsters to play with and maybe scare your friends who want to jump into them.

20)Animate the forest floor for similar affects...


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21) Book the ghosts of performers past for post-mortem shows. Be advised that in between any gigs they may have in the world of the living and commitments in the hereafter the really big names may already have their schedules pretty much full, so some flexibility is recommended.
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