101 non-standard reasons for an alien invasion


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120) Poking a hole in the great filter
Alien psycho historians have determined, based on previous case studies, that humanity has an 85% chance of destroying itself within the next century. The have determined that the best way to avoid this is to provide an external enemy for humans to rally against. The invasion is precisely claculated to break down old social structures and to encourage the formation of a unified worldwide resistance. The invaders are horrified by the loss of life this plan will entail but steel themselves with the thought of the planets covered in radioactive ruins that dot the galaxy.

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121. To Earn A Rep

Despite being apparently primitive and divided Earth has somehow managed to successfully repel well over 101 alien invasions, thus gaining a reputation of formidability throughout space. Now a new rising empire seeks to conquer the planet, knowing that if they succeed where so many other powers have failed they would be able to cow the rest of the galaxy.

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122) They tourists taking pictures. And by "taking" we mean literally taking whatever or whoever the camera is looking at. Since their society is post-scarcity and constant backups they don't understand that the stuff and people will be missed.

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123) Those dang humans are just so awesome. The aliens simply must come visit, and they'll be literally falling over themselves, following humans around everywhere like loyal dogs, pouring their beer for them, eager for any pearl of wisdom that a human may impart. Of course, this is horribly confusing to the humans (not to mention that it also creeps them out a little), who just want to get the secrets of FTL and matter transmission. But the aliens just don't understand, and are too busy fawning over the humans to stop and actually listen. Which, quite naturally, only annoys the humans even more. Oh yeah, this is not going to end well.


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124) "Bring us all your turpentine and rubber!" - Alien Invasion Spacefleet demand from the pages of Fission Chicken...


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125. They are a true spacefaring race who have travelled between asteroids for millions of years. Their spaceships cant handle atmospheric physics do they instantly crash and fight their way out of this bizarre world.
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126. They're here to free the galaxy from human oppression. (Why they believe humans are the oppressive rulers of the galaxy is sequel bait).

127. (From the Conspiracy X setting). Humans emit a psychic toxin reaches further into space with growing population - with our population at the level it is now, it's wreaking havoc on the aliens' homeworld.


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128) We are invading them to make sure they can take care of themselves. We are applying a great deal of resources and effort to challenge them. They are projected to beat us, as we believe the psychodynamic models shows that Humans will have a spiritual/ emotional surge that will let them defeat our forces. This will keep them "on edge" enough to allow them to repel any incursion (or be scary enough that many forces will not even try). It may even galvanize Humanity to the next psychodynamic octave.

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129: It's just a prank, bro. They spied on our communications, and noticed how we play mean jokes or verbally harass our friends as a sign of endearment and put the cart before the horse. On a global scale, we bomb each other's nations then clean up for them all the time! This must be how human civilizations make peace, right?

130: They're just keeping the military industrial complex employed. Sucks to be that primitive civilization that got invaded on completely trumped up claims of aggression, but you can't justify all this military spending without some kind of war going on.

131: Do you know how LOUD those Voyager probes are? And you assholes shot TWO of them into deep space! Are those more probes flying around your system? Okay, we gotta put a stop to this right now.

132: Ever save your game in SimCity, then pop open the disasters menu and drop everything possible on your city just to watch it burn? Or kick over an anthill to watch all those ants scurry around? With sufficiently advanced technology, you can do this to entire planets! Look at those humans running around, trying to dig survivors out of the rubble. Eeeeeeoooww bshshshh!
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