101 non-standard reasons for an alien invasion

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A million years in the future, our species becomes the skurge of the galaxy, with the most advanced technology, AI, Transhuman bodies and immortality. We totally dominate every other species mercilessly, as they are nothing but insects to us.

A small force found a way to use a singularity to travel back in time, though not with precision. They came back to stomp us out before we reached the levels that would be able to repel them.

What they don't realize is that the fact that they came back and invaded, so traumatized us as a species that when we survive, we carry out the very xenophic actions they were trying to stop in the first place.


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135. Machines come here to help ups really ..all they want ( they are programed to/it's their religion) to pamper us, give us luxury, safety and no responsibilities.
They searched long for another sentient (in their mind it means techological) beings after their creators(or just previous wards) died off for unknow reasons (machines don't know or just don't comprehend reasons/process that caused it)
Of course initially Machines will have to understand our biology and culture so beginnings could be ..bumpy. They also have to build up industrial base in solar system and earth to properly take care of us.


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136. It’s actually that intergalactic marshals and loads of bounty hunters have finally located the criminal shapeshifter responsible for numerous deaths. This criminal has been in “hiding” on earth for the past 20 years. The issue is that the criminal has taken the identity of some powerful world leader (Putin, Xi, Trump etc. ) and the nation they lead is simply protecting their leader. Which causes other nations to assist and then it snowballs into all out invasion.


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137. They view our abandoned rovers and satellites as trash that was not properly disposed and have, therefore, sent an intergalactic police force to cite humanity. The police force's idea of enforcement, however, makes Judge Dredd look like a choir boy.

138. An alien noble's spaceship hit one of our abandoned satellites while coming out of hyperspace and either took at as a declaration of war or took offense and declared war on humanity.

139. An alien species, having seen broadcasts of our alien invasion movies, saw one movie where an alien species looked like them and took offense at how they were being negatively portrayed to the rest of the universe. Being a race that prides themselves on personal honor, they attack earth to set things right.

140. An alien fast food corporation has dominated the intergalactic "burger" market. However, visitors to Earth have, recently, been writing rave reviews about In n Out, The Habit, Five Guys, and Shake Shack and, now, aliens across the galaxy want our burgers. In response, the alien corporation has decided to make a "hostile takeover" of Earth for our burgers.
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141. They saw Notre-Dame burning, in Paris, and decided to send money for rebuilding. However they disagreed on the new style and now they want their money back...

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142. The aliens that everyone else thinks of as The Totality have no name for their own nation or government. Why would they? That would imply that there were, are, or might someday be other nations or governments, which is obviously ridiculous.

There have been many alien races who believe that they are destined to rule, or are the best choices to rule, or just openly admit that they really really want to rule, as much of the universe as they can manage. Only the Totality believe that they already do rule the entire universe; that they always have; that they always will; and, most importantly, that everyone else in the entire universe already knows this. The cause of this bizarre delusion remains unknown; it seems to be inherent to their species, and completely unbreakable. Pointing out the discrepancy only angers them. What's really disturbing is that they seem to know where everyone else is already, even if their records are otherwise complete nonsense.

This makes interacting with the Totality difficult. It would be one thing if they saw other civilizations as potential targets of conquest. That can be dealt with. The Totality see all other civilizations, and in particular their rulers, as traitors and rebels, and deal with them as such. Nothing less than immediate cringing subservience will spare a population from punitive reprisals, and even then they'll demand payment of back taxes dating to the dawn of sapience.

Guess who's next on their list?


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104-ish: Kardashev curve shenanigans. The invasion is about ego - a compulsive need to show superiority, to dominate, to hurt people who don't bow and scrape.

The invasion is one person.

Mind, even with AI enhancements and advisors, the Invader is just one person. They're nowhere near as smart as they think they are, and humanity stands a very good chance of being able to outwit them...

143. Sometimes an alien couple, fecund individual or polycule is in the mood for love, and need somewhere private to go - outside the system where their parent swarm is, so they've gone far enough away so they can't be seen by anyone important. Earth is make-out ridge for this galactic arm.

144. All the alien fortresses, gun installations and weird glowing monoliths are just theatre, designed to distract another alien civilisation - like wooden tanks or fake airstrips, albeit with alien technology.

145. One of our continents happens to be in the shape of the visage of their great philosopher-prophet - if you squint a bit. The current alien visitors are here for the kitsch factor, but their priests might come just to condemn it, and maybe genuine pilgrims too.

146. They're here to put up 'Lost Gnallplex' signs - if we see it, please give them a call as they're keen to get it back.


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147. Earth is in the way of an incomprehensible alien game. As far as we can tell, an unsuccessful invasion is the only way for the player to gain a perfect score, and move up the ranks.
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