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101 reasons why mages are persecuted


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91. All magic is evil. In order to become a witch (male or female), you need to sell your soul to the Devil and swear him loyalty, thus becoming his agent on Earth.
92. Unknown Armies: all adepts are so crazy fixated with something than reality itself bends to their obsession. Also, they have to perform degrading, harmful, and often illegal acts to fuel their spells....and every one of them would sell their own mothers for a major charge. To say nothing about what they normally do with that power.
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95) it's the beards and the weird clothes and the geeky secret knowledge, and moving into poor areas with their towers, pushing up the property prices...before you know it the shops that were bakers and farriers now sell artisan spell components and potions of healing that cost more than the peasants earn in a year...

They're hipsters
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97) Because mages spend all their time "disrupting" things. The social order, the weather, the cycle of life and death, it doesn't matter, a mage will come by and mess with it and make it "better" despite not actually understanding why things worked well in the first place. Somehow their justification of "screw things up quickly" doesn't inspire much trust either.

98) Mages make the surrounding area more and more dangerous as they gather. Banishing them makes sure that they don't reach critical mass and cause an invasion from hell or make the city fall into the sea.


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99 - Magic is limited to descendants of the first mages. They first thought that the ability would be lost if they tried to marry outside the circle, so for several generations they forced themselves and their children to intermarry, while conquering a large group of allied fiefdoms for themselves, eventually becoming something akin to one large, incestuous, family of tyrants.

While they worked out that the magical ability shows up in all children of mages, regardless of the other parent, it was too late. They had seeded several bastard mage children in the peasantry who helped their nonmage friends to overthrow the tyrants, who were starting to show the faults of inbreeding.

Unfortunately for the mages born outside the incestuous tyrant family, the reputation of magecraft has now long been soiled by a reputation for being inbred psychopaths.

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100 Because everybody knows that the natural state of the world is happiness, joy, success and contentment for us, the Righteous True People.

That things are notably less than perfect has to be caused by someone and that someone is the unrighteous Mages! They steal the good fortune intended for others! Every bad thing that happens to you is caused by a mage.

Fortunately, the caste of Wizard Hunters can always track down the mage and kill him, restoring your natural tranquility and good fortune. For a very reasonable fee.


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101. Because all magical effects are zero sum and the mages cant control where the opposite effect happens.. Youre sick child needs healed? Some other child somewhere gets sick as he gets better. The mage cast a fireball? An equal block of ice just appeared somewhere.


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102: because they persist in training any gifted child, not just the nobility, thus giving peasants the power to oppose our rule!

Someone was listening? What! I said because they are abominations before the gods! Who want to blight your fields!


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103) Because their power comes from summoning and binding ghosts into their service, enslaving our honoured ancestors for their own selfish desires and disrupting the cycle of reincarnation.


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104) The undead mindlessly soliciting alms on every street corner are cheating the more usual beggars out of a living...

105) ...And those damned mass produced golems are putting the city watch out of a job as well!

106) Would you really want your sister to marry a mage? Think of the children, not to mention all those rumors of extra-planar liaisons...

107) Elminster Aumar's scandalous hot tub parties!

108) The regrettable incident involving foolish young apprentices and abuse of scrying equipment to spy on members of the royal family.
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