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🎨 Creative 101+ Science Fiction and Science Fantasy Settings


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101+ Science Fiction and Science Fantasy Settings

In the tradition of

101 Supers Settings
101+ Horror Settings
[Nobilis] 101 Campaigns/Scenarios!
& my personal favorite
Those random game ideas you know you'll never use or develop, but are nifty anyway

I want a listing of 101+ Science Fiction and Science Fantasy Settings. These can be campaigns you have run, campaigns you are running, or (and the most likely) campaigns you would like to run.

Title – always nice. (numbering them would also be nice)

List the Setting: These can use existing settings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Third Imperium, 40k, In a published game setting, you can just like the game (Eclipse Phase or Blue Planet). You can utilize book settings as well (but link to the book please for those that don’t know it). These can be unique settings or locations (in which to set a campaign). Describe them in the campaign description.

The Campaign: This is those fun and juicy write ups. This is what are the characters doing inside the setting. Star Wars campaign where you are all Red Squadron, or a Star Trek Campaign where we are on a medical frigate, or… well you get the idea …

Listing the game system you sould use is also useful
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DOOP Space Cadets!

Set in the Futerama universe, the players are the space cadets behind the sens who save Zapp Branigans butt. They get the danger and excitement, he gets the glory.

Currently being played with Starblazer Adventures.


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2441 A.D.

The Navajos named this place the Sparkling Suns or Del-ya-hey. In the Navajo common tongue Delyahey translates as The Place of the Black God. Some of the Navajos believed that all tribes in North America came from this place. They believe they were actually descendants of a people from these stars, and that they had been given the task to keep the Earth safe.

Native Americans believed in the constellations, and created ancient star maps. Legend has it that the peoples were at the center of the Earth, or on Turtle Island. Beyond them was the sky, and beyond the sky were dimensional portals, or sky holes. Beyond the sky holes was an area that they call the Ocean of Pitch, where the beauty of the night sky, and the light of the galaxies spun out towards them. Beyond that were the boundaries of the universe itself, lost in the folds of utter darkness.

The early Dakota stories speak of Ti-Yami. A home of the ancestors as being within these stars. The ancient Indian legends said that when you die, your spirit returns south to these seven sisters. The Hopis called these stars the Chu-hu-kon, meaning Those who Cling Together. They considered themselves the direct descendants of these stars . The Iroquois pray to them for happiness. The Cree are said to have come to Earth from these stars in a spirit form first, and then became flesh and blood...

...So the legends say.

…It's time to learn the truth...


440 light years from earth is a star cluster about forty-five light years in diameter that contains approximately two thousand, five hundred stars in total. It is dominated by young, hot blue stars, up to fourteen of which can be seen from earth with the naked eye depending on local observing conditions.

The Pleiades Cluster is young, just over two hundred million years old, and densely packed with stars. In some places the radiation is too hazardous to even travel near enough to a star to land on a planet in the system. Plenty of hot highly radioactive Blue Giants stars can be found here. There are brown dwarfs too, and super young white dwarfs, many with orbiting planets.

The planets are young too. Most, if they even have an atmosphere, have an atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide, carbon, and volcanic gases. Most of the planets with an atmosphere have had the time now to form crusts, and oceans. And maybe life evolved on a few of these rocks. Intelligent life. That's what the Native Americans claimed. Most of the surveyed planets have sandy beaches, with sparkling blue waters, with a deep blue sky above, with enough water to sustain rivers and oceans. There is still many volcanoes though, and plenty of meteorite impacts. Sometimes fire from the sky drenches the planet in heat and fury on a scale almost unfathomable.

Some of the planets are composed of solid rock drifting in the magma like dark ice flows. With hot gases hissing from the cooling rock—carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor, and others, enveloping the planet in a scalding atmosphere devoid of oxygen.

Join the Maia Colony. You can try your luck at mining. Many of the boldest explorers have become wealthy for generations with just one trip into the cluster. Most have ended up dead though. If you are really lucky you'll get to pilot a transport or hauler.

If you are well-connected, you might even be posted within the colony on a Maia Colony team. If you have a patron, you might find yourself on an archaeological expedition, just to see if there is any truth to the ancient Indian legends. All the young planets here are rich in heavy metals, minerals, and elements.

The Earth Directorate is planning on establishing a new colony. Are you ready?

Are you up for the tasks and challenges that lie ahead?
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3) Echos of the Past

Setting: Poseidon/ Blue Planet

Echos of the Past is an all dolphin (okay mostly dolphin, but other uplifts are possible). The characters are a mix of Colonist Dolphins and New Dolphins (just off the drop ship). Thrown together by fate (i.e. a big storm), they form an informal pod. The drama for the campaign will come from interactino between the original colony dolphins vs the corporate/ GEO dolphins (news). There would be two main plots for this campaign. The first would be discovery of the aborigines changing humans and others. (Dolphins would be slightly immune to the aboriginal chemicals). Thus The Dolphins would be in the hard position to convince an unbeleiving administration or other humans that the native ecology is "fighting back intelligently".

The second would be the discovery of "spirit paths". These spots in deep currents, if you strongly echo into them, will take you to "other places". (This could be a side effect of the Long John OR just a feature of the planet's unique psychosphere). In these other places there will be new dolphin societies (a lost world in a cavern system (ala ECCO), perhaps a trip sideways to an alternate history, perhaps a trip into the far past or future. These would be based on the drives/ beliefs of the character.

System would be Blue Planet 1st Ed or Hero


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Grrrrr. Lost the post. I will repost to this one.

4) 12 OClock High, the Star Wars Edition

Setting is the Star Wars universe.

Who needs Jedis? Who needs the Princess, the Smuggler, or that Farm Boy?

We take them in the skies, we take them in space, and we take them out in the Bars (after all, we are pilots).

We do the real fighting. We are Gold Squadron. We take the fight to the enemy. We handle all those long range missions, dealing with military targets (and helping out the occasional rebel espionage cell). Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers? We have their ticket and are willing to punch it anytime they get on that ride.

We are Gold Squadron. They will dedicate a statue to us someday.

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Title: 5: Stargate Magellan

The Magellan Expedition

After finding details of an Ancient faction exiled to the greater Magellan galaxy, SGC given the go-ahead for another global expedition. Using the Ircarus planet, they dial out to the city-ship Borea, buried deep within the corona of a red giant.

There are more signs of Ancient activity here than in the Milky War or Pegasus galaxies, with the Ancients - the Boreans - taking a close interest in their successors. However, the team are faced with the Eldar (lit: warriors who fight with fire and 'God resides'), a genetically enhanced human culture without an ATA gene, controlling much of human space.

Although they are fighting to save the galaxy, they are also arrogant, aggressive people who see all others as weak and unable to take the fight. Because they see themselves as inheritors of the Ancient's mantle (they are led by a 'Living Saint'), they alone fight, taking the resources of other worlds for their needs.

The team are exploring the galaxy, looking for signs of Ancients who have remained or returned to covertly aid their children, as well as finding new technology.

The Campaign:

Spoiler: Show

Eldar are an oppressive race,much like the early Peacekeers from Farscape. They mean to do the best, but have lost themselves. They strip-mine any world they dominate and control any societies, as unworthy of freedom because they weren't picked to fight.

The Eldar are fighting a mechanical race called the Harvesters. The Harvesters are von neumann machines that spread across the galaxy, terraforming worlds for their masters - and aren't bothered if anything else happened to get there first. They are also attracted to high-tech societies, suppressing any potential rials to their makers' nascent empire.

Their masters fled their own galaxy and have no-where else to go. They are currently being grown in automated vats, with the first cohort to be decanted in a few years...

A human culture called the Volka have a dark secret, but they are were taught by Volkan, master of technoology and promoter of a scientific worldview. They may also know how to find secrets left behind by the Ancients to uplift those worthy of the privilege.


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6: Statistically Unlikely People, Exotics, and Robots Squad

The galaxy is a big place. Galactic society equally huge. The number of human alive today is staggering, let alone the various alien races, and beings (robotic or biological) that have been created. So, with the sheer numbers involved, it shouldn't be surprising that you start getting people who are... unusual.

The Squad might belong to a government. It might belong to a corporation. It might belong to a private individual. Whatever the case, every member is some kind of statistical fluke. A man who can't be hit by bullets, a woman who survives every fall unscathed, a robot who can always find a loaded gun when it wants one, an amorphous creature that can guess a combination lock's code every time, others with strangely specific and consistent luck. A strange team to deal with strange problems...


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7. Inceptum Terminus: Chronicles of the New Confederation

After a worldwide coordinated terrorist attack against the United States, Russian Confederation, and their allies, the federal and state governments in the United States collapse in the chaos that follows. Out of the ashes, the corporations take control and form the Corporate States of America. Each mega-corp controls a vast territory of land, people, and manufacturing facilities within their borders. Nine mega-corps control the government, land, and people of the former United States. They rule their corporate states for one hundred forty-seven years with an iron fist. A new era dawns when from the shadows, a small group of people began to throw off the shackles of domination using the rallying cries that spark off a revolution four hundred years ago.

The world of Inceptum Terminus is a dark, brooding world that explores many themes ranging from morality and ethics to the role of entertainment. Inceptum Terminus combines several genres into a cohesive whole in order to tell the story. These genres are post apocalypse, westerns, biopunk, cyberpunk, superheroes, and science fiction. At the center of all this is the characters whose every action and decision impacts the world around them.

Within the covers are nineteen new professions templates. The professions provide a cross section of life of the 23rd century from the corporate executive in the steel and glass towers of government down to the underground where the fugitives of society lurk. There are four templates for the secretive magick users that hide from the eyes of society. Magick is a dangerous tool to be of use by even the most well learned practitioner with the cost resulting in the loss of life or their soul. Eleven factions are present, with nine representing the Corporate States of America that rule the former United States. The New Confederation is a relatively new presence in society and being a member is treason. Finally there is the Underworld, the undisputed controllers of all contraband and illegal items. Cross them at your own peril. Every faction is in full detail covering their society and legal system.

Each faction fields not only the most destructive man-made weapons and vehicles, but they also have a team of superheroes. Written up is every superhero that is working for their faction with each team averaging five super-powered beings described in detail. They are ready to be played as player characters or can be used as NPCs. Also written up is equipment ranging from a plethora of firearms to security systems to cybernetics. A veritable armory is available to equip characters for their survival. Vehicles and their full subsystems for both offense and defense are presented. Being able to stay one step ahead is important on the deadly streets and in the unpopulated regions. Characters and GMs can choose from an entire fleet of vehicles ready to be used and customized.

Soon to be published by D3 Games in Q1 of 2011 for the Hero System Sixth Edition.


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8. Sigma Reborn.

Babylon 5. Remember the first mention of Sigma 957, the Travellers' homeworld? In a contested region between Earth and Narn space, rich in important resources. I've always been partial to it as the setting for a colony during the Crusade era: was Earth run, but having to find other ways to keep going once Earth is quarantined from the Drakh plague; a transfer point for materials and people involved in the rebuilding of Narn space; and of course, as the Travellers' homeworld, full of archaeological riches.

Characters might be colony authorities keeping a similar lid on a fringy colony as the B5 high-ups had to, and trying to keep it going in the face of the Earth Alliance's torqued economy (with a consequent upswing in shady types coming through). Or corporate/work types involved in the colony itself or Narn. Or archaeologists doing something more long-term than Suddenly Releasing Evil. Literalising the series' theme of building the future.


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9. Under The Hill

"From under hill and 'neath the bed
Good Neighbors come," the wise one said.
"So tarry not in twilit field,
Else soul and sense to moonlight yield."
A stolen kiss--thy fate is seal'd
Though mysteries be thus reveal'd.
Their fancy fills a young man's head
And old maid's dreams are nightly fed.
Nightly fed! In her bed!
"So tarry not in twilit field," the wrinkled wise one said.

This game is set many centuries hence, after nuclear war and global warming have turned northwest Georgia into a near-desert, in which what's left of humanity scrapes by, pestered occasionally by giant radioactive mutant spiders and the shining folk of Faerie. It's A Canticle for Leibowitz meets A Midsummer Night's Dream. They fight crime. It's a post-Atomic fairy tale, using Alternity in IRC and selected bits 'n' pieces of Gamma World. The characters had mostly PL3 (medieval) skills and knowledge, but one, for example, had a couple of ranks in Computer Ops.

The Knights of Purity wear white robes, and ride by night. :D

The Sisters of the Sanctuary of Ste. Mary Ann are surprised by the arrival, out of thin air, of Jack Nesbitt, a pseudo-hippie Vietnam veteran from 1979 San Francisco. Hilarity ensues as they try to communicate with the stranger, and prepare to enter the realm of Faerie. Since under the hood this is a fairy tale, I had each player come up with a heart's desire, a reason to enter the land of the Good Neighbors. I had each come up with a list of superstitions in which his or her character believes.

Rounding out the party, we had a psychic nun, a mutant assassin, and my wife playing a dude--a journeyman swordsmith.

We learned that the word "homies" is not universally understood, that passwords should be composed of upper- and lower-case letters and numbers, that even nuns may pack heat, that hippies never bathed, that the Professor and Mary Ann really were getting it on, and that Jerry Lewis recorded both "Whipping Post" and that damned piña colada song! It's the weirdest game I ever ran, and I had a blast even though we didn't get to finish it.

Game logs and more at: http://illyria.org
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