🎨 Creative 101 spells for urban fantasy?


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20. Overload. Overloads a targeted electrical device connected to external power.

21. Your Gun is Jammed. Jams a bullets in the receiver or magazine of the targeted gun. Note the gun must be loaded for this spell to operate.

22. Electromagnetic Pulse. An electromagnetic pulse spreads out from the caster destroying all non-shielded electrical devices.


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23. Actual Silencer. In real life, gun suppressors don't work quite as well as they do in the movies--but this enchantment does. Even a .12 gauge will make no more noise than a blowpipe if this spell is cast on it, with no loss of firepower.


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24. Hyperspace Magazine. A fairly basic bigger-on-the-inside spell that allows a single magazine to be loaded with up to three times the normal amount of shots (which must still be provided normally). One casting allows for one such full load only since once created the magical "extra space" provided shrinks again as the bullets are fired or otherwise extracted until it expires and the magazine itself is left nonmagical once more, but rumors of more permanent versions do of course exist.


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Hyperspace Magazine
25. Hyperspace Magazine - Stay up to date on the secret ways around the world with Hyperspace Magazine! Delivered every four hours by ninja, this exclusive periodical contains articles and guides on the magical passageways between every destination and every starting point in the world. If you have collected enough recent issues it's possible to get from the Tokyo subway to Ayers Rock in a matter of a few bus stops and a few transfers over an hour or so, or to disappear into the world's transport infrastructure for as long as you need. But the issues have to be recent, magical passageways are made and lost all the time, it has a 'half-life' of about a week, a month old issue is ~87.5% out of date.

Not available online. Not even a little bit of it is available online, it's protected by anti-copying magic, and you have to find and fight a ninja to get the subscription (check the back left pocket, lift the form during the fight or off an unconscious ninja, and then post it with a local stamp), and you have to be awake every four hours in a place that a ninja could get to, in order to sign for it. You won't get a delivery in the middle of a mystical battle, but you can get one in most jail cells, or in the middle of the wilderness, or while engaged in a car chase, or under the White House in a bunker, and it would be a fifty-fifty chance if you were in the space station.

Nobody knows where these ninjas are coming from, but they've been the bane of magical passage-makers for at least a century, giving up all their secrets almost as soon as they make them.


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23. Actual Silencer. In real life, gun suppressors don't work quite as well as they do in the movies--but this enchantment does. Even a .12 gauge will make no more noise than a blowpipe if this spell is cast on it, with no loss of firepower.
Does this spell have the nickname "Ayn Rand Special"?


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Stupid Phone: Incanting by insulting the phone you have. Phone will unlock (if not yours), battery power will go to 100%, and you'll get an addtional 2 bars during spell duration.

Anthony's Emergency Pizza: Upon cast, a single slice of almost hot, not quite warm cheese pizza (New York Style) will appear. Other versions include Gunter's Hot Dogs and Chun's noodle bowl.

Summon Medallion: Using an obscure hand guesture near a street will summon one of the many Mithril Medallion cabs in town. Otherwise, they stop for nobody.

Emergency Exit: A charm is placed on a door knob--preferably silver or gold, but really anything will do. By plugging it into a wall, a door will materialize for a few seconds to get to the other side.

Elwood's Automancy: Not only does it give the vehicle you're driving better handling and more hit points, it turns the car into a talisman, allowing your car to be able to cast spells. In many occasions, the vehicle falls completely apart once the magician has left the vehicle.


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31. ATM Pocket. Lets you withdraw money from any of your accounts straight into the pocket in question or, if desired, conversely deposit money from it. The account in question has to be legitimately yours, all usual conditions (fees, daily limits and such) apply, and as far as the bank's electronic records -- though not, it should be noted, any human witnesses or security cameras in place -- are concerned the transaction took place at the actual machine closest to your location that you plausibly could have used at the time; you just don't have to actually physically be there.

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32. Hold subway door

33. Invisibility to cameras

34. Control traffic signals


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35. Summon the Successful Advertising Invisible Pink Unicorn - Calls forth the impossible creature that is the "successful ad campaign"

36. Helpful Local - You bump into a friendly person who will help you get where you want to be by giving you good advice.

37. No Reception - The target must travel for at least 1km to even get 1 bar of cellphone reception

38. Battery Slayer - Devices that require batteries lose power.

39. Lithium Fail - Causes a single device with a Lithium battery to spontaneously combust.

40. Keyword Intuition - Allows you to find what you are actually looking for on the Internet, if the information actually exists, and isn't secured.

41. Summon Fatberg - Irrevocably blocks all local sewers for a month, causing a ghastly overflow in many instances. Great for emptying buildings.

42. Electronic Curse - The next 3 electronic devices you touch will fail in unexpected ways, requiring at least 3 hrs work to fix.

43. Find Bitcoin - Allows one computer with the appropriate hardware to actually find a single bitcoin within 1 hr of operation (as opposed to never).

44. Curse of Youtube - Triples your chance of catastrophic failure on physical challenges

45. 6 Degrees - Allows you to find someone helpful with a specific skill or ability you need within 2 hours of ringing friends.
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