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🎨 Creative 101 spells for urban fantasy?


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46. Halt and Catch Fire. Causes one computer or other device containing at least one microprocessor to fail by physically burning out the latter. You need to see the actual device in question (so simply targeting a person in order to randomly catch something they may have on or inside them doesn't work), but your line of sight doesn't have to be direct (so you can work via mirror or a live video connection).


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47)Cup-a-Super-Joe:works as Cup-a-Joe but the coffee is four times as concentrated. Not tasty, but it works.
48. Create Parking Space. Create an extra-dimensional space you can park your car in. The entrance to the space can be opened or closed by caster at will. You actually need to drive the car into the space. The portal remains stationary, which can create a problem if a physical object overlaps the portal.

49. Find Parking Space. Finds the nearest legal public parking space (including paid parking garages). No guarantee that the space will still be open when you get there.


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48)Chore Fairie Invocation: this spell is a ritual(despite the name, though it does include an invocation) that summons a fairie to do your chores for you. However, this has a steep cost. Either you agree to let the faerie summon you to do it's chores in the near future or you agree that this is also now it's home, which can be trouble of a different sort.


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49) Enchantment: Increased memory - a variation on the "increased space in a bag spell", it allows simple devices to hold tremendous amounts of memory

50) OCR - creates a magical digital duplicate of a paper or book

51) Hail - Increase the chance that a cabbie will notice you. it can also be used to be the person picked out of a crowd or be noticed in the chorus line.
51b) Hail Electronica - people will notice your uber/lyft request. It will also make your posts noticed in the rush and seem repostable. This can be scary if used while you have a dating sight app active.

52) Cloaked - the reverse of hail.

53) Powder Dry/ Wet. A spell from earlier days, but still known to be used from time to time.


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54) The Curse of Waste Management: A single address is designated as a landfill. Clearing up this inexplicable fuck-up takes a few days. A few long, stinking days.
55) Planning permission: For a short time a building you're in legally has an extra room. A small one that appears on no blueprint or floor plan.
56) Po-po: A police cruiser happens by.


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57) Cross Connect: it connects your communication device to another, even if they would be incompatible. My cell phone can now broadcast on police bands (or receive). Long ago it had a "legendary use" allowing a film camera to broadcast to local TV (but now it would need to be a digital camera).

58) Over exposure: Not what you would think it would be, it makes any recording image device has a realistically blurred view of the subject. So focus is a bit off, or motion jiggle makes it tough, or the lighting is off.

59) Glamourous ID: Cast upon an appropriate and truthful ID, it makes the person's ID appear as something else. So you drivers license and wallet takes the spell and you open it up and show a police ID and a badge. Handy for getting places you shouldn't be.

60) Spirit Bind. A small elemental spirit is bound to your phone or device. The spirit has excellent control of the device allowing you to do anything you normally can do remotedly. It also allows you to do mental contact or verbal contact with the device. You can mind send the spirit of your phone to "search for Phillip Strong MD, New York, New York, and the spirit will mind send you back the search results. It can also be used to send texts or what other feature of the device has.


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Hollywood Gun
Alder: "What kind of gun is that, Pritchart?"
Pritchart: "This? This gun's magic, man. It's the End-All-and-Be-All! It's the Ur-gun, the One True Firearm, the Platonic ideal of the handgun. This is every gun ever used by every hero in every movie ever made. It can shoot through schools. It's always got just one more bullet left for when you absolutely need it - and it never misses, because heroes don't miss. This is a Hollywood Gun!"

Power Level: 3*

Quick Cast: No*

The Basic Skinny
A firearm affected by this spell can fire more shots than it can actually carry in its cylinder or clip. With each Success Level* beyond the minimum required to cast the spell, the gun gets another full reload: Minimum success- x2 shots; 1 extra SL- x3 shots; 2 extra SLs-x4 shots; etc. The ceremony to cast Hollywood Gun takes about a half hour, and invokes the Spirits of the Silver Screen. The ingredients are simple - a piece of actual movie film and a pinch of gunpowder, both of which are burned to complete the ceremony. The weapon to be enchanted must be present and loaded.

The Fine Print
Since this isn't one of those spells you can find in ancient hand-bound manuscripts, most students of the arcane aren't familiar with it. There are a few odd differences. For example, if the film and powder are burned in a flame lit by hand (flint & steel) or by magic, the spell will automatically fail. A vintage Ronco or Zippo lighter is preferred.
Once enchanted, the gun retains its amazing abilities until the sun next rises or sets (whichever comes next). The ammunition loses its potency instantly if the weapon is ever unloaded. For one extra required Success Level, the spell can enchant up to three loaded weapons.

The Secret Lore and Warranties
If the casting of this spell fails, the gun being enchanted will misfire or jam at the worst possible moment. That moment may not occur anytime soon - the Director can hold this card as long as she wishes - but the gun is now cursed and will inevitably fail the character in a crucial situation. Since this is an obscure spell, the caster's chances of knowing this are slim.
It's rumored among those who know these sorts of things that this spell can be ramped up to produce a Hero's Bullet, a sort of fate-seeking round which is a guaranteed kill. This is partially correct. For a penalty of 2 extra SLs (and using a modified ceremony which requires some of the caster's blood and a piece of film of an actual shooting), the last round fired from the Hollywood Gun will be a Hero's Bullet. It costs a Drama Point* to fire, and it does not miss. As long as the target is within the physical range of the gun, the bullet will find some way to the kill. If the target has a mystical shield (or one of the intervention spells detailed elsewhere knocks the bullet aside) then the Hero's Bullet will kill somebody. Since it's a form of wyrd or curse, that somebody may end up being a friend of yours. Beware.

* Game mechanics referenced are from Eden Studios' Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG


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62) What's their Face? It's a mask that glamours the wearer to look like anyone within six inches of the wearer's height. Heavy scrutiny will see through the glamour.
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