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Christmas has come and gone, but the one thing I was lacking for was super soldiers. That, and my previous list of things thread went ridiculously well, arms dealers for those curious, so I thought it would be cool to start another one.

1) Urci Shock Troops: The Urci love their super soldiers, being masters of genetic manipulation, and this is just one of their many variants. High strength and speed lets them use machine guns using high powered rifle rounds and rocket propelled grenade launchers with the same ease most soldiers would use assault rifles, while internal armor and regeneration allows them to survive close range small arms fire. This set of powers, along with the heaviest armor they can be equipped with that doesn't slow them down, causes these troops to be the lead in any Urci Assault. They get in, cause loads of carnage, and before the enemy can respond, the forces behind them have arrived, pouring through the hole ripped open in enemy defenses by Urci Shock Soldiers.

2) Urci Enhanced Recon: Recon is often a difficult, violent business, so the Urci designed a new type of soldier for it. They are fast, can regenerate, and most of all, have extremely enhanced senses, to the point they require very little equipment to carry out recon, only what is necessary to communicate back their findings, along with some basic weapons for self defense. They can be excellent snipers as well, taking advantage of their senses to rapidly acquire targets for elimination. When not given sniper rifles, they are given suppressed submachine guns, so as to give them stealth, and some excellent CQC capability if they need it. Regardless of what small arms they are given, they are given high quality knives, and plantable explosives, as these tools are often useful to them in ways that do not apply to other troops.

3) Urci Heavy Infantry: Whereas Urci Shock Troops are the tip of an attack, Urci Heavy Infantry are the frontline of any defense. Their engineered to be insanely hard to kill, or even disable, with regeneration, and natural armor, both internal and external, that makes them virtually immune to most artillery fragments, on top of a host of immunities to stuff like bio-weapons, from enhanced immune systems. They also have evolved gas masks of sorts, given their ability to filter out toxins from the air while breathing, making chemical weapons virtually useless in attacking them. They are quite strong too, with enough strength to operate the various heavier small arms needed in a defense, whether that be machine guns, ATGMs, rocket launchers, automatic grenade launchers, or a variety of other weapons. They aren't as fast as Urci Shock Troops, but their response times are still quite good, given their wired reflexes, and their loss of speed is considered worthwhile given how durable they can be. On top of all of this, and their immense amount of training in defense, they have also been trained in how to carry out evacuations, making them, despite their fearsome appearance, beloved by Urci civilians.

4) Urci Enhanced Officers: Given how important officers are to any military, especially the low level officers that insure orders are followed, the Urci modify all the officers that see combat to maximize their effectiveness. They can regenerate, and have some added speed, standard modifications on most Urci super soldiers, however, their primary modifiers are to their voices. They can calm, to an extreme degree, with their voice, which reduces the impact of fear on non-enhanced soldiers, which still make up the bulk of Urci armies in times of war. They can also use their voice to inspire troops to a bloodlust, so as to insure they are aggressive enough for an assault, and on the flip side, wage a savage defense. Their ability to calm, or inspire, are reasons conscripted troops from the Urci appear to have far better morale than troops from most states, and while it often increases casualties, this extra motivation has often been the key to victory in a defense, or a brutal mass assault.


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Time agents are exceptional. They are highly trained and full of enough general knowledge that they can function anywhen. Unattached time agents make James Bond look like a rookie and can function anywhen.

Now a normal time agent can handle themselves and solve most problems. Then there are times where force in time is needed.

5) Time Commandos
Time Commandos are exceptional as well. They are usually recruited from elite units throughout history, though a few start out as commandos and are cycled through some historical elite units for seasons. They all have basic time agent training. They know the rules, the functions, enough temporal physics to have a rough intuitive grasp of thing, and some cultural basics. (Basic agent training is for any who is part of the Watch and might be translated through time. From this foundation, they are trained to a level of operation that would make the special ops of the 25th century proud. They are good with almost every weapon system from spear to 25C Battlesuits. (The Century of War, the 25C, is considered the penultimate of war crucible for gear and warrior. Battlesuits, with only the tiniest of mods, that gear is being used 35 centuries in the future. Training and developed skills of the 25C have been adapted whole cloth by every military plus time from them.) Time Commandos are able to go in anywhere, take on any force (currently known), eliminate scaled threats, and hold and take the ground like no other agents can.

Note: Commandos take all kinds of Terrans: Mostly Namans (extinct proto-human), Middle Era Humans, Alphas (next step humanity, who are stronger, faster, smarter, and more perceptive, than their Human forebearers, and Alpha 2... the next step beyond Alphas. inhumanly strong, fast, smart, sensory capable, regenerative and so on. There are a few 69C Terrans (who opted away from that simple traditional humanoid form), but most of those go on to Rangers.

6) Time Rangers
Time Rangers are unique. They are technically light military units. They use 29C colorful cybronic suits, to augment their skills and abilities. They are all Uniques, variants if you will. They have capabilities not normally found in the mainstream of biologic humanity. These are the Androids in Service, Atlanteans (who have capabilities between an Alpha and Alpha 2), Espers, Cousin Species (Therio, Vampire, Molemen, Arlic (wing folk), and others), Humans with very unique skill sets/ mind sets (including an entire lost clan of ninjas), Homo Sapien Cyberons (Humans who can innately and intuitively know machinery), Aliens unable or unwilling to return home, and a few 69C to 72C Terrans who may or may not be solid beings. Those are just the categorical ones, there are other one offs (lab evets) or survivors of alternte time lines (aTDEntity).

Rangers tend to handle other Uniques involved in time shenanigans. Most Atlantean issues fall into their domain. They also deal with TransD events, including things from The Beyond. A single ranger will often work with time agents as support, but usually they will operate with a small members action team (3-6 like all Ranger Teams). They often do no summon their suits until the course is clear - as they are draining and they are fairly capable without them.

7) Spectre Ops
Spectre Ops are a rumor among the people of Temporal Society, and a hush hush secret in the Commandos. Still there are "medias" involving ultra elite Ghost Units of Commandos, for both inspiration and as a cover. "Oh sure, super secret temporal military units swoop down and deal with crap like this? You have been watching too many Medias recently!"

Sixteen People. Usually gene augmented, even if they are an Alpha 2 Strain Human. They are the maximum a fairly organic being could be... suprahuman abilities... beyond what most Uniques could do, including mild eper senses and abilities. They are highly conditioned as part of their training and so they can swap skills/ memories as needed. To say they are highly trained is an insult to their training. Time Commandos are highly trained. These are the best .01% of their numbers.

They are some of the most elite fighters in the time steam. (The debate rages on if other warriors embedded in history were given their treatments and TAGs, if they would be better than the Spectre Team.)

They do the most important missions that need insertion and conflict. They use personal transports to shift into anywhere. They are weapon systems; but can simply adapt anything to their needs.

Currently, there are only 16: one Action Team. The Watch Council does not truly see the need for more. They are The Point.

(If you need a scale, most comic book superheroes do not stand a chance against them... even fewer can if the Spectre Op actually has their TAGs (Tactical Armour Gear- Elite 25C Battlesuits. With TAGs, the Unit could take out pretty much every incarnation of the Justice League or Avengers, including the Kryptonians and Gods)



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8) Super Commandos

Tracing their history all the way back to the Royal Commandos, even though the United Kingdom hasn't existed for decades what with REDACTED. These Super Commandos have both cybernetic and genetic modification. They possess gills, and the ability to grow webbed feet and hands, so as to perform better underwater. They have regeneration, control over breath and heart rate, wired reflexes, new bones made of extremely strong waterproof materials, and numerous other enhancements that make them faster, stronger, and more powerful than virtually any other human being in combat. Their favorite style of assault is to emerge from the water, demolish a base, or other key target, and then go back into the waves, a tactic that only one target has ever survived, which was REDACTED.

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Because fantasy has room for super-soldiers too:

9) The Wild Hunt

The product of elven ingenuity, the Wild Hunt are a squad of elite warriors whose bodies have been merged with living wood. This gives them impressive durability, the gift of camouflage (since they can merge almost unnoticed with the forest), and significant regenerative abilities. They are mounted atop similarly enhanced elven steeds, and sent to eliminate particularly notable threats to the elven lands.

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10) Griffon Constellation Troops

Since the Planets of the Constellation are short on manpower, but have an abundance of construction capacity and high tech, virtually all professional soldiers are enhanced. Civilians of the Constellation already have several augmentations, usually to general health, regenerative capabilites and intelligence. The military aug program adds implant armor, reinforced connective tissue, enhanced speed, strength, stamina, reflexes and dexterity as well as enhanced senses and a smart link. Outside of their power armor, soldiers can withstand several hits from pistol round, in their powers armors, they can survive repeated hits from assault rifles, machine guns, high caliber rifles, grenades, IEDs and can even tank anti-personel missiles without being instantly incapacitated.Just not repeadetly. On average, the troops employ heavier and more advanced weapon systems than any other regular army in the panhuman diaspora. They include Coilguns or Lasers for combat at extreme ranges coupled with powerful particle based under barell modules or secondary weapons that can operate in less lethal modes.

Soldiers in a front line duty also recieve endocrine control systems to better handle the stress of repreated engagements. The most recent add-on to the military aug program is an high performance Exo-skelton interface that allows the enhanced use of heavy powered armor and ultralight mecha. Also fairly frequent are implanted fabricators for assembler swarms and medical swarms. Every platoon of Troopers additionally contains at least 2 soldiers capable of vitakinesis and another 2 with clairvoyance as well as 2 drone operators.

Despite their military and technological capabilities, the Constellation is a very decent society, right down to their military. Unfortunately, at least from a military standpoint, this civility hampers their efficiency. Troops will usually engage to incapacitate instead to kill, and they tend break formation and disengage quickly when pressured, which can become a problem since they often fight outnumbered. Deft commanders will use the combination of speed, durablity and range of the troops to whittle the enemy down with repeated engagements while yiedling terrain, but situations where they cannot yield terrain can quickly become clusterfucks if the soldiers are heavily outnumbered.

In addition to their outstanding combat capabilities (which are unfortunately coupled with poor discipline) the Constellation has an additional field where they are second to no other organisation in the panhuman diaspora: Disaster relief. Here, their mix of excellent basic education as well as technological and physical capabilities enables them to respond to any disaster with unmatched speed and efficiency, construct emergency shelters and infrastructure, airlift victims and provide fast and efficient medical care, while requiring little sleep or rest for days.

All in all, the Constellation compensates the unwillingness to assume a military mindset with massively advanced technology, creating super soldiers that are less capable in a fight than their augmentations imply, but are also really good at disaster relief, because they also recieve a broad education in engineering and emergency medicine and have the implants to back that up.
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In our Fates Worse Than Death game, one player decided to play a Super-Soldier.
Grendel: bio-engineered with superior Strength (23 on a 1-20 human scale), stealth systems (colour-changing skin) and awareness protocols (+10 hearing on a 1d20 scale)
But she has escaped her creators (Beowulf Incorporated), and now lives in the Mean Streets of Manhattan.
Utterly institutionalised, she struggles to cope with day-to-day life, and relies on <the other PCs> and her employer <bar owner who finds her strength useful for moving barrels> for basic necessities.
She currently strives to balance her desire to learn more of the Voodoo Cult <Major Plot> with the needs of the gang she has associated with.
She is running a Martial Arts dojo, with voodoo trappings, to educate the <poor huddled masses> about combat, spirituality and The way of The World (of which she is sadly unaware)


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12) Companions

Companions are the most powerful troops in human history. Taking their name from Alexander's Companion Cavalry and Companion Infantry, both of which helped him dominate huge swaths of the Ancient World, the Companions have accomplished feats far beyond Alexander's force. But the name is also based on the frankly frightening degree of trust, and the level of intimacy between Companion troops, as each member of the Companions is the closest Companion to every other. Every individual Companion is a combination of biological modification(genetics being only one part), Cybernetics, and training from birth.

The biological modification is using every known feature of genetics, hormone manipulation, organ enhancement, and beyond, towards three goals: Improving the survivability, speed, and intelligence of Companions to the furthest possible degree. Everything else is set to baseline, unless it improves one of these goals, or is considered too critical to sacrifice, although this is rare. The result is every Companion, before the rest of their modifications and training, can regenerate back to full health from everything except the total destruction of their body on a molecular level, has a body that can move 144 meters per second, and learns new skills at twelve times the rate of a normal human. The last two were checked decades ago, and have, in all likelihood, been exceeded by now. A side effect of the focus on speed and survivability have come to endurance, with Companions capable of running the length of the Earth without taking any internal damage, and also has brought benefits to strength, with a Companion, without cybernetics, being capable of using small arms too heavy for normal humans.

After this extensive battery of modifications comes the next step, cybernetics. This too focuses on Speed, Survivability, and Intelligence, but added to these goals is Strength. First, extensive amounts of nanobots are injected into Companions, so that all of their machinery can be rebuilt from scratch, as long as sufficient amounts of Carbon and REDACTED are in the air for the machines to harvest. These nanobots bring the regenerative capability to the Companion's cybernetic components that their biological modifications bring to their bodies, if not better. From here, they are given, broadly, three groups of modifications:

1. Brain and Neural System: All of their nerves are enhanced by machines, allowing neural signals to travel at the speed of light. Their brains are given supercomputers to enhance their calculation speed further, keep up with their body's speed, and most of all, a neural connection to every other Companion. Any skill a Companion knows, every other Companion knows, and learns, because of this connection. In addition, any information will be eventually known to every other Companion, given that these signals travel the speed of light before after REDACTED distance it travels faster than light to insure everyone knows. A side effect of this in earlier models was trauma, from losing access to this neural net, however, this is rare, and often quickly fixed.

2. Skeletal System: Bones are armored up with the strongest materials known to humanity that can be easily harvested, giving Companions a high degree of temperature resistance, to both extremes of heat and cold, compared to other beings. Their bones, already tough from biological modification, are further enhanced, and also made more flexible by these nanobots. This bone flexibility allows impossible contortions, and other benefits, but the primary purpose is to again increase damage resistance. After all, the tree that bends does not break, and the same applies to bones. All of these benefits cause a Companion's internals to be terrifyingly resistant to damage, and as a side effect, vastly increases the power of their strikes. They can often punch through walls, without effort, because of the sheer durability possessed by their bones.

3. Muscular System: Companion muscles are, of course, enhanced. However, the primary role of cybernetics here, besides further increasing their strength, is to increase their speed so to better keep up with the body's enhanced nervous system, and to insure they operate at peak capacity when in battle at all times.

There are other enhancements, such as ones to the digestive system that allow better feeding than previously possible, but the above three are usually where the bulk of cybernetic enhancements go. The end result is Companions, upon getting these enhancements, can lift up to 12,000 Kilograms with relative ease, and more importantly, carry weights lower than that, but still heavier than most soldiers, easily over hundreds of kilometers. This massive lift capacity has, more than once, been essential to Companion performance in combat, because they could carry enough gear, ammunition, fuel, and otherwise energy needed for their gear, to win versus other troops. Usually the primary limitation to their carrying capacity is space on their body, rather than strength, often one of the only real limitations to Companions in general.

Other enhancements include, but aren't limited to, a run speed of 300 meters per second, and that Companions have little need for melee weapons, because their limbs often demolish other biologicals in close combat, freeing up space needed for survival gear.

All of these advantages are further increased by their training. While they do get extensive combat training, that isn't the training Companions get growing up.

Rather, Companions are given a general education similar to other humans, except accelerated, combined with with an extensive focus on social skills, and Survival training so that Companions can easily survive away from civilization in a variety of climates. Of particular focus is surviving in deserts, of various temperate extremes, and jungles, with various types of life inside. The survival training doubles neatly as physical training, and learning skills like hunting, that hint at the violent future Companions are headed for. Meanwhile, the social training of Companions is meant to make them capable of interacting with the outside world. This social training often is similar to Survival training, given Companions are told to navigate urban areas by themselves, and learn the social dynamics that happen in say, an extremely impoverished city, or one where extreme amounts of violent crime happens.

However, when Companions turn 12, their training shifts, for it is the age they begin to get their various cybernetics. Their survival training continues, as does their social training, however, their general education shifts to one focused on warfare. Some fighting is taught in this context, however, the primary things taught are tactics and strategy. Companions may have to lead troops that have far less capability than them, and in addition, taking maximum advantage of their own capabilities can be difficult, because of just how vast they are. Much of this training prizes students who demonstrate creativity with their abilities, along with those that can minimize loss of life. When they turn 18, with only two years of training left, all of their training shifts to combat scenarios, where they are rapidly trained up to where their peers already are. It is at this point Companion training most resembles that of a normal soldier, however by this point, they are prepared for it than any normal human would be. The most difficult portion of said training is often giving Companions a big enough challenge that they can learn from it, and to insure they keep enough humility to not underestimate opponents in the future.

Throughout their entire time training, Companions are, again and again, rewarded for Empathy, and punished for lacking it. Their training itself emphasizes positive reinforcement, not only for its behavioral effectiveness, but also to teach Companions that it is okay to fail, what is not okay is to give up on a task in frustration. In addition of course is teamwork, as Companions are always raised together, and taught in groups every lesson, even relatively personal ones. Companions don't have to be taught to trust each other, that is practically encoded in their very genes, but rather, because that bond is so strong, their learning is better together. Finally, Companions are constantly taught ethics throughout their lessons. They should never be cruel to an opponent unless it is necessary, and just because something is weaker than them doesn't mean it is of less worth. An example is that Companions are punished for any animals they kill in survival training that they do not eat, or that they did not kill in self defense. The need for this emphasis should be obvious.

Companions graduate when they turn 20. Besides receiving the rest of their cybernetic components, and a brief ceremony, Companions are given one year to explore the planets they came from without limitation, before reporting to their division headquarters for assignment. This is less a vacation and more one final year to cement their bond to the rest of humanity. This last part, while it hard to measure its effectiveness, has often been cited as one of the happiest years of their lives by Companions, as they see what it is they are fighting so hard to protect.

Beyond being the best warriors, and soldiers, humanity has to offer, Companions have been taught the ethics necessary to insure they do not want to kill other life without reason. Companions may not be the most powerful super soldiers in the universe, but, they are certainly the most powerful known to most species, and likely to be far more common than something stronger than them, given there are, known anyway, to be 12 divisions of Companions, ready and able to defend humanity against any threat.
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13) Parasite Troops

On its own, these parasites have little power, however, once they infect the right target, they gain the power to mold the flesh of their bodies to the mission at hand. Extreme regeneration, to the point of being able to regenerate from anything except molecular level destruction is available from how much parasites can shapeshift themselves, and their host. Parasites can form their limbs into claws, hammers, or countless other weapons from the natural world, giving them little need for melee weapons. They can disguise themselves, however, they often have a difficult time with it because they only have their host's knowledge of the host's culture. They can mold themselves to have extremely high speed, strength, or a defense which would let them push through certain kinds of opposing firepower. With such biological control comes the addition of nerve control, letting them temporarily turn off pain receptors when they could get in the way. Parasite Troops often learn how to use long range weapons, given how terrifying they are at close range, and that on a typical world, their biggest threats come from afar.

Parasites are given the mission to take the, "worthless," among a population, and use their flesh to slaughter what they consider evil in the population. In the long run, these super soldiers prepare a planet for introduction to the intergalactic community by terrorizing the population to needing help from abroad, and before hand, changing the culture of a planet to be more conducive to being part of the intergalactic community compared to how they were previously.


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A low key super soldier, a corp of NCO's. The NCO's have received all of their experience from downloads of memories of the best NCO's from around the world. These soldiers are the best trainers to build a better corp. They can make an average fighting force a great one. They can also be specialized: infantry tactics, irregular warfare, leadership, they can teach it all.
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