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22: Beast Knights
These are knights through certain rituals are able to turn into giant beasts and monsters. While they normally fight like most knights they can turn into hybrid forms to enhance their combat power or just into their giant form to attack entire armies. The rituals involved always have built in precautions to make sure they can't backstab the lord they serve using their power against them, but there are knight-errant versions of the magic that the nobility always try to suppress.

23: Berzorken
Magical super-soldiers created by life mages, the Berzorken are super-strong, super resilient to the point of not needing armor, possess regenerative abilities, and become even stronger when they become enraged. While the original form is still around, as they have spread throughout the generations, there have been two mutations or deviations: some went on to couple with goblins and become the faster-reproducing yet weaker orcs, while their blood spread throughout other races, their genes giving certain people their power of rage and thus giving rise to the term "berserker" as they slaughter people around them.

24. Alchemorphs
These people have had their internal alchemy enhanced and altered so that they can transmute themselves into various substances. They can become steel or stone to endure attacks and punch through enemies, become mercury to slip through cracks, some design ways to shock people when they become gold or copper, others transmute themselves into flexible material capable of expanding or stretching and so on. The applications of their alchemical power is only limited by their imagination, but they cannot turn into any life form aside from themselves.

25. Tattoo Fists
These super-soldiers arise from runic magic systems where magic is cast through runes. Thus they get their entire body tattooed, as much as they can to harness as much power as they can. however their tattoos being cut and thus disrupted stops the magic, so they have to wear armor to hide and protect their tattoos despite their power. However there are still brave Tattoo Fists who fight without armor, instead using runes to enhance their speed so that they can dodge or project a magical shield to block, but it takes more energy as a result.

26. Schrodinger's Soldiers
A group of super-soldiers who have been subject to the Quantum Uncertainty Enhancement Process, make their very particles become mutable and unstable as the chaos of subatomic particles. Using their new powers, they do things like go back and forth between a wave and a particle, be multiple places at once, replace themselves with an alternate version of who they are, exploit the fact that they both wave and particles to turn their fists into waves that hit things afar, take two actions at the same time, and can destabilize the particles of their enemies to make them shatter into quarks with a punch. They are a little....erratic in their behaviors due to their strange uncertain existence, and their powers randomly act up on their own to screw them over, some even just winking out of existence forever one day, but they are very powerful nonetheless and are at least not like the Gamma Troops.

27. The Gamma Troops
These supersoldiers have been hit with nuclear radiation in an attempt to replicate the powers of super-heroes getting it from them. They did develop superpowers: while they can fire gamma blasts, they also naturally radiate gamma radiation at all times, the successes are the ones who become immune to radiation in the process, others are not so lucky and nothing can be done about their friends and loved ones if they get nearby and acquire cancer. They can also exploit powers of various other forms of radiation such as X-ray, microwaves, infrared and ultraviolet, making them great at investigation even if they are basically walking uranium in human form. Theoretically they are capable of making atom bomb level explosions as well as being immune to them, but this hasn't been tested for obvious reasons.


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28) SSS Super Soldiers Serum The SS Process. It is a serum that is augmented and energized in various ways.

All Super Soldier Serums are based on Dr. Abraham Erskine's original formula. His formula is actually based on some research an 18th century scholar did on an alchemical formula, so it might go back farther. (Then there is the sentient bacteria hypothesis.) The individual variations to the formula produce varied effects and powers in the individuals that receive the treatment.

The basic formula enhances all of his metabolic functions and prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles, giving him endurance far in excess of an ordinary human being. The most common set of powers granted by is that of exceeding peak human potential. This means the individual is capable of lifting 850 to 1200 pounds over their heads, running at 30 MPH with sprinting speeds around 55 miles per hour and higher, and due to the Super Soldier Serum's ability to counteract the acids in the muscle that cause fatigue, allowing the individual to maintain strenuous physical activity for hours on end before tiring. The serum's increase of the individual's metabolism allows them to heal faster than a normal human, giving them enhanced durability. Along with increased durability, the increased metabolism Super Soldiers enjoy also grants them immunity from nearly any poison known to man, due to their body's ability to process it faster than the effects can cause harm to their body. This includes most known drugs and alcohol which have no effect on a recipient. Super-Soldier dramatically prevents individuals from aging due to the regeneration of healthy cells.

The serum also affects the mind, allowing the individual to retain and recall any information they take in. It also allows the individual's mind to react and process data faster, which improves their reflexes far beyond those of a normal human. Bullet dodging is the seeming benchmark of these reflex.

Some versions of the formulas (and related treatment) allow access to higher energies and psionics, like those a Human Mutant or Inhuman. Some results have been spectacular and others merely impressie. Variations to the serums grant variations on abilities and powers.

Note: The serum is only part of the equation. It requires an energizing of the body with a spectrum of radiation. Those without energization mental and eventually physical deterioration happens quicker than with those that are treated.

(It was suspected that the underdocumented "pause" in Roger's Energy Treatment may be one of the reasons for his success and survival as a subject.)

There are always side effects.

The Super Soldier Serum side effects vary depending on the variation given to the individual. The serum (and treatment) enhances what a subject has.... amplifying it. This becomes more obvious in the mental and emotional area. To quote Erskine, "a good man becomes a better man; a bad man becomes worse". Mental traits taken to extremes... often to the point of psychosis is the eventual result. Most often this manifests as paranoia and schizophrenia, but other psychosis have been documented.

Physical mutations occur in a good number of test subjects. Most of these become lethal in short order.

The secrets of creating super-soldier serum alpha were lost with the death of its creator, Dr. Abraham Erskine. In the ensuing decades there have been numerous attempts to recreate Erskine's treatment, only to have them end in failure. Most people do not survive the process (the suspected rate is less than 2%). Those that do usually have accelerated psychosis and eventual physical mutation.

The best known Super Soldier is Steve Roger (aka Captain America, Nomad, The Captain, etc). The Destroyer, The Patriot, Captain America II and III, Protocide, Master Man, Warrior Woman, Union Jack, Isaiah Bradley (a Captain America), Johann Schmidt (The Red Skull), Black Widow, Luke Cage, Sentry, Task Master, Mockingbird, Americanzilla, among others.
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29) The Soldier

Every once in awhile there will appear a member of the armed forces who is capable of almost anything, but who does not have any individual identification beyond the requisite service number. The Soldier is a manifestation of the Platonic Ideal of soldiers that will sometimes manifest from the universal subconscious. Tireless, obedient, and terrifyingly capable, it will follow orders given by someone in the correct chain of command for the unit that it appears in. Afterward, none of the unit members will remember anything specific about the person whether it be race, gender, or personality besides a very stereotypical sense of soldier-ness.


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My first idea was to repost the Myrmidons I wrote up in an Amazon thread a while ago, but I decided to go with something more modern.

30) Breach Engineers

Engineers often get employed as shock troops, especially when fortifications require demolition work. This became even trickier when we started colonizing the solar system and found we needed an expedient way to get into a colony dome that didn't involve cracking it open and letting everyone suffocate. The Breach Engineers are the result, five battalions of men highly trained in pinpoint attacks and holding their ground long enough for support troops to come up. The difference that gave them an edge over colonial militias was the use of early cybernetic enhancements. Each BrEng has a microcomm implanted, along with IFF tags and a heads up display embedded in one of their eyes. They always know exactly where their forces are to the centimeter, have maps available of the battlefield and an ability to silently plan and coordinate anything from an assault to a patrol to an ambush of enemy reinforcements. Being nearly immune to the fog of war means a lack of confusion so their discipline holds, resulting in less wasted ammunition and also fewer primary components damaged. And with the newer enhancements developing in the labs, they will only grow more lethal.

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31) Chem Troopers
Time displaced troops torn from a future apocalyptic war. They wear torn and ragged battledress and what appear to be gas masks. They aren't gas masks.
The officer or senior trooper calls out commands e.g. "Run mode - Enhance!". Chemical enhancers are dispensed to the troopers and they all act at increased efficiency in the chosen mode for a period of time (one scene if you're a narrative type; dsomething combat rounds if you're trad).
Opinions differ, as to whether chem enhancement is triggered by the officer automatically or by the individual troopers.
More than one mode can be engaged at the same time. This carries with it a chance of death or violent tissue trauma. Troopers have been seen to have 'heart attacks' when pushed. Use of strength and speed modes at the same time has been seen to result in muscles ripping from their anchor points, disclocations etc.
Deceased Chem troopers are carried away by swirling limbo mists presumably back to their own time.
Chem troopers may have been ripped from a future time by a modern supervillain for use as shock troops or may be on some trans-temporal mission of their own.



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32) Elderborn
Regular soldiers changed by minor transmutation chambers found in the Elder Stations. They have low-level super-human physical attributes and slowed aging. Elderborn are equivalent to 10 regular troopers.

33) Monster-soldiers
Created through the scientific and mystical weaponization of arcanotypes (monsters), these soldiers have supernatural abilities that allow them to excel in a wid erange fo missions, from tactical assault to infiltration, among others.



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34) Project Vale

The Military is always looking for a super soldier. However, every decade or two what the military views as a super soldier changes. In the late 50s, they viewed robotic soldiers (or cyborgs) as the ideal mix of power and control (and decommission the problem the super martial artist program or drug augmented soldiers (the SSS) had). By the 70s, priorities and funding changed to the Psionic Soldier. However, by the early 70s, significant success in the various robotic/ cyborg super soldier projects were being made (however, they were expensive prototypes at this point, not yet reaching a perfected level).

The AF 70s were designed and developed in the mid 60s. They were Human Simulation Robots that were designed as flawless delivery systems for nuclear detonations. The mechanism of the Miller Designs were indistinguishable from Humans, however the AI systems needed development. The attempts to properly train the AI met with inconclusive results (creating something intelligent, but no completely controllable and not a military attitude). By the late 60s, the Vale was closed and the eleven or so non-activated AF 70s stored away in Section Lombardi. One was appropriate by an OSI project, which was then closed and the materials later stolen (See, the R. Franklin PHD File, and OSI Casefiles jk2333-01, jk3216, lb0011).

Note: Elements of the AF 70 cybernetic design was used for the OSI ALEX 7 series projects.

The Vale Project was reactivated as Mirror 025. One Vale AF 70 has escaped and is currently at large (luckily with most of its atomic payload removed). Using the AF 70 frame, they have produced a squad of robotic special ops operatives. They are operating under a codename of Hercules.

Note: The relative success of Mirror 025 has reactivated the old OSI Man-Amp program under the wings of the Berkut Group (As the OSI currently being investigated and its assets reassigned).

This activity has activated Project Oz, which has been trying to infiltrate or destroy all the Mirror 025 locations.

This post has easter eggs from three and a half series and The Secret Project Thread.
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35) Hell Reborn (Both Warlock and Doom inspired this)

Hell does exist, and more than that, you can escape it. However, like everything else in Hell, escaping it requires massive amounts of violence. In addition, anyone who escapes Hell seems to carry pieces of its with them. They get demonic strength, speed, and agility, all of which translates into being stronger and faster than any human being could reasonably be. In addition, those who fought in Hell become ludicrously durable, some even describing them as walking tanks. Most of all, they have a level of combat experience which is insane, as anyone who goes to Hell is immediately in an endless, never ending war of all against all, a massive realm of violence and carnage that is inescapable without dominating in that violence.

All of this has lead to experiments with sending soldiers to Hell for short intervals so they can become Hell Reborn, as they have often been called. While the attrition rate is rather high, it has been considered worth it for the handful of incredible soldiers that can arise from it, at least for a mega-corporation.

(picture the protagonists from Doom and Wolfenstein for an idea of their power level)


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35) Hell Reborn
Okay, I like this one. The Demons might still make it a little easier, that way these soldiers can bring a little "Hell to Earth", sometimes killing and blowing things up to excess and sending "bad people" to Hell early, before they might repent and be forgiven. Win Win.


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36) Building Born

Imagine if architecture could, if constructed correctly, and it had the right angles, give off mystical benefits to those inside. There is a world where that is the case, and it alters those who train for tasks inside of them. Hospitals that turn even the unskilled into the best doctors imaginable, schools that turned the uneducated into educators that change history, and of course, barracks that make soldiers a cut above the rest. However, all of the training has to take place inside the building, along with all the eating, sleeping, and anything else they do. Being trapped in the same building for six months can be maddening, regardless of the benefits it brings.

However, the benefits are immense. Foot soldiers have the peak of human physical capability in every category, and their skills are unmatched. They are unnervingly accurate with small arms compared to normal soldiers, and their melee capabilities are excellent as well. Their discipline and morale are also excellent, along with a host of other traits, making the so called Building Born the best soldiers that aren't technically superhuman one can get.
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