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It was one of those projects. The point was to make the ultimate special ops soldier: fast, strong, super senses, inhuman skills, and tougher than anything. We all "kinda" volunteered. They were testing us. They even tried some preliminary serums on us. We were there for two months before it came.

I don't know where they go The Ichor from. As a black bag kinda of guy, you don't ask questions.

Then the changing happened. It was incredible. The strength, speed, and the power was unlike anything. I have had combat drugs before, but this stuff made us better than most super heroes.

The catch, you had to have more. It seemed like that wasn't going to be a problem. They had a ton of the stuff. It was their way of keeping us under control. We all got that. It made sense.

Our preliminary missions were perfect successes. We came back really needing more ichor, but we were okay with it. Okay, I was okay with it.

It wasn't until Bravo figured out another way. You drank the blood of those we downed. You got even better, faster, and got more edges... .plus you didn't need ichor.

A few of his friends drank a few guards dry on our next missions. They became super charged. Sure they have photophobia and some issues after that... But Damm. They were killing machines.

The more your drank, the better you got... eventually all of us tasted blood to some degree. Even me.

Then we discovered, we didn't need Ichor any more at all. Then the lab techs figured it out. Then all hell broke lose.

My team began to rampage. They took on the base forces, people who were on our side just a few hours earlier.

Thus, I began.

I took out my team. The little monsters they created. And to be honest, nobody warm blooded was alive when it all was done.

I am the survivor, but I am "kinda dead".

I was never the mercenary type. I always did it because it was something that The Country or Society needed doing. I was left in a lurch.

Still, those spandex guys had the right idea.

Now I am Major Red. I will take down Evil in any form. You will never see me comng. You will never see me leave.


Another super soldier project that broke, but still bore some fruit. Still, this one could be revised with just a few injections.



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The following are all from a one shot I ran recently, where the PCs were curators who went back in time to the U.S. civil war to kill one Nathan Bedford Forrest, and so improve history.

38) Curators
They come from the future to change the past. Their goals are strange, their targets could be anyone, and they're good at appearing to just be someone in whatever time and place they've infiltrated, but they're definitely super soldiers. Their time travel essentially gives them precognition, allowing ambush tactics and the like other soldiers couldn't dream of. They wear chronostabilized uniforms, which appear just like any other but which subtly alter the path of time to end up in the state history previously left them in, and that's generally not riddled with holes. They've been known to smuggle in unauthorized technology subtly better than what's out there, from better weapons to all sorts of logistical tools. Then there's the small collection of portable chronostabilizers sent on any mission, capable of all sorts of things.

39) Archivists
If curators are involved in a conflict there's good odds that archivists are as well, here to keep the past static. They're generally better than curators about not smuggling in unauthorized technology, but their goals tend to make their precognition that much more effective, and they've got better chronostabilization technology.

40) Heritage Guard
Technically the term "curators" applies to any group that goes into the past to try and curate it. Colloquially though it refers to the mainstream, which tends to operate according to pretty predictable patterns. Their goals are generally reasonable, they're careful about maintaining technical and social development rates, and while they can be a bit reckless they at least have a point. Not so with the Heritage Guard. They're a group of dangerous fanatics with a narrow mission, to change the victors of the U.S. civil war, and murder every Union officer they can get their hands on. They'll ignore the most basic principles of peripheral time stabilization, and they'll happily bring technology far too advanced for the time period. On a civil war battlefield this makes them dangerous confederate super soldiers.


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(I consider all of these to be urban fantasy super soldiers, but they could probably be made for another fantasy settings without too much adjustment. They are all parts of larger magical orders)

41) Soldiers of Light: The Soldiers of Light, through a magic pact, can essentially teleport. Their bodies turn into light, and move at the speed of light, for brief amounts of time. This rapid movement gives them an incalculable tactical advantage over most soldiers, and also causes them to focus their combat training on martial arts, so as to defeat anyone who might get close, fully automatic firearms, to suppress opponents with, and finally, explosives, so that they can remove obstructions to their movement. Soldiers of Light are typically equipped with SMGs, or full blown machine guns, and if their weapon is magazine fed, they try to get extended ammo capacity with said weapon.

In the wider community, Soldiers of Light are martial in nature, the first to deploy in times of war, and the last to come home in times of peace. Long periods of peace have been known to cause them to seek violent conflict against organized crime, or to join conflicts elsewhere. Whatever they do, they are always on the offense, always trying to be the first to act. They also emphasize keeping opponents off balance, both in person through constant offense, which is why they emphasize fully automatic firearms, and on a more general level by trying to attack before the enemy can respond. They are often quoted as saying, "Light doesn't stop, neither do we," when asked about why they often live out of vehicles, regardless of income, and that they have no possessions they cannot bring with them.

42) Shadow Guard: Shadow Guard can perfectly mimic anyone they can see, and also perfectly follow anyone they see. They are the ultimate trackers, and the great learners, capable of learning any skill they see someone else perform, albeit in exactly the same way someone else did. This repetition does mean that their are skills they don't learn well, but both unarmed and armed combat are quite easy for them to acquire. More than that, one cannot usually beat them with a move, or tactic, they have previously seen. As they are fond of saying, "can't hide your own shadow."

Shadow Guard often act as bodyguards for they can quickly find the person they need to protect, and get them out of trouble. Their versatility causes them to be equipped primarily with either handguns, or assault rifles, depending on whether they are in a peaceful or wartime setting. When they are equipped with handguns, the rest of their equipment is to help them blend in, and emphasize their abilities as trackers, or law enforcement. By contrast, when equipped with assault rifles, they use equipment that lets them maximize their mimic abilities, and otherwise give them maximum versatility in combat. In addition, when in times of war, they focus on conflicts closest to home, whether that be rooting out internal opponents, or defending places under siege, while the Soldiers of Light are on the offensive.

43) Children of Darkness: Children of Darkness have perfect invisibility to visual detection, and do not appear on any form of light spectrum. However, this invisibility doesn't cover sound, smell, or taste. In addition, any projectiles launched become visible once it leaves the weapon the Child of Darkness is carrying. Children of Darkness, therefore, have two extremes with which they fight, either fighting with melee weapons, at as close of a range as they can get away with, or, fighting as far from their opponents as possible. The typical equipment of an Child of Darkness is a set of knives, for close range kills, and the longest range rifle a single person could use and carry. This combination makes them both excellent hand to hand fighters, and excellent snipers, but they fear combats between those two extremes.

Children of Darkness act as spies during times of peace, and assassins during times of war. Whatever they do, they value patience, and being able to stick around, in direct opposite to the Soldiers of Light. They are often the last to leave a situation, so as to maximize the amount of information they can gather about an opponent, both so as to kill them without noise, and disrupt their plans going forwards with said information. "Darkness is always present," is something they are fond of saying, both to express their philosophy, and to scare opponents.
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(These exist in the same universe as my last post.)

44) Warriors of the Scream: Imagine a scream so loud, and so powerful, that it feels like a nuclear bomb went off in the vicinity. This is done constantly by the Warriors of the Scream, who can use the same power to destroy fragile equipment, through a more targeted scream. Both of these make them terrifying to take on in combat, and allows them to easily take on large groups, while also disabling the ability for the enemy to use their own weapons to counteract them. These capabilities cause them to focus instead on unarmed combat, melee weapons, many carrying around axes for intimidation, and most of all, highly accurate firearms. When at range, the primary weapon they need is one that can take out a single target without collateral damage, and one that ends a fight before it can being, hence, highly accurate sniper rifles are a favorite.

Warriors of the Scream, when not at war, train for war. Similar to the Soldiers of Light, they often seek out opponents when war is not available, but will often settle for sparring matches, as they care more about perfecting the art of violence rather than enacting violence on others. Unlike the Soldiers of Light, Warriors of the Scream often fight defensively, and want opponents to attack them all at once. In addition, to avoid collateral damage, they want to trick opponents into isolated buildings, where there are no civilians, so they can take out large groups of enemies without feeling bad about it. This same style of fighting applies on a more general scale, where they try to trick enemy organizations into combats they shouldn't seek out.

45) Keepers of Silence: Keepers of Silence can do two things: Make any area silent to those outside of it, and completely prevent any form of communication from happening, including talking. This allows them to easily isolate groups of opponents, and allows them to hide what they do in an area. These two abilities push the Keepers of Silence into using tactics that maximize the chaos and confusion among their opponent's ranks. This, in some ways, is similar to how Soldiers of the Light will try to knock opponents off their balance using rapid attacks, but in the case of the Keepers of Silence, they use lack of communication, and picking off targets in opportune ways, to get a similar result. They love using traps most of all, and will attempt to use these whenever they can against opponents. When they cannot do that, they either will use long range weapons to pick off targets, or, will use martial arts to cause pain, and use that opponent's screams for help as a way to guide the rest of their team around. They also love pairing off with Warriors of the Scream, as their silence abilities perfectly complement the massive brute force possessed by the Warriors of the Scream.

Keepers of Silence are saboteurs in times of war, seeking to destroy an through internal damage, and over all disable their communications. When not at war, Keepers of Silence focus on internal security, whether that be covering up the world of magic, a task they are uniquely suited for, or hunting down, sometimes with the Children of Darkness, particularly loud witnesses to the world of magic, so as to silence them.


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I had one. I was writing it up. I got about 3/4th through and realized it was crap. No, not "just not up to my standards", but an actual WTF was I thinking this is total drek kinda crap.

So to take the thread real estate, I am going to repost from 101 superteams

Thunder Strike

Thunder Strike is a small company that fields a team of meta mercenaries for security, retrieval, and single event defense contracts. The field team is comprised of 10 low to medium powered metas, each wearing a low end Battle Irons (wimpy powered suit) and carrying a good powered plasma blaster. While each of the field team members is not that much of a threat, with the addition of the Battle Irons, the blaster, and teamwork, they become a formitable force. They have a series of hyperjets that speed the team to hot zones and missions in great time (they no longer have a gate maker/ teleporter on staff).

The company provides basic housing, general food, equipment, and logistics for the operatives. Some operatives opt to live off the reservation when they are not "on call" or in the active duty roster.

To join the company as an operative requires a 2 year commitment and a 4 month "basic training". This basic training is similar to a bootcamp segwaying into special operatives training. Most people think having meta abilities is enough to get in. The training washes out a good 20% of the applicants. The training also includes how to you your meta talents in a systematic way.

Most people who take on operative status stay with the company for a number of years until injury or family takes them out of the mix.

The company is just short of a second active field team. (normally their roster in only one because of time off, injuries, training, and so on). It is currently recruiting.

----- --0-- -----

So while they are super soldiers, they are not actually super soldiers. They are just a group of dangerous people who may or may not be on the heroes side.

Our next one is 46


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46) aSix aka The Gravediggers

Project Gravedigger began in the fifties with the remains of American soldiers lost in Korea. It did not "hit its stride" until the influx of bodies from the Vietnam and Cambodian fronts. Gravedigger was a project focusing on surgical re-animation and cybernetic experimentation. In the late 60s they were achieving semi-regular success in reactivating a human corpse. They are bionic or cybernetically enhanced corpses programmed for military service. Various elements (the nervous system in particular) are augmented if not outright replaced with bionic or cybernetic systems.

The Gravediggers have no real memory of their original pasts. (Though there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest some do remember). They come out of "The Oven" with little to no personal experience, no personality, and a great deal of military and tactical knowledge (inserted via neural implants). They have a strong servitor motivation and follow orders as appropriate. They do have muscle memory, which makes their military training a matter of hours instead of days or years. Over time, each gravedigger develops their own unique personality.

Gravediggers are incredibly strong and durable, with a bionic-enhanced metabolism designed to keep them on their feet even after suffering massive trauma. Their neuro-cybernetics, though advanced, can never equal the complexity of the human brain, and as servant creatures, they are not comfortable (or designed for) ordinary human interaction.

Series A physically look like Humans, or Humans with some ugly cybernetic implants. They are cool to the touch and waxy. They are very pale or very jaundiced in appearance. They have a smell that has been described as motor oil associated with them. They are able to have bionics without rejection because of the unique state of their reanimated tissue.

In the last few decades, to prevent identification and to ensure the soldiers are dehumanized (preventing them from escaping and trying to have their previous life back), most of their faces are removed with a mask, usually a white poly skull mask. Units from the last few decades have the optic package regularly inserted... giving them a red back glow in their eyes because of the enhancing camera and night vision components.

Every gravedigger needs very little food and water (about 1/5th Human normal). They are resistant to most bioagents. Their organic parts do not heal without assistance (time to spend some time in the goop vat) and their cybernetics and bionics must be repaired.

They are still "in production" because combat robotics are still more expensive to produce and maintain. They are used as shock troops and missions with plausible deniability. Black Ops of course.

Part of the Secret of the Gravedigger is that part of the process was "adopted" from some occult practitioners. Their lack of memories include a lack of soul (except for those gravediggers that remember). The process uses elements of The West Serum (an incomplete fragment has given insights on how to make it work). Knowledge of a Vodun practitioner was used in the reawakening element (thus they are pulled from a near shroud and from under the ash of the ovens).

If someone had access to "the power of faith" or magic to deal with undead, they could repel or manipulate a Gravedigger. If a Gravedigger could get access to occult lore, they could learn to be a "greater undead"


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47 The Camel Troopers
Most super-soldier projects look to create special forces fighters or shock/breakthrough troops; this one aimed to make line troops that could get the job done under adverse conditions, bad supply, and mediocre commanders.
The meat-mongers of Ixion 7 created warriors able to go for weeks without food, water, or rest, with dorsal humps and thick skins impervious to irritation, chafing, and parasites. Their stress and adrenal centres are minimal; they're somewhat sluggish, but able to stay calm and perform learned procedures over and over under stress that ought to cave in ordinary people. Their senses are unimpressive, but shielded so that weapons fire and bombardment cause no hearing loss or interruption in vision; their joints are thick and sheathed in reinforced synth-cartilage; between this and their sturdy spinal architecture, they can hump immense loads over enormous distances without complaint.
Their sense of pain is minimal, and their brains are able to sleep while awake like a cetacean, marching for months without pause.
Dull, placid, and unimpressive, the Camel Troopers never falter, never tire, never stop, and once dug in, endure terrifying bombardments and sieges, and months or years of intense stress without any detectable detrioration in fighting ability.


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The most reasonable super soldiers of our current bunch. Not exciting or fun, but what a military really needs.
If you want to fun them up a little, as much as they're produced in massive batches and hurled into the meatgrinder... all that survivability? Some of them have survived absolutely unthinkable amounts of campaigning; bodies and minds, by design, more or less intact, but experienced beyond what any unaltered soldier could achieve.


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So while they are super soldiers, they are not actually super soldiers. They are just a group of dangerous people who may or may not be on the heroes side.
OK, these are pretty usable actually. As to the "super" part, that all depends on what technology the rest of the field can use. If you field these in a gameworld that resembles ours, today, those powered battlesuits count as super, as far as I'm concerned.
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