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🎨 Creative 101 Supers Settings

1) The Sinister League of Evil, tired of constantly losing to the Justice Avengers transport themselves to a world with no superheroes ending up in modern day earth. Most of the four-color supervillains are horrified by real world criminals and decide to fight crime in our world.

2) An experimental cancer treatment promises hope, thousands of terminal patients are treated and their cancer seems to be cured. A year later those who received the treatment start to gain spectacular super powers, however there cancer comes back and is completely untreatable. Now the world has to deal with thousands of terminally ill demigods.

3) Alien teraforming spores land all over the globe. Weird and monstrous alien life infects biomes across the planet. A few humans are infected gaining strange biomorphic powers. Some fight along with their fellow earthlings against the invading biology other seek to spread the alien life and become rulers of a new earth.

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4) The Galactic Union decides Earth/Terra is technologically advanced enough for them to begin civilizing us. Step one is introductory: humanoids (enhanced or naturally gifted) are sent to fight crime and acclimitize the locals, soothing xenophobia. This stage is estimated at 30-50 years....
5. It's known that an earthquake in one part of the world can being shockwaves in another. When an undersea earthquake rocks the entire globe, certain people are posessed by the power of Gaia, the earth's spirit. These people become heroes and minor villains. However, during a planetary alignment, others on Earth are possessed by Lunis, a former earth spirit who was cast into the Moon in the days that Earth was forming. These beings seek to destroy Gaia and her servants.

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6. A scientist derives the ultimate equation, which explains every aspect of the universe, and in the process of gaining this transcendent understanding, ascends to another state of being, scattering bits of the equation throughout the world. People are imbued with strange powers, apparently at random but following an arcane mathematical logic. Each new super has a piece of the equation, and when one dies, his pieces move on to a new host. What happens if all of holders of the equation gather in one place? And what happens if one of them figures out how to steal powers from the others?


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7) In the late twenties, a German Rocket scientist exposed himself to an unknown substance, becoming the Rocket Man, smarter, faster, stronger than the average man. When the Nazi's came into power he was given a small unit to research whatever he wanted. Unhappy with the inner circle of the Nazi party (altohugh certainly no friend of democracy), he had Hitler assassinated and took over in a coup- which was nearly succesfull, although loyal SS and SA forces fought a small civil war. Realising that something wasn't right, the Rocket Man discovered that his work and plans were being tampered with by another Super Man. Believing the USSR to be behind this, he set up 'Vengence Weapons' to destroy Moscow, but was stopped by the Unknown Super Man and killed.

The year is 1983. Central and Eastern Europe is ruled by a interlinked community of Fascist Nations, of who the central partners are Germany, Italy and Yugoslavia. While the EFS is riven with factionalism, they all agree on the threat of the Communist States of the USSR, the USBR and the USSS (Russia, the Baltic states and Scandanavia). Super Soldiers war in the Ukraine and Belarus, which get caught in a series of puppet governments and proxy wars. America is isolationist and fearful, unable to trust its own people, China has its own problems with the Imperial Japanese State, and the Royal Republic of Britain is caught in compromise politics and failing coalitions of divergent interests. The Super Solider, created from Rocket Man's corpse and Soviet Research is the weapon of choice in these conflicts. Able to leap over buildings, punch through steal and outthink the smartest human, these warriors are churned out for the wars and state security apparatus in every 'civilised' nation. This is the Super Age.


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I thought a bit of thread necro needed some death..

8) Paranormals occured with a bang a few years back. After several interviews it was determined that each and everyone had a NDE (Near Death Experience). They awoke with strange abilities, often related to their "demise". They are all over the social and political spectrum, so there is no united paranormal front. Many have adopted the guise of super heroes to confront those that would utilize their powers for illegal gain.

It has been found that they are actually "dead". They no longer seem to have a metabolism: they do not age, nor need to breath, eat, or other events, except when they want to. Eventually their body language shifts to one of perfect stillness. This can be unnerving to people.


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9) Nobody knows where it came from. An alien disease made of von Neumann bacteria landed five days ago. No scientist has had a chance to look at it. No doctor has been able to synthesise a treatment. It appeared around the world at the same time, and nobody is safe.

Around the world, 99 people have had visions. Guardian angels, religious visitations, tenth-dimensional gods of light and projections from the future. These visions confer immunity from the disease — the Plague — and grant superhuman abilities. The visions tell the 99 to group together, and that they must survive. These people are the future of humanity.

The virus changes people. Selected humans are rewritten, changed into monstrous creatures hell-bent on wiping out the 99. It also affects machines: cars become tanks and motorcycles transform into self-propelled bombs. The only thing that the Plague hasn't infected yet is the Internet, and that's only a matter of time.

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10: Borrowed from a friend's game that never was.

A meteor lands near the PCs when they're out camping near their town, and grants each of them unique and remarkable powers.

Then they get back to town and find that bits of it landed all over town, and everybody (in a population of a few hundred) has one of the powers they have.


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11) What is now known as the Department of Metahuman Affairs has a lineage that stretchs back at least as far as Ancient Egypt and some to Atlantis before the fall. Operating under many names, a secret fellowship of men protected the world from the unknown. Nationalised by the U.S. government after the Roswell incident and the subsequent Martian Wars the group came to be known by conspiracy theorists as the Men in Black.

With the explosion in superhumans in the last few decades the Department went public and now rivals the FBI in power and signifigance. Normal humans may think that the world is basically the same with only a few active costumed supers at a time, infact they have no idea how close they come daily to total anihilation if not for the agents of the DMA.

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12) Emperor Heliogabalus has placed his foreign god over the Roman pantheon. In order to restore the proper order, the gods of Olympus imbue select mortals with divine power and task them with doing great things in the name of the gods. Outside the Empire, the gods of the barbarians select their own champions . . . .
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