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🎨 Creative 101 Time-manipulating villains!


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I need a new style of bad guy for my games. Please give me your best chronomancers, time travelers, and other time-manipulating villains. Thank you!

Eled the Worm Tamer

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The Resolver!

Either histories graetest hero, or the future's moast proactave villain the Resolver's briliant combination of Time Travel, psicology and greed could only be stopped by Gadget Boy...

Who never took up the mantle of hero because at 16 a mysterious stranger (who just happens to bear a striking resemblance to theResolver after raiding a vintage clothes store) saved G-B from the falling lightening struck tree that would have ruined his sports career and seen him devote his life to creating better and better prosthetics to spare others.

Batman? Who? Same story, the Waynes are alive and well, still telling the story of how a passerby saved them that night after the Theature when they were mugged.

Basicly the Resolver gets away with his acts of villainy by going back to key moments in his oponents lives and fixing their tragic backstories so they never answered the call of heroism.


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2) Time Ranger Kenette

From the 26th century, he is travelling through this time zone investigating time ripples, unauthorized travellers, and possible paradoxes (which all happen a lot in a timeline in the metaline). Since he is in a heroic age, he hangs out with superheroes a lot. His uniform is Blue and Silver spandex armor, full helmet with hud, power sword, blaster, and a scanner box. He has a personal nemesis of Jump and a real nemesis of Clockman. He is also a somewhat self rightous know it all. While he is not a villain, and does do the right things, some players will treat him as either a villain or just the NPC to get as far away from as possible.

3) Jump and Shutter Stop
Jump is a time hopping teleporter (with an "almost anywhere in the world she can kinda a guess where it is but lands in the general area" range) from the current now. She is jumping up and down these few decades. Mostly Harmless, she does disrupt things from time to time. However, like Cat Woman, she will help the good guys from time to time. She has an on again off again boy friend who is also a teleporter (Shutter Stop) with the same kind of range (but can line of sight and teleport nearby) as well. Both are freebooters. They do petty crimes just to keep themselves having fun.

4) Clockman.

Your normal time criminal. Brings things too and from this era, does the occasional crime in the past, that sort of thing. Normally he just uses his innate sense of time and timing to pull off some spectacular stunts and crimes. (He occassionally does a rewind too.) He does a lot of goofy crimes that seem to make very little sense (of course they don't make sense to your limited 3 dimensional mind!) He is the biggest problem for Time Ranger and a pain in the ass to every other hero in the area.

Clockman is the cover for Julec, a Time Patrollman from the 36C era. He fits in with the local villains and keeps their time shenanigans to a minimum. (He also initiates time events for the heroes so they can either fix things OR not be involved in greater time issues that would of occured at the same time.) His eras better understanding of time and probability (alternate world, happentracks, hyperprobability), allows him to be vastly more effective than that baboon from the 26th century.

There is a temporal nexi that will allow anomalies to show up in the city. Clockman knows about this, which is why he is here and now... to keep the anomalies to a minimum. (The cover for the things spitting out is that he takes credit them, like the dinosaur to invade downtown so he can rob something.)
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The Resolver!

This is his first appearance on this thread, but now he's going to jump back in time and...


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Lil'B and Det

This pair of stoners have been connected to a wide assortment of petty crimes over the years (centuries). Including, but not limited to petty theft, grand theft auto and joyriding. Recently they have moved into to kidnapping, physical assault, false imprisonment and inciting to riot.

They are sometimes seen in the company of a apparent ring leader: Sufur. Sufur has provided with tools for time travel and encouraged them to indulge in their baser impulses.

Other known associates include the following known felons: Socrates, Napoleon Bonaparte, and William Bonnie (aka Billy the Kid). It is unknown what their intentions are but they should be considered armed and dangerous.


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Here's one of the antagonists from TimeWatch. There's some Flashman in there...

Colonel Sir Bayard Caide
A charming grin. A hearty laugh. A lethal stab in the back, followed by a firm push down the stairs.

Caide is an utterly charismatic English baronet and career cavalry officer at the end of the 18th century. He leads his men with competence and dignity, charms the ladies (unmarried or not) with casual ease, and pretty much commands any room he happens to step into. His commanding officers look at him with wonder and not just a bit of jealousy; Caide exudes that aura of charm, kindness, and competence that makes him a trusted leader.

And that’s really a pity, because Sir Bayard Caide is a ruthless and unapologetic cad. He enjoys ruining others’ lives, breaking the law, and flouting societal mores, and he believes deeply that if one should betray others — and make no mistake, Caide really does enjoy betraying others — then one should do so with style and panache. “Make it memorable and make it count,” he says, because lesser methods would demean his gifts. As a result, Caide’s plans are clever, dastardly, and practically cinematic. He overplans, but it’s usually in the interest of humiliating his foes at the best possible time.

Caide’s good reputation is all-important to him, and he never acts against someone who could spread scurrilous rumors unless that person can be controlled or destroyed. Sir Bayard Caide may have started as an English cavalry officer, but true talent seldom goes unnoticed for long. He is now a known freelancer for time traveling agents of various nefarious operations, all of whom need a capable and resourceful human agent. He’s so good with people that he can almost always talk himself out of trouble, and his reputation as a team player means that rebel groups and enemies of humankind are lining up to hire him. He may be working for someone else, but he’s ultimately out only for himself. His employers would be wise to remember that.

Caide can inspire a good bit of loyalty in underlings and allies of convenience, but his one weakness is strong-minded, stylish women. He’ll go to extreme lengths to impress or pursue one who has caught his eye, and he may get so wrapped up in the romantic dance that he forgets his task at hand. When that woman is a TimeWatch agent, Caide may even be talked into changing sides… at least briefly.

Sir Bayard Caide’s Stats
Defense: Hit Threshold 4, Armor 1, Health 15
Offense: Scuffling +3, Shooting +2; Damage Modifier +1 (cavalry sword), +1 (pistol)
Abilities: Tempus 22; Authority 3, Charm 3, Falsehood Detection 2, Military Tactics 2, Spying 1, Taunt 2
Special Abilities: Clock Out (cost 2), Extra Action (cost 2), Flashback (cost 5), Technology (cost 2 — see below)
Misc: Alertness Modifier +3 (Notice); Stealth Modifier +1
Description: Handsome and dashing, Caide makes a good first impression and inspires friendship. If Caide is on a job, he usually has a technological item or two held in reserve for a fast escape.


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Why do all the heroes know about The Resolver! ?

Many heroes who have been involved in time shenanigans have paranormal memory, which means many remember the timelines they were originally in before someone changed. (or remember it for a while, until the time changes "set" in the fabric of reality.

Because Clockwork keeps name dropping and leaving time tunnels back into various eras (while being pursued by heroes). They of course keep stopping Clockwork and forcing him to return them here.

They also keep bumping into Resolver. Strange that way.

Of course, they could be tipped off by Sami-el


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8) The Skein Walker

Most who lose their soul to The Dark One are consumed by the Demons and Devils, only a few dark souls are truly Evil and Cunning enough to rise as a Demon (or Devil). What about one who lost themselves but had no soul?

Kvanges was Djinn. Like all Djinn he was immortal and had the ability to shape matter and most energy to his whim. The currency of his people are promises, bets, secrets, and honor. It is the bets that keep keep his people binding each other to servitude, or at the worst case binding losers to objects and forcing them to do the bidding of lesser beings.

There were rules that bound his people behind promises and honor. One of the highest ones was never to touch the skeins of time. Djinn, they who have boundless powers, do not like restrictions. Kvanges always poked along the edges of what was possible. He started to see too much, so he opted to "cheat". The Celestials - dark and light - had different rules. He traded with them to gain knowledge of time. The Djinn Council found out about Kvanges transgressions and were about to bind him to the null when he contacted one of his "trading partners" for one last deal, to keep him free of the Djinn's Council grasp.

The Demon Lord Azmoran

The Demon had given him the ability to shift through time and to feel the time stream... to sense the tapestry of time and feel the skeins of fate and history. He may travel up and down the warp and wheft of Eternity, even pull a string or two. He traversed time itself. He saw the possible begining, the possible ends, and visited many time and places. He was free. Free of the council. Free of the constraints upon him. Free to do anything. He even visited the end of time, to prepare for the next cycle.

Then he was yanked back

"After all, you were free till the end of time".

He still had his mighty time powers (and extremely limited djinn powers). He was bound to what he would eventually learn is called a pocket watch (which is nearly indestructible and regenerates). He who owns the watch is Azmoran, one of the Demon Princes. He uses The Skein Walker as a servant to move people and things through time on the material realms. Azmoran, from time to time, lends the ownership of the watch out, usually based on some kind of contract or the whim of Azmoran. The Skein Runner finds himself often in the hands of lesser beings (and some not so lesser beings), doing their bidding... opening time portals here, enforcing continuity there (or breaking it), allowing others to peer through time.

Over his "time in service" he has gathered things, souls and other trinkets, in which he has traded to other Demons and Devils... on his own time. He cut deals and cheated with time. He ruthlessly has taken down many who stood in his way (and to the pleasure of the Azmoran and his Dark Lord Master). He now has both the power and the position of a higher ranking Demon, yet still bound to his watch.

Now mortals can summon him away... allowing him to be bound in other ways. (Given his time powers, he is now summonable by ancient rites that he planted in the past.) Various time related spell and effects are his domain. He provides various travel trades for those that summon him (and various demons who want to trade.) Why this all grates at him, it is a plan. While he can not be free of Azmoran, he can cause a "temporary complication in ownership". In those brief moments, he could manage to free himself from his binding or the control of Azmoran. Thus he is often found in worlds of high probability (Supers or Adventurer worlds). He is often entangled in the affairs of masterminds and archmage elite.


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9. The Johanite. (Johanism is just an example - the point is that he's the follower of a lost or nearly lost religion, or the inhabitant of a lost civilisation, or the last member of a lost hominid species).

What he does is go back and forth through important events, planting evidence of a conspiratorial version of his origin manipulating things from behind the scenes - while uncovering said evidence in whatever period he uses for his "present" - all to create the general impression of his origin persisting secretly throughout history. His ultimate goal is to change the past so that his origin survives openly into history, but he's hoping that this conspiratorial preparation will make it less of a paradox when he does.

Craig Oxbrow

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10: The Perfect Alibi

A time machine means always having an alibi.

When an inventor hired a gang of thieves to retrieve a prototype from the company who seized it from him, he didn't expect them to figure out how to use it. So now they can offer a unique service to clients.

At first, the gang used it sparingly - steal a work of art just before it gets destroyed, for example. Then they escalated to steal something in storage with the proviso that they'd return it before it was noticed once the buyer died. Then to pay off some debts they started swiping things which weren't supposed to be missing, using the machine to give themselves alibis by being in two places at once. Then a corrupt billionaire asked them to kidnap Da Vinci to paint his portrait...
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