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🎨 Creative 101 Time-manipulating villains!

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105) Doppelganger Deathmatch

A few centuries upstream, in an extremely decadent and cruel era containing both time travel and reality programming. one of the most popular sensoria-shows is Doppelganger Deathmatch. Originally they just grabbed history's greatest warriors and put them in a deathmatch arena with a version of themselves from another era, but that got stale surprisingly quickly. Now they've hit on a formula which produces far greater drama for the viewing audience at home.

They find some normal person from the past - ideally someone reasonably happy, with a family. They grab them and slap them in a null-time zone that will insulate them from the effects of paradox. Then they go back and alter the course of their life at some pivotal moment - the one that got away, the job they didn't take, that sort of thing. They see how this plays out... and if the new timeline also results in a reasonably happy, content life, congratulations, you've just found contestant number 2!

Then it's just a matter of explaining the situation to both contestants: We are sending you back into your own past. An alternate version of yourself from another timeline is trying to prevent your existence, make sure you never meet your husband/wife, make sure your kids are never born. You need to make sure your life turns out the right way, or else you and everyone you love will never have existed.

Oh, and here's a bunch of futuristic weaponry. Good luck!
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