#12: We Need More Starbucks


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Thank you! I can't really go to the forums much. I have dial-up at home and My new job blocks rpgnet.


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Great article.

Another good fictional portrayal of a religious type is Titus Pullo from HBO's Rome. He's a hedonistic, profane, half bright soldier who is nonetheless devout; praying regularly to the God appropriate to his circumstance, viewing it almost as a transactional matter.


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Definitely, a very good article.

And those HBO series are just chock full of good examples. Titus Pullo's a good one. Carmela (among others) from the Sopranos. Calamity Jane from Deadwood. You have those that are more obviously faithful but have their own take on it; those who you wouldn't peg as religious at are but are (or at least some aspects of it)...

I like all three of those series because the vast majority of the characters would describe themselves as "God-fearing", with various levels of conscious dissembly.


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Kinda threw me at first, I was thinking Dirk Benedict, Starbucks, rather than the new series which i've never seen.

Starbucks is a chick now?

None the less, a great continuation to this column.


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Speaking as a gamer and a Catholic, I loved this article. I have met my fair share of religious nutjobs, people who won't shut up about Jesus Christ, Heaven, sins, etc. I've also met atheistic nutjobs, people who won't shut up about the evils of organized religion and whatnot. Most people fall somewhere between the two, and you're correct that, in gaming, we rarely see anything except the nutjobs.
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