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#13: Art of the Anti-Hero


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I agree. It is my take on the archetype. I am curious, though, what do you believe is the cut-off between hero/anti-hero/villain? And, to borrow another trope (I love that site), do you believe there is room for the anti-villain?

Also, do you have any advice on a mixed group? In my experience, if the group is not very careful in how they play, it can really destroy group cohesion. One of my worst experiences role-playing was in a mixed Star Wars group. It turned cut-throat and the group would have disintegrated, save for massive deus ex machina.

Cut off? I think the cut off is where the good being done goes from real to delusional. When you're bad just to be bad and it does only bad. When your bad has no purpose and your good is only incidental and not intentional .

The anti-villain is something else entirely. Maybe when I revisit this concept I'll mention the anti-villain.

As for as mixed groups I already wrote the articles.

It's written mostly for villains but they can be applied to anti-heroes easily.

Overall it was pretty good but I think you left out two important things.

1) A link or summary of the literary definition of the anti hero.

2) The most important ting about an anti-hero, he has to be someone you like or relate to. Pitch Black would have been a poor movie if Riddick had not been charming in his evil, and too many people who write anti-heroes forget that.

and lets add

3) Porter from Payback. That is an anti-hero!
Things to keep in mind maybe.
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