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#15: Why Lloyd Doesn't Write Adventures

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With respect, anyone calling adventures a "necessary evil" in my opinion either doesn't know the hobby or is only in it for the money.

Instead of having to read negative things like "Somebody has to do it. You just don't want it to be you." it would be much more enlightening and interesting to see you put a positive spin on this instead: "How To Write Great Adventures, And Make Money Too".

In my not so humble opinion, much of why adventures are considered bad business is because so much of it is absolute drivel.

Make great classics, and the money will come to you.

One good starting step here would be to stop writing for d20. You're absolutely right adventures need massive stat blocks, but only if you mean super-complex game systems like d20. Add the ridiculous focus on combat and pedestrian uses of spells in d20, then round off by the absolutely horrid ability of d20 spellcasters to kill off (circumvent) most good stories, and it should be apparent you have made it very difficult for yourself to create an outstanding piece of work.

I guess this boils down to how you view yourself: are you an artist or simply a bulk writer for hire?

I guess avoiding adventures is fair advice for the latter category, but as a customer, I'm only really interested in the works of the former anyway.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a critical failure on a "Gets the Point" roll looks like.

Adventures don't make money, there's a hundred industry professionals on this board who have explained why, and your supercilious comments about "artistry" merely make you come off like an utter twit.

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I guess this boils down to how you view yourself: are you an artist or simply a bulk writer for hire?
I can't speak for Lloyd, but to be honest, I am under no illusions whatsoever.

If I was an artist, I'd be writing proper books, with agents and advances and stuff.
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