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#18: In Honor of Wushu Skidoo: Clockwork Dystopia


Da ork dats muckin about.
Sounds a bit like Gloranthan dwarfs (a.k.a. Mostali). Just saying.

Ugh, lot's of spelling and grammar problems in this one. It fills me with shame. Going to have to get my fiance' to proofread for me more reliably.


Cracked Genius
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The next time I get a hankerin' for some savage robot violence, this will be my go-to setting :D



Jacob Possin
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I really want to play in this world. I was thinking of an FATE like system for it. mostly so I could play someone like Free. I would have an aspect, "The Clock Guides my Hand", he would be half John Woo, half Marten Luther. the Bullet Heretic, so much cool stuff. I wish there was more to the setting, but then I guess I wouldn't get to make up as much.
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