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1880 Horror PBEM Seeks Players

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An ongoing horror PBEM set in London, 1880, is looking for new players. Your character is approached by a trusted friend or associate, who reveals that they are a member of the White Rose Society, a secret organization devoted to seeking out the supernatural. The contact feels that one such as yourself could be an asset the group and asserts their willingness to sponsor you into the organization. You accept their offer.

What I am looking for right now is character ideas. I’ll pick the three characters that seem best suited to the game and then we can worry about mechanical details like stats and skills. We use a bastardized version of GURPS, but don’t worry if you don’t know GURPS since the GM does all the rolling and is happy to translate your character ideas into numbers for you.

The White Rose Society is particularly interested in finding one person who is skilled in anthropology. The G.M. is particularly interested in finding characters who want to work with the group (which is not to say that they can’t have their own life too) and are not of noble blood. Under no circumstances will I accept a character who has had prior experience of the supernatural.

The game is played asynchronously, so that different times in the gameworld might be played simultaneously in the real world. This system is naturally problematic, but it is the only way that I have found to prevent games from getting completely bogged down. The G.M. may occasionally have to make unfair rulings to untangle temporal paradoxes. For instance, if one character tries to eat a pie on Tuesday that another character had already played through eating the following Wednesday, then I have to either rule that the Wednesday character never ate the pie after all, even though I already wrote that he had, or I have to insist that the character on Tuesday doesn’t eat the pie, even though there is no in-game reason why he should not be able to. While I have not yet had to make such a call, the issue is bound to crop up eventually and you must be able to accept my foolish resolution with good grace.

Please send all questions and character concepts to Greg1066@hotmail.com

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