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Howdy all,

I'm looking for a little help with coming up with random weather for my AD&D 1st ed game. I'm trying to stay faithful to all the 1.5 era stuff (WSG, DSG, UA, etc..) but consulting the random weather generation tables in the WSG is just slightly... daunting.

I mean, unless I want to pre-roll up the weather for several game days, I just can't see how to get a quick weather roll on the fly for each new game day. I have heard that BECMI had a random weather chart, but I'm having trouble locating it in any of the books.

So, anyone have a quick, but faithful to the spirit method of rolling up random weather that makes sense? To me the spirit of 1st Ed it tons of random tables, but the mess in the WSG looks like prep for Calculus or something.



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Recent weather in St. Louis has me really itching to bust out some random weather tables for my old school inspried 4e game. (It was 60 two days ago, snowed today, will be in the 70s on Thursday! That's some AD&D level of random right there!)

My suggestion would probably be to sit down and roll up a week or two and be done with it, if you want all the intricate craziness from the Wilderness Survival Guide. If you find a simpler table online, feel free to share.

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Wow, that's really really old school if you need a legacy table to generate weather results.

Why not pick a climate and time of year, go online and pull out a few weeks of actual weather data from someplace in the real world that seems similar?

Or just create your own table? It's not as if these AD&D tables realistically simulate anything, so your chart is likely as good as anyone else's (except Gary's, which would be holy writ). :)


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You could always use the 1e DMG "travel at sea" weather generator, which is simple enough to be actually useable and includes chances for gales, storms, hurricanes etc. Reduce wind speed as appropriate if the PCs are in sheltered terrain.


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Thanks for the ideas everyone, I'm really digging the "Weather as a Reaction Roll" table. Going to have to try that one out!


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AEG Toolbox has some weathery charts in it as well, and is nearly edition neutral, though it clearly pulls from the d20 SRD with regards to encounter tables (and the few NPC stats that are in there).
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