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20 years later and 1st ever forum post


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Hi all, returning to RPG's after long time away! also 1st time I have ever posted on a forum ( or posted anywhere!). Just started playing Game of thrones rpg, it's a bit crunchy, any tips on getting to grips with it?

Anyway, hopefully after posting for the 1st time, I can do this more often



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Yes, welcome! Are you playing the fairly recent Green Ronin A Song of Ice and Fire rpg, or the somewhat older D20 Game of Thrones system?


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it's a bit crunchy, any tips on getting to grips with it?
Practice, practice, practice. You may find that crunchy is not your style. If so there are a bunch of other games out there. Since you're playing game of thrones my suggestion is kill them first, then get someone else to kill them, then blame it on someone else. Expect to die. However, if you're playing the latter seasons you can expect some reasonable plot armor. Double down on the plot armor. Make sure someone else is just that ore important than you so that they can die.


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Welcome! May you have a long and glorious future posting history
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