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2018 in Roleplaying


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The growth of the accessories market?

I mean, it's kinda not-new... Chessex & Reaper & the like are part of most gamers' growing up days... but now we have custom Q-Workshop dice (such as for Runequest), design-your-own mini's from Hero Forge, and stuff like the HPLS props-set for the latest Masks of Nyarlathotep.


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Vampire: The Masquerade pissing off Chechnya.

New versions of RPGs for the two Warhammer IPs, with Wrath & Glory from Ulisses Spiele and WFRP 4E from Cubicle 7. In general, a big year for new editions of major games – Legend of the Five Rings, Vampire: The Masquerade, Kult (okay, this one's maybe more of a cult classic, pun unintended), RuneQuest, Wraith: The Oblivion. Oh, and the Witcher RPG came out as well.


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I think this was the year that PoD was added to Dungeon Master Guild titles? It seems that Wizards is testing another way to add new high quality DnD 5e printed material via their "adepts" program.

It's also remarkable how much art Wizards gives for people to create content on DMG, they launched with some but they have been adding quite a lot.


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i feel like the whole streamed/live RPG sessions thing made another leap forward this year. Most notable critical role's second campaign, but many more that seem to be successful on YouTube, twitch and other platforms and make fans outside of the core tabletop rpg crowd


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One thing I have noticed this year is that roleplaying design is becoming increasingly international, presumably thanks to the growing ease of cross-border promotion and fulfilment - although I guess US tariffs and postal reviews might start to disrupt that. But games like Lex Arcana (Italy) and Good Society (Australia) have joined the ranks of Fria Ligan’s RPGs in terms of giving writers in countries other than the US and UK a profile.

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Is the new edition of Savage Worlds important enough to justify inclusion?

And I wanted to second the Fantasy Trip business.

Oh, much of the 4th Edition of Champions products are back available in PDF for the first time in years. It may seem odd to make a big deal of an outdated edition, but there's a pretty large number of fans who, even if they use later versions, consider 4e kind of the peak of the system there, with what's come later refinement.


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All great stuff, some of which I knew, some of which I did not. Keep it coming!

Evil Hat and John Wick Presents financial woe.
Yep, I think there's an interesting trend there that KS-success != building-regular-staffing
Successful KS?
Yep, I always painstakingly dig through all the years KSers.

Could speak on Palladium's apparent impending doom by shutting down the Rifter for two years. Somewhat tangentially related, PGI and HBS managed to fight off Harmony Gold in court, which is probably a bit of a relief for Battletech players.
I will half to look all that up, thanks!

(And thanks for all the rest.)


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Modiphius' continued dominance of actually shipping stuff. Seriously, these guys have nailed the formula of getting funding on Kickstarter and then actually producing the things that they promised in more or less the correct timescales. (compare, sadly, to Eclipse Phase 2nd edition which is well overdue at this point).

The whole Vampire 5th edition fiasco (I don't follow this too closely, but details are there to be found).
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