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28 mm miniatures with individual character


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My name is Serge, I'm a sculptor from Ukraine.
My works are made of 100% Lead Free Pewter or plastic.
I would like to share some of the things that I'm working, and I hope that everyone will enjoy!
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Very nice! Are these for a specific game? Do you intend them for rank and file use, like the old WHFB system, or as skirmishers?

Happy Matt

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Very Nice.

While not a range I personally need at the moment, they look good and I wish you luck in your Kickstarter.

Owlbear Camus

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Those are very nice. I particularly like the dwarven grenadiers (very dynamic), and the intimidating-face pavises, though I'd have expected crossbow dudes behind them rather than spearmen.


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Absolutely fantastic! Want to see more

If Doom might make a suggestion, these figures would go over very well among the Oldhammer crowd. Look them up on Facebook; guaranteed you will find quite a few willing customers.
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