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2nd Edition AD&D-clone with 3rd/5th Edition SRD

ash adler

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Same link as before, repeated for convenience

Proofreading pass done on the core chapters. Aside from general fixing of typos and poor text where I noticed them, changes include:
  • Cleric sphere access revised to reduce overlap with Druid
  • Full spell details finally transcribed
  • Attack bonus table revised so that Warriors have level = attack bonus (minor buff)
  • Reflex saving throws for Wizards and Rogues are swapped. Now Wizards, Priests, and Rogues each have 1 category where they're good and 2 categories where they're average (Warriors still start out bad but have the most frequent improvement to end up good in all categories)
  • More quick-start kits added
  • Encumbrance changed from pounds to stones (although not quite the same as Delta's method), broken into 3 steps
  • Character sheets updated to work with the new encumbrance approach
  • One of the sample adventures is detailed now (still running some players through the other two). It's not as detailed as what I posted as a stand-alone module here, but it was pretty much the notes that I used for actually running it, so I'd imagine it does enough to get someone going.
I'm sure there have been some other tweaks in the past month, but that's the stuff that stands out in my mind right now. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it's gone in play. Granted, I wasn't expecting any major surprises since it does stay fairly close to the original rules overall, but it's still been nice to see it come together in its own form instead of being a smattering of stuff from all over the place that only I know how to fit together :LOL:
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