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[3.x/PF] plenty of room in the middle - Tier 3 alternatives to common concepts

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Everyone's already familiar with the tier system, right?

The goal of the "Short Version" here is to have 11 alternate classes that represent most of the concept space of the 11 core classes, such that it's easy to translate them. While there are overlaps (a Fighter could be translated as a Warlord or Warder, a Warlord could be translated as a Barbarian or Fighter,) I've tried to avoid redundancies within the output range (an Investigator is very different from a Stalker, and any given Rogue concept is probably going to translate better as one than the other.) The goal here is to provide breadth without options overload, but I am sure this could be improved.1

The long version does not care about redundancy or ease of use and just stuffs everything in its fat face indiscriminately. Obviously, it is still hungry and needs to be fed (and no doubt corrected in places as well.) This is probably not advised for direct use at the table, because nobodyvery few want to wade through 4 different baroque subsystems about the same character concept to know what they should play. Organizing it by domain class might be suboptimal, since when you add in all the high- and low-tier first party classes into the mix, there's a lot of fuzzy conceptual overlap between them as well. I may well be too credulous with how balanced Spheres or Path of War stuff is supposed to be, I'm mostly relying on the reports of others; and some things for which replacements are offered likely don't need them.

Short Version
Barbarian → Warlord
Bard → shockingly, Bard
Cleric or Paladin → Inquisitor, Paladin (Sacred Servant), Warpriest
Druid or Ranger → Hunter
Fighter → Warlord, Warder
Monk → Stalker, Warder
Rogue → Investigator, Stalker
Sorcerer or Wizard → Alchemist, Bard, Magus

Long Version
Artificer → Blacksmith, Saboteur, Technician, Vanguard
Barbarian → Barbarian (Berserker, Primal Disciple), Skald, Warlord, any of the fighter variants using the Primal Fury discipline
Bloodrager → Barbarian (Worldsoul Incarnate), Bloodrager (Sphere Bloodrager, Stormlord)
Brawler → Monk (Street Fighter), Striker
Cavalier → any of the fighter variants with the Beastmastery Sphere (ride package); Warder/Warlord with Hussar template
Cleric or Oracle → Bard (Songhealer), Cleric (Sphere Cleric), Inquisitor, Oracle (Sphere Oracle), Paladin (Sacred Servant), Scholar (Doctor), Soul Weaver, Vigilante (Zealot), Vitalist, Warpriest
Druid or Shaman → Bard (Animal Speaker, Voice of the Wild), Druid (Sphere Druid), Elementalist, Hunter, Shaman (Sphere Shaman), Shifter (DDS)
Fighter → Armiger, Commander, Conscript, Fighter (stacked Lore Warden and Myrmidon archetypes), Sentinel, Warlord, Warder
Gunslinger → Gunslinger (Glass-Eye Gunmage, Gunfighter, Wandslinger), Mystic (Gunsmoke Mystic), Striker (Black Powder Brawler), Technician, Vanguard, Stalker/Warlord with Privateer template
Kineticist → Elementalist, Ethermancer, Kineticist (Roil Dancer)
Monk → Monk (Monk of the Silver Fist, Street Fighter), Mystic (Aurora Soul), Stalker, Striker, Warder, Warpriest (Sacred Fist)
Paladin → Inquisitor, Mageknight (Warrior of Holy Light), Mystic (Knight-Chandler), Paladin (Sacred Servant), Warder (Ordained Defender), Warpriest
Psychic → idk any other psionic/occult class i guess
Ranger → Hunter, Ranger (Ambush Hunter)
Rogue → Bard (Archaeologist, Detective), Investigator, Nightblade, Rogue (Canny Scoundrel, Eldritch Scoundrel, Hidden Blade), Saboteur, Stalker, Warpriest (Cult Leader)
Shifter (Paizo) → Hunter (Feral Hunter), Shifter (DDS), Vigilante (Wildsoul)
Slayer → Ranger (Ambush Hunter), Slayer (Guild Assassin), Stalker
Sorcerer → Arcanist (Sphere Arcanist), Bard, Elementalist, Ethermancer, Magus, Sorcerer (Sphere Sorcerer), Wilder
Summoner → Spiritualist
Witch → Ethermancer, Hedge Witch, Nightblade, Vigilante (Cabalist), Witch (Sphere Witch)
Wizard → Alchemist, Arcanist (Sphere Arcanist), Bard (Archivist, Studious Librarian), Incanter, Magus, Occultist, Scholar, Thaumaturge, Vigilante (Warlock), Wizard (Eclectic Researcher, Sphere Wizard)

[1] The Warpriest might be redundant with the Sacred Servant Paladin in some ways; consider the two of them a placeholder, maybe.
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