3.x solo adventures?


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There was a very neat set of solo adventures for AD&D 2nd edition--two for each of four classes, I think. They had some excellent discussion of the challenges for the GM in running for just one character, and great advice, and the adventures themelves were very fun.

Has anyone done anything like that for 3.x? I haven't seen any, but then the world of 3.x support is so large that it's easy for an outsider to miss things.

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You can also run most "normal" adventures with a gestalt-classed PC + cohort, IME.

I've tried running 4-man modules with two people this way, and it worked pretty well.
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Not much to add other than thank you for the link. :)

In the past I have had some amazing one-on-one DnD games (both as GM and player). All home-brew adventures some with (and some without) supporting NPC-party members. Worked out well, though the palyer has to be a tad more careful than when in a full PC group.

Expeditious Retreat Press has, here.
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