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#38: A New Edition

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I would add that one of the causes of loathing for a new edition occurs when the new edition vilifies the previous edition and its fans. Another is when it betrays the sentiments of the previous edition.

This is what has happened with the neo World of Darkness Changeling.

In three of my current gaming groups, we have enjoyed playing the original World of Darkness Changeling (as well as other oWoD games and other games in general).

However, in the neo WoD, the closest equivalent to to the original WoD fae are the villains. Suddenly, with the neo WoD White Wolf has all but declared that my friends and I have been playing the evil NPCs all along!

We also enjoyed the subtle, poignant sense of a lost golden time which was found in the original Changeling because this sense made such a wonderful counterpoint to the angst and violence of the rest of the World of Darkness. Let me explain by analogy: J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote that he considered Tom Bombadill to be the most important character in his Lord of the Rings magnum opus because Tom Bombadill represented all the good things that were in danger because of Sauron and Saruman.

In the same way, the original Changeling represented all the brighter, more joyful things in the World of Darkness which had already been lost by the Vampires and the Werewolves and the Mages and the Wraiths -- it was the last remaining oasis in an otherwise broken world.

The neo WoD Changeling has reformatted those PCs into villains, and the oasis itself has been erased and replaced by yet one more angst-drenched world. Tom Bombadill has been killed off and recreated as an uruk hai.

I understand the marketplace prefers clunky violent games to ones allowing an almost sublime poignancy, so on a purely greed-oriented market level, I can not fault White Wolf for choosing to print only endless reiterations of the same identical mood and feel in their neo WoD vampires, werewolves, etc. But if they wanted that, they should have left the original Changeling alone. Their neo WoD would be just as good without a neo Changeling in it, and they would not have alienated all the fans of the original Changeling.

That is a very brief encapsulation of our loathing for it and our feelings of betrayal from White Wolf.

So, yes, for these admittedly intellectual and artistic reasons (and not marketplace reasons), my friends and I loathe the neo Changeling. We think it absolutely sucks in terms of telling stories of the sort one could tell with the original Changeling, and we think it offers nothing new to players that they could not obtain more cleanly and honestly from neo Vampire, neo Werewolf, and Promethean.

White Wolf has lost a large number of potential customers with its actions.
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